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Turn With Independence

May 2021
President's Message

       From the President,    

    Just a reminder of the monthly meeting, on May 18th, Ben Simmons will be demonstrating Hollowing. In July we will have another outside demonstrator. The last one was very interesting and we learned a lot from Craig. The next one is professional woodturner Emiliano Achaval demonstrating turning traditional Hawaiian round-bottom calabash bowls on Tuesday, July 20th, 7:00pm-9:30pm. The same as the last one, it is only $10.00. Even if you cannot watch on the 20th you can watch at your convenience if you sign up. Emails will be going out and info will be in the newsletter.
     Another topic is live monthly meetings. I know many of you are wondering when this will happen again. With the current improvements going on around currently, we are eyeing September for the first live meeting. This will also be shown as a zoom meeting. This will also be determined if we can find a live demonstrator for this date. A more concrete determination will be made later based on conditions.
      I hate to bring this subject up again for members, but we have not had a great response to members renewing dues. I understand members not attending Zoom meetings feel they should not have to pay dues. The Officers of the club decided early on in 2020 not to drop members for not paying dues. But now we are in 2021 and we still have bills and needs as a club. This ranges from AAW insurance, Zoom subscription and virtual equipment cost (which we need to update). Currently most virtual equipment is being provided by Mel Bryan. The cost is minimal compared with other club costs and other activities.
Everyone be safe and will see everyone on May 18th for a great demo by one of our own members.


          Ron Bruno, President IWT
Offcuts from the Board
May 2021
            As woodturners, we do not have much scrap, just smaller pieces that can be used together to make something larger in combination with other bits and pieces. That's what this little section attempts to produce. By adding the small parts of our activities and plans we have a combined bigger picture of opportunities to take part in within the club.
  • Please note that all public meetings of the club are on hold because of the COVID-19 self-quarantine restrictions. We are having our meeting virtually on line. Please refer to the information in other sections of the newsletter on how to prepare and participate in those meetings.
  • Be sure to check on our website for the current status and information on club activities.  The address is;   (Ref. the following article about the website.)
  • Members, please join us on Facebook where you can see what others are doing and you can post your own projects and artwork. 
  • As a reminder, the membership dues became $20 a year beginning January 2020, and only emailed newsletters will be sent. Dues payments being collected now will go for the 2021 year's dues. They may be paid by either; sending a check to Mel Bryan, Treasurer with the check made out to "Independence Woodturners" at; 204 NW Redwing Dr., Lee's Summit, Mo. 64063. Or you may pay by PayPal by either one of two options. You may pay by going to the web address, or via our website. To pay, using the website, as a member, sign in to our website,, using the userid you were given when you joined. Once you sign in, go to the "Members Only" tab and click on "Financial". If you've misplaced your id or have trouble, please contact either Ron Bruno or Mel Bryan for assistance.
  • Want to help out? Check out the "Want Ad" below. 
  • The officers would very much like to hear from you, the members, any thoughts and ideas you might have as to what you would like to see from the club within the abilities, guidelines and purposes of the club. Therefore, feel free to contact any officer with your input. You can use any of the officers' email addresses listed above or the club email address; 
  • There are many ways you can contribute to the life of our club. A really good way is to partake in the Open Shop by bringing a project or turning and get a lathe going. Another  way is to submit your woodturning tips also for the newsletter. (Refer to the article later.) Of course there are many other ways to put your enthusiasm into action. You can ask any officer for direction. There are many practical ways to be involved. A simple way to help is to come early to the meeting and help set up the room for the meeting and/or stay afterwards and help clean up. Either or both are appreciated. 
Keep turning safely and we’ll see you at the meeting.

Our Last Meeting

      As we continue to follow the self quarantine restrictions, instead of physically meeting, we have been holding our meetings virtually online.  Our meeting last month was the first time we used the services of a paid professional that did a "live interactive remote demonstration". We had invited and worked with the other woodturning clubs in the Metro area and had 30-some attendees. Our presenter was Craig Timmerman and he demonstrated how he turns one of his signature items, the torus vase. Following is a short summary of what he shared with us. You can get more information on how to do them on his website; 
       (Photos by permission of the demonstrator.)




Following  the demonstration there was a time for questions and recap. 

 Since this demonstration was a paid professional demonstration, there is not a public recorded video available except for the people that had paid. 

 This was the first one of these demonstrations.  The second is tentatively scheduled for the June meeting, coming from the professional Emiliano Achaval in Hawaii. Then the third will be David Ellsworth later toward the fall. We hope you will be able join in with us. 

Help Wanted
A Plea for Demonstrators

      Because of the quarantine situation, we find ourselves in the awkward position of not being able to schedule a variety of demonstrators. Many are not able to present from their own shops or make videos that we can share. Therefore, we are asking our members to consider and step up to give a demonstration. What we are willing to do is video your demo at our club site at Metro Hardwoods then present it in our online meetings. If you have been on the borderline of giving a demo, this is an excellent opporturnity (misspelling intentional). You can share your skill and techniques without the fear of people throwing stones and we can edit the oopses. If you are willing to give it a try, please contact one of the officers. (Names, emails, phone numbers above).  
    And a big thank you to all of the members that have come forward thus far and made videos already for the rest of the club. This is what the club is about; sharing and helping each other. 


   If you haven't used YouTube to view the videos of our club demonstrations you could be missing out on a helpful reminder of how to do something that we've been shown. You can watch the demos that you've missed in person and review that little bit of information or technique that slipped by. We want to encourage you to subscribe to our channel (Independence Woodturners) so that you will be notified of when a new video is posted. The subscription is freeThe easy way to subscribe is to click on the 'Subscribe' button below the video. And also click on the 'bell' to be notified of new videos. Another way to subscribe is to search for "Independence Woodturners" and when our logo comes up, click on the 'Subscription' button on the right. And don't forget the 'bell'. 
   By subscribing, you will help us get more attention on YouTube and possibly help us receive a small bit of income at some point.
  Special Notice

Due to the fact that we did not have Show & Tell because of the joint meeting with the other clubs, I thought it might be fun to take a short trip down the Show & Tell memory lane. Therefore, the following Show & Tell items are from the archives. Sorry, but, naturally, only a smattering of pictures can be shown. 
Light bulb boxes by Mikeal Jones


Blind turner, David Albright and his demo bowl.


Interlocked torui by Mike McReynolds


Box and sphere by Mel Bryan


Bottle stoppers by John Thornton

Wide rimmed platter by Jim Fharety

Spiral vase by Chip Siskey


Bowl by Bill Corteville

Staved bowl by Dave Burton

Honey dipper by Rachel Engle


Officers contact info


Ron Bruno

Vice President

Mike McReynolds

(816) 356-7262 


Gary Gahm

(816) 313-5065 


Mel Bryan

(816) 524-7767

Director at Large

Bill Baker

(816) 836-5656


Where We Meet

Metro Hardwoods

4243 S. Noland Rd
Independence, Mo.

Click: for a map


Upcoming Events

May 8    

 Open Shop  
           The regularly scheduled Open Shop meeting will be held virtually on Zoom. Refer to your email messages for logon information. 

May 18
 Monthly meeting -
          Instead of physically meeting we will continue to meet virtually online using Zoom.
    The Zoom meeting will be held at the normal time of 7 PM.  Please refer to details below.

June 12   

 Open Shop  (Learn to Turn)
           Instead of physically meeting we will continue to meet virtually online using Zoom. Please refer to details below and to your email messages for logon information. 

June 15 
 Monthly meeting -
         Metro Hardwoods
          Instead of physically meeting we will continue to meet virtually online using Zoom.
         The Zoom meeting will be held at the normal time of 7 PM.  Please refer to details below and to your email messages for logon information.

Monthly Open Shop
   We are still conducting our Open Shop meetings this month using Zoom for virtual online meetings. All members are welcome to join for a time of sharing, asking questions, and possible demo or video.
       The last couple of Open Shops produced some interesting and nice turnings. On April 10 both Ben Simmons and Mike McReynolds took turns turning. Then, at the April 24th Open Shop, Ben Simmons turned a wide rimmed bowl/platter. After that, he finished off some weed pots he brought in using the currently popular polishing paste and his own brew of finishing wax.
               Below are some pictures clipped from the recordings that show the action.


Below are the finished products.


       During the summer, for the months of May through September, we will only have one Open Shop per month. We will only have open shop on the 2nd Saturday of those months. 
       If you would like to take a turn at doing some turning during open shop, please contact one of  the officers so we can arrange a spot so that we don't violate the current social distancing protocols currently in effect. 
                  Notices will be sent out for the online meetings. After the May 8th Open Shop the next meeting will be; June12th at 10 AM. Check your email for the logon information.
    Thank you all for hanging in there with us while we endure this time.

Upcoming May Meeting 

         Once again we will have our meeting online using Zoom. You can attend the meeting from your own home. We will once again conduct an online virtual meeting. Below are the instructions on how you can install the needed FREE software and join in on the meeting if you haven't already done so. As a member, you will receive an invitation with the appropriate information to join the meeting.
     We will once again have our regular meeting as we have been, using Zoom to meet virtually online. Mr. Ben Simmons, will give us another demonstration on how he turns his hollow vessels using a TV camera. It will be a very interesting method of making some fine vessels. The presentation will again be pre-recorded and questions will be fielded at the end. 
     As usual, send pictures of your Show & Tell items to Mel Bryan ( to be included in the Show & Tell slide show. And if you are entering something for the Demo Challenge, also send Mel the pictures and indicate that they are for the Demo Challenge otherwise they will be included as Show & Tell items. (If you aren't able to take pictures and send them, no problem, you can still show them via your webcam.)

     Please join in with us as we attempt to stay connected, involved and enthused.

Instructions to Install ZOOM for Online Virtual Club Meetings 
      The officers have been working on how we can still get together as a club and stay in contact with each other and enjoy each other’s work, ideas and friendship even during this time of isolation. We have adopted the method that many other organizations have and that is to use the internet service called; “Zoom”. Zoom is a free application (and is being used worldwide). You can use it on almost any computer, smartphone, iPad, or tablet.       
     Below are the instructions to get you “up and running”. If you need assistance in installing or joining a meeting you may call either; Ron Bruno, 816-288-7587, or Mel Bryan, 816-830-0107.

The meeting number of the regular meeting will be sent out in a separate email before the meeting.  

Also included below are some helpful tips and information for using Zoom that the AAW has published. Please read them and they should help anyone that may be new to Zoom.
ZOOM install
     Zoom is an online interactive conferencing application and service that allows participants to communicate interactively through the internet by using a PC, Mac, smartphone, iPad, or tablet. Video conferencing is accomplished by using the microphone, speakers and video camera on your computer or mobile device. If you do not have a camera, don’t let that stop you from joining in on a meeting. It is much more effective and pleasant with video but is not mandatory. To easily use this service they provide software that you install on your device. You can do this by going to their website, “” or by going to either the Apple App store for Apple devices or the Google Play store for android devices. (For PC’s click on the link above and then click on “Download” for “Zoom Client for Meetings”.)
      Once installed, then open the App. The first screen that you will get gives you the options to: “sign in”, “sign up”, or “join a meeting”. It is easier for future uses to ‘sign up’. It is free and it will keep you from having to enter your name on your screen for each meeting and any preferred settings you might want. Once you “sign in” when you start the app you’ll be ready to go. Otherwise, you can “join a meeting” by entering the meeting number and password if required. When you join a meeting, click on “Join with (computer or internet) Audio”, then once you’re connected, click the “Start Video” icon to be visible.
Some usage tips
  • You should have the option to be in either, “Gallery view” or “Active speaker view”. Gallery view lets you see all participants at once and Active speaker view displays only the person talking.
  • To display items for “Show & Tell” you can either use the camera on your device, or you can show a photo that is on your device. To use the camera simply place the item in view of the camera, preferably off to the side of, or below your face and not in front of it. To show a photo, the photo should be on your device and you can access it by using the green “Share screen” or “Share content” icon. Then select the photo or screen. Then don’t forget to tap or click the “Stop Share” button when finished.
  • To help reduce the unnecessary interruptions and reduce the confusion, please keep your microphone muted except for when you want to speak. When muted, you can use the space bar, if you're on a computer with a keyboard, as a "press to talk" switch. Otherwise you can un-mute yourself, speak then re-mute. Thank you.  
 Helpful tips and information 

Treasurers Report

  Treasurer's Report  
  As of April 30,  2021  
        April 2021 YTD  2021  
  GENERAL Account


Cookie expenses 
PayPal Account Balance $251.78
Mel Bryan, Treasurer
Turning to the Library.
     As a reminder, be sure to take advantage of the fact that our monthly demonstrations are not only in our library on DVD discs, but are posted on You Tube.  One advantage is that the most recent demo will be on You Tube faster than it shows up in our library.  This is true for most of the demos done this year. Simply go to the You Tube site on your computer, tablet, iPad or smart phone and in the search box, search for  “Indep Woodturners” and the topic in which you are interested. And usually, the first item in the search results will be our YouTube channel which when you click on it you will get our channel with all the videos. Not only will the video of our demo show up, but related videos will show on the screen for later viewing.
          Now, with the advent of our website, as a paid member you can use your logon userid to logon and have access to the library inventory listing anytime you desire. Therefore, you can check on what is available and be prepared to make a quick "check out" of that helpful item from the library.             

---  John Thornton, Librarian

   A reminder to make use of  our website if you haven't already. Just click on the image above and you will be directed to it. 
    Even now, more than normal, the website is key to communication to the members for changes that are taking place as necessary during this time of dealing with the coronavirus issues. Look for meeting information and use the member's only directory to get contact info for fellow members, information about changes in activates, and so forth. 
    You will notice there is a lot of information about our club, when we meet, where we meet, current events, upcoming news, the latest show & tell galleries, and a lot of other resources. Some include; links to woodworking/woodturning stores and catalogs, classified ads of tools for sale or wanted, links to past newsletters, links to videos of past demonstrations, woodturning tips, and several others. 
     As a member, you will be given a userid  with which when you logon you will have access to the membership directory, treasurer's report and a listing of all items in our library for you to pick from. The userid and instructions will be emailed to you after you have paid your annual dues. 
      So, be sure to take advantage of this resource provided by your club.
Trusted Turning Tips
     Submit your tips for this column and win a $10 gift certificate from Craft Supplies, USA if it is published here in the newsletter. You may submit your tip to Mel Bryan at or

Now for this month's tip:  
      Circle Templates
     Instead of trying to draw a circular line on an odd shaped piece of log or irregular shaped piece of wood, use a circle template. You can find them on a lot of containers that may not be needed anymore such as buckets, food containers and so forth. Make sure they are not metal because you will screw them temporarily through the center onto the chunk of wood that will become circular and use it as the guide for your bandsaw blade as you cut the round shape, and you don’t want the blade getting into the metal. You can make your own from thin plywood scraps, hardboard, cardboard from old boxes or sheets of plastic. I have even used old Tupperware container tops. (The cardboard ones are my favorite.) Be sure to write the diameter on them with a marker and you won’t have to remeasure them when looking for the right sized one in the future.


      Mel Bryan

Upcoming Pro Woodturner Demo 

    The Independence Woodturners, the Northland Woodturners, and the Kansas City Woodturners have engaged Professional Woodturner Emiliano Achaval to demonstrate turning traditional Hawaiian round-bottom calabash bowls on Tuesday, July 20th, 7:00pm-9:30pm.  This is a Zoom meeting with Emiliano live turning and narrating in his studio. You will be able to ask Emiliano questions after his demo and maybe during the demo. Emiliano will send out the Zoom link a week or two before the demo. We will make sure you get the link and handouts for the event.
      Emiliano starts his presentation with a brief history of the Hawaiian Calabash with a slideshow. He then turns one Palewa or low sided, round bottom Calabash. You will learn the entire process, including the tools he uses for the bowl inside transition area. He finishes by applying some "pewa" or butterfly patches on cracks on a bowl. 
      Emiliano Achaval’s demo is not free for the clubs so we request a $10 donation to help pay for this event.  To use Paypal to pay for this demo, click on this link: Click Here  
If you don't do Paypal, you can pay with a credit card by emailing Kevin Neelley (KCWT Treasurer) to arrange for a phone call. Click on Kevin's email link: Click Here
If you wish to mail cash or check, that's okay, mail to KCWT Treasurer, 14738 W 80th St, Lenexa, KS 66215.
     The Kansas City Woodturners are hosting this event. The Northland Woodturners and the Independence Woodturners will each host another demonstration event this year.  Don't worry if you are a member of more than one club because all proceeds go into a common pool to pay for this year's demos.
Thank you!
Your KC Metro Area Woodturning Clubs

           Emiliano Achaval                

      Calabash with butterfly patches     
Emiliano Achaval’s Bio:
     I started turning about 24 years ago. A huge Big Island Koa tree fell in my yard. A friend of mine stopped by to see if I wanted to sell the wood… I hesitated, and he offered to teach me something to be able to use the beautiful wood all over my yard. I ordered an entry level Sears Craftsman lathe and some soft carbon steel turning tools… I’m a self-taught turner, never had a lesson, but I did buy lots of books and old VHS tapes about woodturning. My good friend Cole Warren allowed me to go watch him turn at his old gallery in Makawao, his help was invaluable. I doubt I would be where I’m now if it wasn’t for Cole’s help. I’ll always be grateful for his support, teachings, and advice. Cole’s willingness to share what he knew always stayed with me. Another one of my very first mentors, was my wife’s cousin, Johnny Baldwin. He gave me lots of advice and share his wood pile with me. One of the palm tree pieces he gave me, he said that if I found a bullet in it, he wanted it. General Patton had shot at it, while doing a handstand and drinking whiskey, on a dare, in a party at his house, during world war 2… Johnny brought many world-class turners to Maui, letting everyone come for the learning experience…
      It was the foundation of my learning experience, sharing the knowledge with fellow turners, that led me to be one of the founding members of the Maui Woodturners Association. I was voted as the first President in February of 2016. We are a chapter club of the American Association of Woodturners.
10 years ago, I purchased an Australian made lathe: a Stubby S750, in my opinion, one of the more solidly built and most versatile lathes available anywhere in the world today. It weighs around 800 pounds. with the added sand, needless to say, there is no vibration at all, even with big, unbalanced pieces.
I turn almost exclusively Koa wood, with the occasional fruit tree like Lychee, avocado, and mango. Also, the occasional hard to find Milo wood, Pheasant wood, and some other rare native trees… If it’s wood, and it's nice, I will turn it…
 Thoughts and suggestions for Show & Tell  

    To help us all to be able to get the most out of our show and tell time, please consider these guidelines and suggestions.
    Please take pictures of your show and tell items and either email or text them to Mel Bryan; email: or cell: 816-830-0107  We will put them into a slideshow and at the Zoom meeting when your picture comes up, you can talk about it and explain, brag, or ask questions, etc. 
      If you don't have a way of getting a picture, when you show your piece, hold it before the camera and look at your video to see how it is showing. You may need to back further away from the camera to get it into view well. 
     If you need assistance or have questions, please feel free to contact us (Mel Bryan, Ron Bruno, or any officer).
     The most important part is to be sure to take part in the show & tell portion of our meetings.

                             Purple heart bowl by Phil Seaton

Lidded box by Michael Straughn

Miniature butter churns and buckets by Stan Gilliland


Ships wheel clock by Gale Markley

Drop spindles by Danny Smith

Lidded box by Ron Bruno
Embellished vessel by Phil Royer

Candlesticks by Jim Tate

Segmented vessel by Don Bird

Spinning tops by Larry Settle 

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