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Turn With Independence

September 2019
President's Message

       From the President,
     Another month has gone by and closer to the holiday season. Just a reminder, the ‘Jar Lid’ project ends at the October meeting. This is where the lids will be judged for the President’s Challenge. It is important that we complete this project as a club. Due to the responsibilities Mike McReynolds has to deal with right now, he does not need to manage this project. So, it is up to the club to step in and run this to its completion. The Open shops between now and Oct meeting we will focus on turning lids. This is a good project to try different tools and ideas. On Oct 26 open shop we will finish gluing in the lid tops that are left to be done. We are supposed to have 60 of these jar lids.
     On another topic, elections are coming up for Vice-President and Treasurer. The only nominee currently is Mel Bryan who is running for Treasurer for a 2nd term. Also, the banquet is coming up in December, if you have ideas or would like to help, get with the club officers.
     See you all at the open shop on the 14th and monthly meeting on the 17th.

          Ron Bruno, President IWT
Offcuts from the Board
August 2019
            As woodturners, we do not have much scrap, just smaller pieces that can be used together to make something larger in combination with other bits and pieces. That's what this little section attempts to produce. By adding the small parts of our activities and plans we have a combined bigger picture of opportunities to take part in within the club.
  • Please take note of the changes to the Open Shop schedule. Please refer to the Open Shop section of this newsletter. 
  • The demo challenge for this month will be delayed until the October meeting because it will really be the President's Challenge. 
  • Be sure to check out our new website. The address is;   (Ref. the following article about the website.).
  • The Creativity Contest for this year is quickly approaching. Once again we will are giving out a piece of wood to be used for the creation of a prize winning turning. We began giving out the wood at the June meeting, but you can still join. Please refer to the article later in this newsletter.  
  • As a reminder, the membership dues will become $20 a year beginning January 2020, and only emailed newsletters will be sent. 
  • Officers election for Vice-President and Treasurer will take place this year in the November meeting. Mel Bryan has agreed to continue as Treasurer, however the vice-president's position is open to candidates. Therefore, anyone that would like to be considered for that position should speak to one of the officers. The vice-president is responsible for presiding at meetings in the absence of the president and also the obtaining and scheduling of demonstrators and programs. 
  • There are many ways you can contribute to the life of our club. A really good way is to partake in the Open Shop by bringing a project or turning and get a lathe going. Another  way is to submit your woodturning tips also for the newsletter. (Refer to the article later.) Of course there are many other ways to put your enthusiasm into action. You can ask any officer for direction. There are many practical ways to be involved. A simple way to help is to come early to the meeting and help set up the room for the meeting and/or stay afterwards and help clean up. Either or both are appreciated. 
Keep turning safely and we’ll see you at the meeting.

Our Last Meeting

      As a preparation for the Presidents Challenge of Mason Jar lids, a demonstration of turning  them was prepared by Ron Bruno and Mel Bryan. However, due to injuries to both turners, the demonstration was completed by the competent aid of member volunteers from the audience.           Ron started out by explaining how he uses carbide tools to turn them by showing which tools he uses for the different steps in the process. In his discussion he also gave some tips on how to maintain the carbide tools. Mel then showed how he turns them using traditional tools with the help of Kenny Heermann during the  initial phases of turning a recessed tenon and adding the knob blank. Then Jim Tate stepped up and turned the inside (bottom) part of the lid and completed the knob. Thank you very much to both members who gave their assistance to the lame demonstrator.  Remember that the challenge to this demo is the "President's Challenge" of turning and donating your jar lid covers which will go to a church ladies group to be used as gifts as an outreach. There will also be a first and second prize (a $20 gift Certificate to Metro Hardwoods) awarded to the winners of the challenge judged by our president. 

Ron Bruno explaining the use of carbide tools

Kenny Heermann following the direction of Mel Bryan and performing the turning.

Jim Tate doing the turning as Mel watches and gives instruction

     The video of each meetings' demo are available in the library on DVD to be checked out  by members. Also, the video will be available online at; YouTube Independence Woodturners 
     There was no video produced for this presentation, however you may watch our previous video on Mason Jar Lids on YouTube at the following link: 
  Turning Mason Jar Lids



President's Challenge 
    The President has issued a challenge to be held at the October meeting. It is to bring as many mason jar lid covers as you would like, decorated as you would like that is pleasing and made from any wood type as appropriate. There will be a first and second prize of $20 gift certificates to Metro Hardwoods which will be determined by the president based on number of lids, quality of turning, quality of finish and/or embellishment/decoration, and overall creativity. 
     Therefore, there will be no Demo Challenge this month based on last month's demonstration. The goal is to have 60 or 70 (or more) jar lids to donate to the ladies group of Mike McReynolds' church. (Jars are not necessary with the lids as they already have the jars.) 
    So, step up and take a spin and making a decorative jar lid cover. 

Half bowl wall hanging of walnut by Michael Straughn

Half bowl wall hanging of unknown wood type by David Rink

Wall hanging of emerging bowls by Gale Markley

Mason jar lid covers and roman canteen by Jerry Nick

Deep bowl by David Rink

 Natural edged vase and bowl by Gale Markley 

Officers contact info


Ron Bruno

Vice President

Vaughn Bradley

(816) 589-1325 


Gary Gahm

(816) 313-5065 


Mel Bryan

(816) 524-7767

Director at Large

Bill Baker

(816) 836-5656


Where We Meet

Metro Hardwoods

4243 S. Noland Rd
Independence, Mo.

Click: for a map


Upcoming Events

Sept 14  
 Open Shop  (Learn to Turn)
           Metro Hardwoods
           10 AM to Noon

Sept 17  
 Monthly meeting
             Metro Hardwoods
         7 PM to 9 PM

Sept 28
 Open Shop  (Skills Enhancement) 
           Metro Hardwoods
           10 AM to Noon

  Oct 12   
 Open Shop  (Learn to Turn)
           Metro Hardwoods
           10 AM to Noon

Oct  15   
 Monthly meeting -
         Metro Hardwoods
         7 PM to 9 PM

Oct 26   
Open Shop  (Skills Enhancement)
           Metro Hardwoods
           10 AM to Noon

Monthly Open Shop
    In an effort to improve Open Shop we are attempting to add more specific focus to our times in the shop.  We are still planning to hold Open Shop each Second  and Fourth Saturday of the month. However, the Open Shop on the second Saturday will focus on more basic turning techniques intended for newer woodturners. These changes do not alter the fact that you can still bring your own project, wood, tools, questions or assistance. 
     The intent and purpose of Open Shop is for any member to be able to come use a lathe and hone your skills or work on a project that you may not be able to perform on your own equipment. Or to simply receive help on any aspect of turning, whether it's tool usage, work-piece mounting or anything turning related, 
     Be sure to bring you own tools and wood (or wood can be purchased at the store). And of course bring your safety equipment. Any level of turning experience is welcomed and encouraged, regardless if you're an expert or beginner. That is what the club is for. 
     Open Shop is a great opportunity for any member to come together with other members where we can help each other learn, practice, work on a special project, get to know each other, make connections and share your experience with others that can benefit from it. The best way to learn is by helping others and asking questions, so, take advantage of the experience of others and if we don't know, we can all learn together. 
    If you have any questions or would like to volunteer to help, Mike McReynolds is the project chairman to contact. His contact info is: 816-356-7262 or 
    Keep turning and be safe. The first Open Shop ("Learn to Turn") for this month will  taken place  Sept. 14th. The next one for this month will be Sept. 21st and will be the "Skills Enhancement" shop where beginner as well as experienced turner can work on improving our skills. Following Open Shops will be: Oct. 12th and 26th. 


Upcoming September Meeting 

         Sometimes a woodturning can use a bit of embellishment or added artwork to give it a little accent or even turn it into a work of art itself. At our September meeting Kathy Bruno will show us one very easy way to do just that by demonstrating to us how to use pyrography  (wood burning). She will share some of the secrets and techniques she has learned from her experience. Perhaps we can ignite our imagination and put a little spark in our wood turned work through her inspiration of wood burning. 

Treasurers Report

  Treasurer's Report  
  As of August 31, 2019  
        August 2019 YTD  2019  
  GENERAL Account


Coffee & cookies
Website expenses
Equipment & Tool Fund  
Available Funds
Mel Bryan, Treasurer
Turning to the Library.
     As a reminder, be sure to take advantage of the fact that our monthly demonstrations are not only in our library on DVD discs, but are posted on You Tube.  One advantage is that the most recent demo will be on You Tube faster than it shows up in our library.  This is true for most of the demos done this year. Simply go to the You Tube site on your computer, tablet, iPad or smart phone and in the search box, search for  “Indep Woodturners” and the topic in which you are interested. And usually, the first item in the search results will be our YouTube channel which when you click on it you will get our channel with all the videos. Not only will the video of our demo show up, but related videos will show on the screen for later viewing.
          Now, with the advent of our website, as a paid member you can use your logon userid to logon and have access to the library inventory listing anytime you desire. Therefore, you can check on what is available and be prepared to make a quick "check out" of that helpful item from the library.             

---  John Thornton, Librarian

   Check out our new website if you haven't already. Just click on the image above and you will be directed to it. 
    You will notice there is a lot of information about our club, when we meet, where we meet, current events, upcoming news, the latest show & tell galleries, and a lot of other resources. Some include; links to woodworking/woodturning stores and catalogs, classified ads of tools for sale or wanted, links to past newsletters, links to videos of past demonstrations, woodturning tips, and several others. 
     As a member, you will be given a userid  with which when you logon you will have access to the membership directory, treasurer's report and a listing of all items in our library for you to pick from. The userid and instructions will be emailed to you after you have paid your annual dues. 
      So, be sure to take advantage of this resource provided by your club.

Trusted Turning Tips

     Submit your tips for this column and win a $10 gift certificate from Craft Supplies, USA if it is published here in the newsletter. You may submit your tip to Mel Bryan at or

Now for this month's tip:  

       A Grinder on Your Lathe?   

     If you don't have a bench grinder to sharpen your tools you could make an improvisation by using your lathe. A couple of  simple methods would be to make a wooden chuck/arbor to go either in your scroll chuck or thread the block to go on your head stock drive center. Turn a wood block to fit into your chuck and make it long enough to give yourself some clearance for tool access, drill an appropriate sized hole for a bolt the size of the arbor in the grinding wheel you will be using. Then insert the bolt from the backside, mount the wheel and washers (you could make a wooden washer to help steady the stone) fasten it with a nut and you should be in business. You can use your tool rest as  the rest/platform for you tool sharpening. Some advantages to this is that if you don't have a variable speed grinder you can slow your lathe down even by changing belt pulleys even if you don't have variable speed on the lathe.  Also if you're traveling with your lathe, you wouldn't have to also pack around a grinder. You could also have different wheel sizes or grits or even profiles. 

      Mel Bryan

Annual Creativity Contest
   The annual Creativity Contest is a fun contest where you take the piece of wood that will be provided by the club when you sign up for the contest and put your own creativity into action. Your turned project can be anything you desire by following the rules listed below. You will receive about 1 to 1 ½ board feet of wood from the club when entering the contest.

     1. Use only wood. No kits, or additional hardware or accessories
     2. The project/item must by primarily turned. It may be segmented, or otherwise cut and re-glued, or from a solid piece. And use only the wood acquired from the club.
     3. May be stained, painted, or otherwise decorated and finished. (Including, pyrography, texturing, piercing, carving, or such.)

   The contest will be held in November as the program at our regular meeting and the winners will be determined by the vote of all members present. 

    This year we will have two separate categories in the competition. One will be for less experienced turners and another for more experienced turners. The category that your piece will be placed in will be determined by a panel before the member voting begins 

   First prize will be a $50 bill and second prize will be a $20 gift certificate to Metro Hardwoods in each category. 

   So, be sure to join in on the fun and let your creativity flow and sign up for the contest and get your wood so you can study it and see what it wants to become.

Cedar root ball vase by Rick Tucker

 Paper towel holder by Don Burns

Framed picture of John Thornton's own turnings
Lidded box with finial and practice finial by Jim Tate

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