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Turn With Independence

April 2017
     I think that inspiration and creativity are pretty much the two sides to the same coin. When inspiration comes then the creativity is stirred and kicked in and things begin to take shape. Sometimes the creativity sort of takes the lead and inspiration is drawn upon to complete the process. So, with that bit of philosophical insight, where does your inspiration come from? The list can be endless. Be it, DVD’s, books, magazines, YouTube videos, objects just sitting around the house, or something you’ve seen somewhere and maybe it just “came” to you. I’m sure we’ve all gotten inspiration from our fellow members in what they’ve shown us in our show & tell portion of our meetings. Well, let’s “turn” that around…. You and your work can be an inspiration to others when you bring it in for show & tell. We’ve been having some really good show & tell lately, so keep it up and dare to “show off” a little if you’ve never had anything for show & tell before. We all need inspiration, so do your part and “take a turn” at inspiring someone. You could even volunteer to present a demo by either getting up a team demo or present one all by yourself. It’s not as scary as it might seem. All you might get thrown at you would be some good natured jibes and jokes.
     Another place inspiration can get into your woodturning soul is at the upcoming AAW symposium. Check out the update later here in the newsletter and see how you can volunteer or even how to attend.
     Open shop on the Saturday before our regular meeting is an excellent way to put the tools into action and get the inspiration into action. This month we will work on boxes (see “Open Shop” below).
     This month is the deadline for submitting your idea for our new logo so get those creative ideas in gear and sketch one out on the computer or even on paper and submit it. (Again see the item about the new logo on down the page.)

     Hope to see you at the meeting and “keep turning safely”.

 Don Bird-IWT Pres.
Monthly Open Shop
     The next Open Shop will be Apr 15th.  We will  try our had at turning boxes. Who knows, we might even work on a box for "Beads of Courage" in connection with the AAW Symposium. So, as we learn we will be benefiting the charity. It should be a fun rewarding experience.
      Bring your tools, safety equipment and some wood for your turning. Wood could be purchased at the store if you don't already have some. The main tools you might need are; roughing gouges, spindle gouges, parting tool, skew chisel, scrapers for hollowing and truing and any decorative tools you would like to use. 

     We will meet at Metro Hardwoods in the club space on Apr 15th at 10 am to 12 noon.

Our Last Meeting

     At the meeting in March, Rick Bywater demonstrated how he goes about making the basket weave pattern on his turned items. He first showed how he made the beads on the surface using a couple of beading tools. Then the tricky and challenging step is to draw the indexed lines completely around both the inside and outside of the turning. After all the layout the pieces are wood burned using a special tip that matches the bead profiles followed by coloring and any other treatments.
    Thank you, Rick, for your detailed demonstration.

      Demo challenge note: Remember, the a lucky member (by drawing) of the demo challenge takes home a gift certificate to Craft Supplies, USA.


The video of each meetings' demo are available in the library on DVD to be checked out  by members. Also, the video is available online at;
Indep Woodturners on YouTube Part 1.
Part 2  


Logo Contest

    We are planning on improving our club logo. To get input and ideas we are going to conduct a contest among the members for the new logo. The logo should indicate woodturning and contain our name at least. Keeping in mind simplicity for the sake of embroidery. 
    Beginning in February we will take submissions preferably via email to the club email address;
Or you may submit them by paper at the meeting. We, the officers, will evaluate them and send them out via email for your consideration. Your submissions need to be in by the April meeting. Then we will vote on them at the May meeting.  


AAW Symposium in Kansas City June 22 - 25, 2017
    I was thinking yesterday that when the symposium in KC was first proposed to the local clubs that it seemed so far away. Now all of a sudden it’s almost here and we need volunteers to make it succeed. Volunteers are starting to come in but we are a long way from having enough bodies to cover all the positions. Come on down to Bartle Hall June 22 – 25 and make it a day of wood.
   Vendors will be here that we only see in catalogs and magazines. You can check out all the latest and greatest. Artisans will be displaying their wood art and crafts. All this in one place and free to see.
   The main demonstrations you will have to register for and the list of demonstrators is impressive. Richard Raffan, Trent Bosch, Jimmy Clewes and Dixie Biggs to name a few as well as KC’s own Anthony Harris. Anything you want to see or try you will probably find at the AAW 2017 International Symposium.
   While you’re at the show take some time to help out and volunteer for a couple of hours or even all day. You will be glad you did. The feeling from volunteering is indescribable. To sign up go to the AAW website: and click the events tab and go to 2017 Symposium. This will take you to the main page. Down the left column click on volunteer to see the areas needing help. By clicking on more info you will be able to sign up for the time and area in which you would like to help. After you choose your spot/spots you will enter your name, email and cell phone, shirt size and club affiliate. Please use IWT (Independence Woodturners) for your affiliate. The more volunteers each club has, the more credit that club gets for a piece of the proceeds from the raffle. We are hoping to get enough to purchase a new and bigger lathe for our club for demonstrations. If you are at the IWT meeting this month we will have a computer there to help sign up those that are having difficulty. So I hope to see a large turnout of IWT volunteers.
   Don’t forget the raffle tickets are now available for a chance at one of two lathes being given away. They are $5.00 ea.
   Thanks for your support and see you there.

       Mike McReynolds
Check the following link for details; 


Show & Tell

Cherry bowl by Ralph Benjamin
LIghthouse, train whistles and bottle stoppers by Stan Gilliand

Bowls and Mason jar lids by Don Bird

Lidded boxes by Gayle Markley

Pencil cup by Bill Corteville

Officers contact info


Don Bird

(816) 377-2752

Vice President

Vaughn Bradley

(816) 589-1325 


Gary Gahm

(816) 313-5065


Mel Bryan

(816) 524-7767

Director at Large

Bill Baker

(816) 836-5656


Where We Meet

Metro Hardwoods

4243 S. Noland Rd
Independence, Mo.

Click: for a map


Upcoming Events

 Apr 15   
 Open Shop
         At Metro Hardwoods
         From 10 AM to 12 Noon

Apr 18
        Monthly meeting
         Metro Hardwoods
         7 PM to 9 PM

May  13   
 Open Shop
         At Metro Hardwoods
         From 10 AM to 12 Noon

May  16   
 Monthly meeting
         Metro Hardwoods
         7 PM to 9 PM

Jun  22 thru 25
        AAW's 31st Annual International Symposium in                             Kansas City, Missouri
    Click here for information 

Upcoming April Meeting 

       The month of  April we will be honored to have Anthony Harris. As usual, Anthony will undoubtedly inspire and entertain us with his unique turning and artistic talent. 


Nyssa spp.  – Tupelo

      There are basically two species of tupelo that grow here in Missouri. One is, Water tupelo, Nyssa aquatica, and Black gum, Nyssa sylvatica. When you buy tupelo you may actually get a mixture of the two as black gum is often mixed with the tupelo. They are closely related and have very similar characteristics and look, however, black gum has a wider distribution. Here in Missouri tupelo grows mainly in the southeastern boot heel area of the state and the territory for black gum stretches farther up into the state and farther west. Black gum, also called black tupelo, grows in acid soils on rocky wooded slopes, ridges, ravines, borders of sink-hole ponds in the Ozarks, and lowland forests. Water tupelo grows in swamps with bald cypress trees in the lowlands of the southeast. Black gum is often used as an ornamental for its brilliant foliage even though it is slow growing. Honey from the tupelo is very light and mild-tasting. Besides the excellent honey from bees, the tree is often used as the beehive because the heartwood decays first causing the tree to become hollow and providing the beehive. On Martha’s Vineyard the black gum goes by another name; “beetlebung”. The native whalers on the island used the local black gum tree to make tools, one of which was a mallet called the beetle used to pound in the bung of the oil barrels thus it was dubbed “beetlebung”.

      The wood is favored by carvers especially for wildfowl carvings. It takes fine details and holds paint well and does not fuzz up under power carving like basswood does. The heartwood is pale brownish-gray to light brown with a very wide, lighter colored sapwood. It is uniform in texture, has close interlock grain and is without luster. Besides carving, it is used in woodenware, novelties, fixtures, handles, boxes, crates, the concealed parts of furniture and is an excellent wood for turnery.

   Written by – Mel Bryan


Treasurers Report

  Treasurer's Report  
  As of March 31, 2017  
        Mar 31 YTD  2017  
  GENERAL Account


Coffee & cookie fund

Mel Bryan, Treasurer

Trusted Turning Tips

     Submit your tips for this column and win a $10 gift certificate from Craft Supplies, USA if it is published here in the newsletter. You may submit your tip to Mel Bryan at or

Now for this month's tip:
   Don't have a center finder for those irregular round tree limbs you want to turn? Make one for yourself out of a piece of plexiglass the appropriate size for your lathe. Just attach a square piece on a waste block by either double sided tape or using screws through 3 holes pre-drilled in the plexiglass. Then scribe several circles about 1/2 inch apart using a point tool or the tip of a skew. Color the groves with different colors with a marking pen to make it easier to read when using it. Make a small hole in the center for a small nail or tack with a small drill bit. It can be complete at this point or after removing from the lathe, scribe three lines from the center at exactly 120 degrees and drill the small holes at the intersections of the circles and you have a guide for setting up for 3-sided offset turning.

Mel Bryan


     Our on-going display at the North Independence Branch of Mid-Continent Public Library continues to be a popular attraction of the fine work of our members.
     Thank you to all that have participated in the display promoting our club and your fine work. 
    Anyone that would like to add their work to the display can by bringing what you would like to enter into the display to the meeting or contact Mike Straughn (816-812-7621) to get it into the display. Please put your name on your item or in some manner identify it so that it may be returned to the proper person and proper credit may be given by name placards. 


"Hidden Treasures" vessel by Mike Straughn                   

Show & Tell

Bottle Stoppers by John Thornton

Ornament by Steve Tyner
  Mason jar lids  by Phil Royer

Lidded bowl by Bruce Stevenson


Bowl by Gale Markley
 Bowl with inlay, Pen & bowl by Mike McReynolds
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