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with more than  760 people, many working in over 100 communities  across the nation from Victoria to PEI!

A  theme of this newsletter is distance healing.  Read how Christ Church cathedral in Vancouver offers.  And a story from Highland United Healing Pathway team.
Guidelines for Christ Church Cathedral Practitioners
The Healing Team at Christ Church Cathedral Vancouver, in addition to doing regular scheduled sessions also offers Distance Healing.
Using many of the same techniques as “local” healing, distance healing shares the same intention: for practitioners to be a channel for God’s healing presence, and for those receiving to be open to being active in their own healing.
There is abundant scientific evidence from the study of quantum physics that distance healing works. While this is reassuring, we know that, just as our local in-person healing is effective, it is our bonds of faith and love that carry our intention to those who seek healing.
What follows are some basic principles to keep in mind when offering distance healing.

Principles for Review (reference QUANTUM TOUCH: THE POWER TO HEAL 3rd Edition, by Richard Gordon, North Atlantic Books, 2006 and HEALING FROM THE HEART by Rochelle Graham,  Flora Litt & Wayne Irwin, Wood Lake Books 1998)
Getting permission from the recipient:
While most people receiving will be there at their own request, occasionally people are unable to ask for themselves. For these people we send healing for their highest good.
Connecting to the person asking for healing:                    
Learn what you can about the person and their needs, do they have a specific injury or condition. Visualize the person if you know them or maybe there is a photograph available. You may find that lighting a candle or having an object to focus on will help your concentration during the session.
Connect to your spirituality:
As in local healing, we ask God to be present with us during the healing time.

Grounding, running energy and breathing:
As you would for a local healing session, the basics of grounding and running energy through your hands are helpful. Most important of all is continuing to breathe with intention. Breathing helps you to concentrate, to transfer energy from your body to the recipient, helps to relax your hands during the session and keeps your energy active.

With distance healing it is possible to use a variety of techniques like a Full Body Balance, Light of Christ Meditation, or Magnetic Clearing – using only your imagination and visualization of the person receiving. It is also helpful to imagine any places needing specific attention (e.g., knees, shoulders, heart) held between your hands while you run energy directly into tissues or organs.
As important as breathing, our intention is key to the process. As you begin, focus on the outcome you want for the person, being clear about what you are doing and whose power is at work. As always, our intention is about faith and not about controlling the outcome. Take as much time as you need for the session so you won’t feel rushed.
Closing a distance healing session:
Offering a prayer for the recipient that their healing will continue and releasing them to God’s care will help you to end your session.
Intention, caring, breath, visualization – trust your instincts – all contribute to a meaningful distance healing session.
An Experience of Distance Healing
by Ross White (North Vancouver, BC) and John MacArthur (Victoria, BC)

 John: In May 2016, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 terminal cancer in my left lung and neck. My wife, Jill, and I went to the US for treatment unavailable in Canada. When I contacted Ross, 50% of my tumours were gone and/or shrinking. My concern being back in Canada was spiritual, as the Envita clinic emphasized total healing involves, body, mind and Spirit.  So, I shared all this with my minister.

Ross: John’s pastor, Mark Green, listened carefully and realized John resonated with male spirituality and longed for that in healing sessions. Mark recommended me, even though I’d recently moved off the Island. Believing firmly in the power of healing in spirit over distances John booked an appointment through Lorraine, our receptionist, for one of our regular Monday evening sessions at Highlands.

John: The evening of the Distance Healing I was preoccupied until my Intuition told me to check the time; sure enough, it was just a few minutes before the specified time. Then the call came!

Ross: Contacting John by cell phone that night I began by introducing him to the four of us offering the session.  I said we had placed ourselves around a table and were visualizing him on it.  After stating guidelines and offering a short prayer we ended the phone call.  Very quickly following assessment two felt drawn to the Sacred Cross and two women to his feet.

John: My goal was to relax and be open, trying not to hold onto any single thought. My first awareness was of a warm feeling of energy flowing from the top of my head, through my body and exiting my limbs. The energy passed through or over me like waves and I experienced several levels of awareness with flashes of my past. The emotions were very strong, especially those of spiritual love and letting go of past regrets. I felt much lighter after the session. My wife Jill commented on how peaceful I looked.

Ross: Each team member felt grateful to John for his great faith. He wrote about his experience and follow up test results in even greater detail to the entire group one week later. We remain connected and in awe of the many ways, including this one, the Holy Spirit travels.
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News from the Coordinating Circle
  • The coordinating circle continues to oversee workshops, curriculum, the instructor in training applications and training. 
  • Work towards having charitable status continues
  • Two new members join the Coordinating Circle- Sharon Moon (Ottawa), and  Ross White (Vancouver).  Other members are Howard Clark, Gale Glover, Jan Morrissey.
  • Profound gratitude to Sharon Yetman for her foundational work with the team tending the Pathway through its transition years.
  • We  have a hot-off-the press digital workbook for Phase 1.
  • We have revised the Code of Ethics; the Scripture and Principles section;  and are in process of bringing our history up to date.
  • The Healing Pathway video is now on YouTube.
  • Phase 4 in the west.  There is a potential of 13 people who responded to our survey. We are working on how to make this happen.
  • The next instructors gathering will be held in Arnprior Ont. (near Ottawa) Oct 26-29.  during Canada's 150th anniversary celebrations.
On October 27, 2016 the Coordinating Circle regretfully accepted the resignation of Ginny Mulhall as a Healing Pathway Instructor.

Ginny was one of the first instructors bringing healing touch to churches even before the beginning of the Healing Pathway in 1998.  As well as instructing for more than 20 years she served as mentor to many other instructors who appreciate her
life-long learning and her sense of play and fun.  Ginny brought her beginner mind to each teaching and learning experience. All feel that they are more effective instructors because of Ginny’s gentle guidance.  She was also mentor in the Healing House at Naramata Centre and for numerous Healing Pathway practicum students. She will be missed as an Instructor her bright light will continue to shine on the Healing Pathway. Ginny says, “After being involved with Healing Pathway for 20 years, I find myself beyond teaching, with a passion to continue the Healing Pathway work. I envision offering enrichment, deepening, refreshment and renewal for Pathway groups everywhere.” 
Thank you Ginny!!  We look forward to experiencing your vibrant new vision

We are inviting you to consider teaching Healing Pathway workshops in the areas where you live, and across Canada.  There is an Instructor-in-Training process available for you to become a qualified Instructor, working with other Instructors in our experiential workshops.
For details on how to apply, please contact The Healing Pathway Society by email at
Your inquiry will be passed on to the members of the Coordinating Circle who will contact you directly.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.
Guatemala here we come……..
From March 21,2017 to April 4, 2017 the eleventh Healing pathway delegation will be in Guatemala. Members are Healing Pathway Instructors: Sharon Yetman from North Vancouver, BC., Jan Morrissey from Anmore, BC, Judith Ann Donaldson from Vancouver, BC and Jackie Walters from Calgary, Alberta and Healing Pathway practitioners Sabina Harpe from Vancouver BC and Edie Dixon from Kamloops BC.  For two intense and grace filled weeks we will work in loving partnership with Artesana Women’s Collective offering healing workshops and healing sessions to support their work with women in prison and their families and community and jail support workers.  It is an immense privilege and we are grateful for the opportunity.  We ask for your prayers and loving healing energy to surround and support us in this offering.
Repeating Phase One
                                                    Pat Jones, Cedar Park, Pointe-Claire QC
"I certainly enjoyed repeating phase 1  this spring, after about 3 years or more with no HP refreshers.

This is about my 4th or 5th repeat of one of the phases and each time it has given me new insights.  As well, I love experiencing the group dynamics.  Different teachers bring a variety focus and emphasis.  The instructors this time brought a spirituality to the work which I really appreciated and enjoyed. With each passing year I am in a different space , so my refresher experiences have a lot to do with my own learning curve. Yes, I am reviewing the  techniques, but taking the refresher is much more than that. It has inspired me to continue the HP practice with renewed passion.
We'd Like to  Hear from You
  • Is there a book you've read you'd like to share with others in Pathway?
  • Are there particular rituals you've found that add power and meaning to your gatherings?
  • Do you have a healing story from your practice group you'd like to share?
  • Are there reflections, based on your healing ministry, that others could benefit from?
  • Are there resources you appreciate you'd like others to know about?
  • How have you used the movie in your area?
  • Have you found ways of organizing regionally that support the growth and nurture of the Pathway in your area?
  • We have been asked to hold a Phase 3 in Alberta. We need a minimum of 12 participants, so it's up to you. If you would like a Phase 3 in Alberta in 2017 or 2018, please send an email to
  • Let's build the Pathway together, and share our learnings with one another.
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