February 2015

Nordplusmusic Newsletter

Welcome to the first Nordplusmusic newsletter - here to keep you up-to-date with our upcoming events and activities.
Let's see what Nordplusmusic spring 2015 has in store!

NOAS is open!

Nordplusmusic Online Application System NOAS is open for the new application period!
The student login as well as the NOAS Admin page for IRCs are available on the nordplusmusic webpage.
The deadline for sending in student mobility applications is 1 March 2015

Operetta and Classical Musical Workshop

9 - 13 February 2015
University of the Arts Helsinki, Sibelius Academy

The NordOpera IP is taking place already this week. Students and teachers from the University College of Opera, Stockholm, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and Sibelius Academy are at work at the Kallio-Kuninkala Course Centre.
The course enables the students an opportunity to focus intensively on music, style and phonetics of central operetta and classical musical repertoire. In addition to vocal coaching and phonetics, stage speech, stylistic stage movements and dance are in focus.

Band Teaching Conference 

7 - 9 April 2015
Royal Academy of Aarhus/Aalborg

This Nordpuls development project reaches already its second session.
It will be a mix of presentations on specific topics, debates, video presentations followed by a “what’s next” discussion, “hands-on” demonstrations, “dogma-jam” sessions, tips & tricks sharing and “problem-solving” sessions.

Nordtrad Conference 2015

7 - 12 April 2015
Danish National Academy of Music, Esbjerg

NordTrad conference is an international traditional music conference that fills a vital role in creating and maintaining contacts between the institutions both on teacher and student level.
For many of students who have done exchange periods in other Nordic countries, this meeting has been the first influence to start that train of thought. Participating students describe the conference as a world-widening experience and as an inexhaustible source of musical ideas.

Africa Meets the Nordics

University of the Arts Helsinki Sibelius Academy

The aim of the project is to enable students a possibility to focus intensively on a subject area related to the interaction between African and Nordic music and culture.
Bringing in lectures from Mali, Mozambique, Tanzania, South Africa and Ghana the course provides a unique opportunity to learn about traditional African music as well as the cultural characteristics of African tradition in
music and performing arts.

Girl Power in Jazz 

Royal Academy of Aarhus/Aalborg

The Nordplus intensive project focusing on female jazz musicians is also on its second session. Initiated at the Estonian Academy of Music, it will for this time be held in Aarhus, Denmark.
Compiling bands with a majority of female instrumentalists, the project gives a central stage to the women in jazz and the female “voice”. The course will be a combination of seminars by all incoming teachers, ensemble playing in mixed groups and live performances. 

We Make an Opera

2 - 7 June 2015
Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre

During the NordOpera intensive course the students will master their artistic, musicianship and interpretation skills by ‘making an opera’ - rehearing various opera scenes. This year, the emphasis will be on body expression: movement, acting, body-mind control and other stage skills.
At the end of the project, the students will have an opportunity to present the results of their work at a public performance on the stage of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre.

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Upcoming events

9 - 13 February, Helsinki
Operetta and Clasical Music Workshop

7 - 9 April, Aalborg
Band Teaching Conference

7 - 12 April, Esbjerg
Nordtrad Conference

Africa Meets the Nordics

Girl Power in Jazz

2 - 7 June, Vilnius
We Make an Opera

17 - 21 August, Helsinki
Improvise to Improve

19 - 21 October, Copenhagen
IRC Forum 2015
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