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Next Information & Networking Afterwork 24/11/15 Accreditation et Re-accréditation

L'accréditation EMCC est valable 5 années au terme desquelles elle doit être renouvelée. EMCC Europe vient donc de lancer un programme de ré-accréditation pour les personnes concernées. 

Susanne Habran, accreditation manager, vous expliquera comment préparer au mieux votre dossier. Elle vous présentera le processus d'accréditation et de ré-accréditation et répondra aux questions que vous vous posez. 

Laure Belin et Nadine Hemmer nouvellement accréditées par EMCC partageront également leur expérience. 

Les motivations à l'accréditation sont multiples. Ecoutez celles de nos membres:

Portrait de coach 
Découvrez également Laure Belin dans cette interview: 

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ECA/EMCC Luxembourg is a platform of professional coaches and mentors, focused on ethics and quality, sharing experiences and best practices for a high-level-standard in coaching and mentoring

Dates for your Diary 

22 October, 18.30 
General Assembly

19-21 November
EMCC Annual Mentoring and Coaching Conference, Istambul, Turkey

24 November, 18.30
Information & Networking Afterwork

22 January, 9.00-12.00
Formation réseaux sociaux

EMCC Europe has launched the EIA renewal process and in Luxembourg the first renewals are due by 31 December 2015. 
EIA holders are advised to submit their renewal latest on the last day of the month before the EIA expires. 
The following example is for an EIA expiring 31 May:
  • We expect the renewal to be submitted in time for it to be processed by end May (and go to panel, if necessary, in May)
  • Therefore we would advise the person renewing to submit by 30 April
  • If we allow renewal submissions to be sent in up to 31 May – for this example – then it will take up to a month for the renewal to happen and they will outside the date of their expiry (June) before they know the result.
For those who don’t renew by their renewal date:
  • No reply to any of the prior communication from the EMCC Europe sent regarding their renewal. These EIA holders are ‘removed’ from the website with the names of the accredited members. They will receive one final communication letting them know this “removal” has been done. This communication will be sent on the day following the expiry of their renewal and that they no longer have an EIA and must not refer to themselves as an EIA holder.
  • This will also mean that as they don’t renew they will no longer be accredited i.e. the accreditation ends at the end of the renewal time.  If they then want to be accredited again they will have to do the accreditation all over again which is a.) a much longer process and b.) much more expensive (EIA fees can be found on the EMCC Website)

ECA/EMCC vous propose de suivre une formation sur le thème des réseaux sociaux.

L'expert de l'agence Keep Contact centrera son intervention autour de deux questions:

- Quels sont les réseaux sociaux les plus adaptés à notre métier de coach?

- Comment les utiliser avec efficience (investissement temps/résultats)
Le coût de cette formation est de 30 € par personne. N'hésitez pas à vous inscrire dès à présent en contactant Nathalie :

EMCC/Amcham CONFERENCE on 21 May at ISL 
Brendan Hall
 : “Leadership and life lessons for overcoming adversity and succeeding” learned from a round the world yacht race
An amazing story of the speaker who, at 28, despite heavy weather conditions and 40 unexperienced crew members, was able to skipper the winning boat in the 2009-10 Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, while rescuing 2 other boats in the storm.
Brendan shared with us what made his team victorious and his “80% people skills/20% technical skills” approach to leadership. After the conference, Brendan signed his book which focuses primarily on the challenges of managing and motivating a diverse crew in a high pressure, dangerous environment.
Price of the book : 13 Euros (We have some left !!)

Malgré la présence de certains tennismen un peu "envahissants", nous nous sommes tous retrouvés avec un immense plaisir autour d'un verre. 
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