June 2015

Nordplusmusic Newsletter

Welcome to our third edition!
End-of-the-semester hectic or just counting the days towards vacation? Refusing to even acknowledge the time after the holidays? We invite you to still take a look at what Nordplusmusic autumn 2015 has in store!

We Got Funding!

Upcoming events column looks a bit short right now, doesn't it? Not for long because 8 brand new projects and renewals are coming up soon!

Mobility: 76 000 EUR
IP 4 to 24 Saxophones 14 750 EUR
IP NORD+MIX: Creative Music Innovations in Spatial Sound Sphere 29 470 EUR
DP Development of Classical Music Education: 19 920 EUR

Mobility: 48 000 EUR
IP Composition, Arrangement, Band-leading: 12 670 EUR
IP Girl Power in Jazz 3: 18 210 EUR
DP Ensemble Teaching Development: 21 810 EUR
DP NewTime - New Technologies in Nordic/Baltic Higher Music Education 23 700 EUR

Mobility: 26 400 EUR
IP Connecting Opera and Sound Arts: 11 970 EUR

Mobility 19 200 EUR

Improvise to Improve

17 - 21 August 2015
Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Three is a charm! Third and final session of the improvisation project opens the autumn season.
A week of sharing experiences and methods in order to promote improvisation and improve music pedagogy.
A recipe for a good Nordplus course? Mix together group sessions, concerts and jams, sprinkle with movement and dance, stir in some sauna, top off with a freshly made impro-opera and enjoy!

Girl Power in Jazz

25 - 30 August 2015
Royal Academy of Music Aarhus/Aalborg

Someone recently said that Girl Power is the new "It" movement - so "Girl Power in Jazz" is the new "It" project!
In jazz, a woman's place is behind the mic? No way! Yet, females still remain a minority in jazz. Our project tackles that issue by featuring all-female bands only. Seminars, ensembles, concerts, circlesongs and sofa talks - the floor is yours, girls!

IRC Forum 2015

19 - 21 October 2015
Royal Danish Academy of Music

Wonderful wonderful Copenhagen is ready to host the Nordplus coordinators end of October! With the main topic Increasing student mobility, the presentations, workshops and discussions focus on what is decisive for Generation Y students when making decisions about their studies and mobility and how we as institutions can adapt our information and services to accommodate them.
Combined with network updates, IP reports and planning, ExeCom elections and an optional NOAS workshop, IRC Forum 2015 is an all-inclusive meeting package!

Stay tuned for more information available soon at http://www.nordplusmusic.net/index.php?id=411

Happy Nordplus summer 2015!

In preparation for Nordplus summer, please make sure that your computers are switched off and your offices securely locked. You may use your work mailboxes again only after the vacation has come to a complete stop.

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Upcoming events

17 - 21 August, Helsinki
Improvise to Improve

25 - 30 August, Aarhus
Girl Power in Jazz

19 - 21 October, Copenhagen
IRC Forum 2015
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