Vital Friends March 2017: In this issue, FGC's General Secretary shares important updates about the FGC Gathering. Plus - we're lifting up two opportunities to challenge racism and build community and an invitation to deepen your spiritual life with FGC through the Spiritual Deepening Program eRetreat.

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Dear Friend,

The world needs strong Quaker communities that are living messages of love, compassion, and fellowship. As a collaboration of Yearly Meetings and Monthly Meetings, FGC is here to help strengthen your meeting and our religious society so that together we can be patterns and examples. By sharing resources, listening deeply, and acting faithfully, we can enrich the spiritual lives of everyone in our worship communities and meet many of the challenges that face us as Quakers and as members of the broader society in which we live.

In this issue of Vital Friends, we are sharing updates regarding changes that have been made to the FGC Gathering since last year's edition, opportunities for Friends to challenge racism and build beloved community, an invitation to deepen your spiritual life through an online eRetreat with the Spiritual Deepening Program, and a new promotion from QuakerBooks to help you build your Quaker library at home or in your meeting house. 

In the Spirit,
Barry Crossno
General Secretary, FGC

This issue contains:
  • A Message from the General Secretary: Learnings from the 2016 FGC Gathering
  • Opportunities for Friends: Challenging Racism and Building Community
  • QuakerBooks Promotion: 20 Books for 20 Bucks
  • You're Invited: Spiritual Deepening eLearning Retreat
  • Job Opportunity: Communications and Administrative Associate 
  • Among Friends: News and Events from the World of Friends
  • Request copies of the 2017 FGC Gathering Advance Program!
Young Adult Friends dance at the FGC Gathering
Friends in the audience of an FGC Gathering plenary listen intently
On behalf of the Gathering team and the Gathering Site Selection Committee, FGC's General Secretary Barry Crossno recently shared an important message with attendees of the 2016 FGC Gathering: "We want you to know that we have a commitment to building a more loving community."  

Read Barry's update on the FGC website.
Image of Presiding clerk, Rising Presiding Clerk, and recording Clerks at Central Committee
FGC wants to help your Quaker meeting challenge racism and build beloved community through two worthwhile opportunities:
  • Last November, we first reported that Central Committee united around the need to undertake an Institutional Assessment to uncover structural racism within our organization – and to prepare plans for dismantling such structures. FGC has created a page on its website with details regarding the assessment, and a link for Friends to help support this important work. Learn more about FGC's Institutional Assessment.
  • The White Privilege Conference (WPC) strives to empower and equip individuals to work for equity and justice through self and social transformation. Since 2011, FGC has sponsored a group discount for the White Privilege Conference. At least 40 Quakers have attended each year, and in 2016 more than 400 Friends attended with the FGC discount. Pre-register to attend WPC18 with FGC Friends on our website.
QuakerBooks bookshelf
In honor of “Holy Experiment Day” (yes it’s a real holiday!), QuakerBooks is offering a special promotion for individual Friends and Quaker meetings to grow their Quaker libraries and spirits for a great price - the 20 Books for 20 Bucks promotion! From now until March 31st, Friends can buy a set 20 exceptional QuakerPress titles for a dollar per book. 

Visit to get this collection now!
Young Adult Friends gathering in silent worship outside.
Deepen your spiritual life with FGC in 2017. Our Spiritual Deepening Program eRetreats invite newcomers and Friends to build an online spiritual community through an 8-week exploration of Quaker thought and practice. The next Spiritual Deepening eRetreat, Silence & Light, begins March 26th, 2017. 

Register for the Silence & Light Spiritual Deepening eRetreat now.
A young auburn-haired beauty manages FGC's plenary livestream at the 2015 FGC Gathering
Like working in social media? Have experience with websites? Know graphic design? Want to help develop a brand? Check out this new position for a Communications and Administrative Associate at FGC!

Read the full description and apply online here.
An audience overseas watches an outdoor screening of Disturbing the Peace
This month, watch the trailer for the new film Disturbing the Peace, read a press release from New York Yearly Meeting regarding the politics of division, register for New England Yearly Meeting's second Living Faith Gathering in April, and mark your calendars for Quaker Religious Education Collaborative's 4th Annual Gathering at Quaker Hill. 

View the full updates on FGC's website.
A copy of the 2017 FGC Gathering Advance Program on a flat wooden surface
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FGC helps Friends deepen Quaker worship and practice, and supports welcoming and inclusive Quaker communities. Your gift will empower a 35,000-strong community of love and faith.
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