"Long days add up laughter, tears, winning and losing. It is these experiences which we get out of bed for."

2014 Schedule

May TBD: Training in Annapolis

June 3-8: Cork, Ireland
ISAF Women's M.R. Worlds

July 10-13: Oyster Bay, NY
US Women's M.R. Champ. 

July 24-27: Vannes, France
Morbihan Women's M.R.

August 4-9: Lysekil, Sweden
Lysekil Women's Match Cup

Sept 23-28: Sheboygan, WI
Buddy Melges Challenge

Oct 31-Nov 5: Busan, South Korea
Busan Cup Women's M.R.

E.R. Mission:


To perform to the highest standard of our abilities with integrity; to earn the respect of the sailing community; and to inspire others to excel in sailing as both a competitive sport and lifelong pastime.  

Ready to start our Epic journey to the top...

Hello Epic Racing Fan!

There are a lot of exciting things coming together for the 2014 season! First of all, this is the premiere of our newsletter updates for Epic Racing. We have added you as a recipient because we thought you would enjoy following us on our journey to the top of the world! Second, we are excited to announce that we will be returning to the Women’s International Match Race Series (WIM Series)!

The Series was launched last year to promote a professional women’s sailing circuit. Out of the 5 events in France, Korea, Denmark, USA and Sweden, only the four best results were scored. We had very consistent results placing 3rd, 4th and 5th at each event and putting us third overall going into the last event. Unfortunately we were not able to sail the final event and had to take a zero for our score. However, our strong results early on kept us far enough ahead of the other teams and we finished an impressive 4th out of 25 total teams.  We couldn’t have achieved these results without all of our amazing teammates: Maggie Shea, Meg Six, Janel Zarkowsky, Martha Pitt, Jenn Chamberlin, Kayla McComb, Jess Eastwell, Lindsey Duda, Annie Haeger and Elizabeth Kratzig.

In addition to the WIMRS we sailed four open Grade 2 match race events, primarily, against all male teams. We had fourth place finishes at the Detroit Cup and Carlos Aguilar Regatta. And, independent of the WIMRS, we sailed an international women’s regatta in Sweden, the Stena Match Cup, which we won! We ended the 2013 season ranked 5th in the World for our ISAF Women Ranking and 54th in the Open ISAF Ranking. (The ISAF ranking is not based only on the WIMRS events; other women’s events are added into the formula.)

This year the Series will consist of 5 events in Europe, Asia and the United States. (The schedule is listed to the left.) We will also be competing in the US Women’s Match Race Championship. Last year we finished second to our Chicago Match Race Center teammate, Jennifer Wilson. This year we are looking to improve that result! We have a strong team lined up for all the events and our goal is to win the World Championship in June, win the entire WIMR Series and become the US Women’s Match Race Champions. That’s a lot on our plate but we’re up for the challenge!

In other news, we are in the process of finalizing our website with the help of Isao Toyama & Bryn Bachman. We do have a Facebook page that we will update frequently, so please “like” us: During the season, Facebook will be our main source for regatta info followed by a wrap up newsletter. If you no longer wish to receive updates from us, we won’t be offended. In addition to stepping up our media efforts, we are also starting our fundraising campaign for our Epic Journey.

We had an amazing support group in 2013 and we cannot thank them each enough for their contributions. There are a lot of ways to support our team and everything counts. We have a tax-deductible account set up with the Inland Lake Yachting Association and it is easy to contribute (see below). Besides that, air travel is our biggest expense and you can donate airline miles to individual members of the team. Do you know someone who lives in the area of one of our events and can host the team? Let us know! Also, we LOVE to give back to the community. If you have an opportunity, we can exchange work for funding. If you know of anyone who might be interested in corporate sponsorship, we can share our sponsorship proposal with you. However, the best kind of support is to receive encouraging messages from you all and to spread the word of our team! Thank you to all of you who have supported us in the past, our continued fans and future fans!

Wow, that was a lot to share! We are SUPER excited to get back on the water and do our thing! Stay tuned for an announcement of our 2014 team!!!

Signing off for now…

Epic Racing

Created in 2013 Epic Racing is an elite, all-female match racing team. Individually we are All-Americans, National Champions, and Olympic hopefuls. Together we are skillful, determined, well-trained athletes who are dedicated to becoming the best match racers in the world. Currently ranked 6th in the world; driven to be number ONE.

WIM Series

The Women’s International Match Racing Series is a professional match race worldwide circuit with five 2014 events being hosted in Europe, Asia and the United States. The Series brings together the world’s highest ranked female teams to compete for a world series title. For more info visit: 

Thank you to our sponsors!

Donate Now! 

We are so fortunate to have a tax-deductible donation account set up with the Inland Lake Yachting Association. You can donate online by clicking here (Roble Epic Racing) or send a check to:
Roble Epic Racing
ILYA Foundation
PO Box 311
Fontana, WI 53125

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