December 2015

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Holiday season is here again and "Jingle Bells" is stuck in our heads!
End of the year is a time for both reflections and resolutions - looking backward and looking forward - and that's also what we are doing in this newsletter!
Jingle bells, Jingle bells...

CAB - Composition, Arranging, Bandleading

16 - 20 November 2015
Oulu University of Applied Sciences

Nordic winters may be dark and gloomy but you can now forget about electric light generators! You will just need some generative musicians like those from Denmark, Estonia and Finland who managed to light up Oulu in the last Nordplus project of the year!

What happens if you focus on co-creational musical process and move from students' compositions to performance through co-writing and arranging with the precondition that there are no right or wrong solutions? 
We'll show you!

Website survey!

We are celebrating the 5. anniversary of with a "customer satisfaction" survey. Suggestions, frustrations, crazy ideas? We want to hear about them!

To fill out the survey please click HERE!

Peak into the future

Spring semester brings on a new scale of projects - let's take a quick look into the first ones!

Nord+ Mix

This intensive course taking place at the LMTA Music Innovation Studies Centre will focus on ambisonic 23.1 sound sphere and the exploration of sound spatialization.
There are basically two kinds of people: those who use MADI, AMBIX and REAPER and those who don't know what these words mean. Nord+Mix is for the first kind!

Percussion Plus

The biggest Nordic/Baltic percussion festival and cooperation platform will include 150 participants, 20 master classes and 10 concerts. It might be a good idea to wear earplugs that week in Helsinki - we will be beating it up in Tallinn!

2016/2017 is knocking!

Last minute stress is so 2015 - leave enough time for planning! Have you been thinking of an intensive course or a development project? Be in good time to discuss and maybe even meet up with partners before the applications are due. And what about expected mobility?
We will be asking you for that already in January!

It's soon time to wrap it up in the office!

The office may be unwrapped only after the holidays! :)

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Upcoming events


1 - 8 February, Vilnius
Nord+ Mix

17 - 21 February, Tallinn
Percussion Plus

9 - 11 March, Copenhagen
Development of Classical Music Education

30 March - 1 April, Aalborg
Band Teaching Conference

19 - 24 April, Viljandi
Nordtrad Conference
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