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Turn With Independence

July 2017
Offcuts from the Board
July 2017
            As woodturners, we do not have much scrap, just smaller pieces that can be used together to make something larger in combination with other bits and pieces. That's what this little section attempts to produce. By adding the small parts of our activities and plans we have a combined bigger picture of opportunities to take part in within the club.
  • The AAW symposium is past, but not forgotten. Thank you to all that volunteered and  helped out in making it a success. 
  • This month’s Open Shop is truly "open" to anything anyone desires to bring and work on. Bring your tools and project material and make something happen.
  • The program for this month’s meeting will be our own member, Jim Tate.
  • Last month we had a “Beads of Courage” box contest. Mike McReynolds was the winner and received a gift certificate to Metro Hardwoods. Congratulations, Mike. All of the boxes were collected and delivered to the "Beads of Courage" people at the symposium. You can still make boxes for the "Beads of Courage" program anytime. There are still "Beads of Courage" "Beads" available for $2 a piece. See Mel Bryan for yours.
  • Our annual Creativity Contest will once again be held in October. There is still time to collect your piece of wood for the contest. Please refer to the Creativity Contest article for more information.
Keep turning safely and we’ll see you at the meeting.
Monthly Open Shop
     The Open Shop for July does not have a specific focus so it's wide open to whatever you desire. So, bring your tools, project piece and safety equipment and join in the activity. There will be others there and we will try to help in whatever way we can. We will meet on Saturday, July 15 at 10 AM at our meeting place at Metro Hardwoods.
    Keep turning and be safe.


Our Last Meeting

     At the June meeting, we had a variety of activities including the normal Show & Tell time, the "Beads of  Courage" box contest, and our annual "Jigs & Fixture" program. There were several good ideas shared and the pictures below show a few of them.

      Demo challenge note: Remember, the lucky member (by drawing) of the demo challenge takes home a gift certificate to Craft Supplies, USA.
   However, due to the nature of our last meeting there will not be a demo challenge this month.






AAW Symposium Recap
          The 2017 AAW International Symposium is now history.  It was a fun and informative success due in large part to the volunteers that helped out in the many areas needed behind the scenes. A "BIG" Thank you to all that helped and worked during the symposium. Your effort has not gone unnoticed and is appreciated both from the AAW as well as your club and the officers.
       Thank  you again.
Beads of Courage Box Contest

Some of the 148 Beads of Courage boxes
at the AAW Sympposium
Beads of Courage Box by Don Bird

Beads of Courage Box by Mike McReynolds
A second Beads of Courage Box by Mike McReynolds 

Beads of Courage Box by Gary Ellsworth

Beads of Courage Box by Mel Bryan

Beads of Courage Box by Vaughn Bradley

Wall Hanging, "Drop of Walnut", by Michael Straughn

Officers contact info


Don Bird

(816) 377-2752

Vice President

Vaughn Bradley

(816) 589-1325 


Gary Gahm

(816) 313-5065


Mel Bryan

(816) 524-7767

Director at Large

Bill Baker

(816) 836-5656


Where We Meet

Metro Hardwoods

4243 S. Noland Rd
Independence, Mo.

Click: for a map


Upcoming Events

Jul  15   
 Open Shop
         At Metro Hardwoods
         From 10 AM to 12 Noon
Jul  18   
 Monthly meeting
         Metro Hardwoods
         7 PM to 9 PM

Aug  12   
 Open Shop
          At Metro Hardwoods
         From 10 AM to 12 Noon
Aug  15   
 Monthly meeting
         Metro Hardwoods
         7 PM to 9 PM

Upcoming July Meeting 

       This month, member, Jim Tate will demonstrate how to make a one piece coffee scoop by using the offset turning method. 

5 Woodturning Questions
     The following are the answers to the five questions  as answered by member Mike McReynolds.  
      The intention of this is for us to get to know each other and our passion for woodturning by answering five simple questions related to our woodturning desires. I’m sure that as you read through these questions, you will be able to relate to them
and will think of them as they refer to yourself. Therefore, you will be ready to take up the challenge at the end of this article.

Mike McReynolds
         1. When did you start turning and why?
     I started turning about 5-6 years ago after I had to retire from heavy construction due to health reasons. I didn’t want to do much so my wife told me to get a hobby or she was going to shoot me. A friend of ours turns pens and it looked like something I’d like to try. So I bought a cheap mini lathe from Harbor Freight and turned my first pen. I joined the club soon after that.
       2. What tools do you use the most?
     I do a lot of bowl turning so I use a ½ - 5/8 Bowl gouge and a spindle gouge mostly. But I do like to use a skew quite a bit for other turning.
      3. What finish do you prefer?
  My all-time favorite finish is CA but lately I have been using Triple E and Renaissance Wax and definitely impressed with the finish.
      4. What part of turning do you enjoy the most? What draws you to it?
    I like to make things that make people go “WOW!”  It’s what I go for. Utilitarian pieces are what I mostly do. Segmented is what I love do because its always a challenge.    
      5. What do you hope to achieve this year in your shop?
     I am constantly trying something new and different. I took a hands on class once with Ashley Harwood. She said that after you do 1 thing 200 or so times you get really good at it. I said that could be a problem because I do something once and I’m ready to move on.

   I can’t wait to see who will be brave enough to be next.
Mike McReynolds
      Don’t wait to have your arm twisted to answer these five question. Simply write down your responses and submit them to or give them to Mel Bryan at a meeting. As they are received, they will be put in the newsletter and we will be able to enjoy “your” story and get to know you a little better.


Treasurers Report

  Treasurer's Report  
  As of June 30, 2017  
        June 30 YTD  2017  
  GENERAL Account


Coffee & cookie fund
Lathe Fund

Available Funds
Mel Bryan, Treasurer
Creativity Contest 

    Once again, we will have our annual Creativity Contest. That is where the participants get a piece of wood and have the chance to exercise their creativity in producing something from it. The rules are simply; use only the wood you receive, do not use any hardware or kits. The wood may be dyed, painted, carved, wood burned, cut and re-glued or any other crafty treatment, but not added to.
     We began giving out the wood at the last meeting in June and the contest will be held at the October meeting. The winner will chosen by the vote of the membership and will receive a prize that is still yet to be determined.
    There is still time to get your wood and begin the creating process. So, be sure to pick up your challenge piece so that you can study it and see what lies within. 

Trusted Turning Tips

     Submit your tips for this column and win a $10 gift certificate from Craft Supplies, USA if it is published here in the newsletter. You may submit your tip to Mel Bryan at or

Now for this month's tip:
   When you need a quick depth stop to gauge the depth for a starter hole or hollowing depth, place a rare-earth magnet on you drill bit or tool at the depth you need. The magnet will not leave a mark or sticky residue on you tools like a marker or pencil or tape might. 


Turning to the Library.
     Don't forget to check your club's library for that bit of inspiration or instruction that will help you in your journey in woodturning. As club members you are able to check out from many videos and books on a large variety of topics for the woodturner and enjoy them for one month. A list is provided in the library to help your browsing process.  

     Our on-going display at the North Independence Branch of Mid-Continent Public Library continues to be a popular attraction of the fine work of our members.
     Thank you to all that have participated in the display promoting our club and your fine work. 
    Anyone that would like to add their work to the display can by bringing what you would like to enter into the display to the meeting or contact Mike Straughn (816-812-7621) to get it into the display. Please put your name on your item or in some manner identify it so that it may be returned to the proper person and proper credit may be given by name placards. 



Offset lidded box Demo Challenge by Mel Bryan

Show & Tell

Basket weave bowl by Mike McReynolds


Maple bowl by Mike McReynolds

Acrylic and Maple bowl by Tim Sharitz

Chess Pieces by Bill Boyle

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