2016 Yearly Report from Jeremy and Susan Beebout
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2016 Yearly Report to Mission Engaged Churches
from Jeremy and Susan Beebout


MISSION PARTNER: Evangelical Church of the Republic of Niger (EERN)

OVERALL GOAL: Church Planting / Disciple Making Ministry among an Unreached People Group, the Orma

1. Tell us about your Mission Partner and how they believe your mission work has impacted their ministry and the lives of the people they served this past year.

This year we have continued to build and expand on existing ministries that are bringing hope and healing by sowing the love of Christ in action through the church. The clinic continues to get busier. In January we added laboratory services. This has been a great blessing to the patients and has facilitated the provision of care.  We hired two additional Nigerien physicians this year and sent our director Dr. Yacouba on to Internal Medicine residency with our blessings. We brought in Dr. Hamadou who is being prepared to serve as director for the Dogon Doutchi Clinic. We expanded dermatology services through a teledermatology project with the University of Iowa. We hosted many volunteers from the Universities of Iowa and Minnesota. We continue to hear testimonies about how much our services, and especially the compassionate way we provide them, are appreciated.

We have also broken ground and made good progress on the physical structure for a nursing school on the CADR compound. Plans are moving forward for the first class of students in the fall of 2017. This school will meet a longstanding need for well-trained, Christian nurses to serve at the many Christian and mission hospitals in Niger as well as public and private institutions where the love of Christ can shine even brighter.  

On the rural-development and infrastructure side of activities we continue to move forward albeit slowly with steps to completing two borehole projects in other regions of the country. This has been a slow process largely because the overall vision of the project has changed several times. Along with those projects we are making steps toward breaking ground on the new clinic site in Dogon Doutchi. 

2. Describe how an engaged congregation’s involvement and prayers enhances this ministry and what are some of the other ways a church can be effective and supportive.

The EERN is expanding its ministry in many different directions in addition to those mentioned above related to CADR activities. As the EERN continues to grow, the prayers of concerned congregations are essential for attaining God’s wisdom, provision, and direction for the future. There is also a place for committed congregations to come alongside of the EERN as this expansion occurs to partner in this growth both spiritually and physically.

3. Share a story about a life directly impacted and/or transformed by your ministry with our partner.

It is always humbling to hear about the impact of the clinical ministry. Our head nurse, Rahamou, was recently looking for housing in the neighborhood around the clinic. When she identified a place, the neighbors told her, “The landlord will never agree to rent it to you because you are a Christian.” When she met the landlord, he said, “Aren’t you from Clinique Olivia? There’s no way I can refuse to rent to you because of the service you offer to the neighborhood!” And then when she asked her immediate neighbors if she could use an extension cord to have electricity until hers can be installed they would not let her pay for the electricity she consumed…again because they appreciate the care she offers at the clinic. Our patients also remain surprisingly open to prayer and we are finding ways to help the members of our team be more empowered and comfortable offering spiritual care to our patients in addition to physical treatment. The clinic offers a strong testimony for Christ and for the EERN in an increasingly hostile environment.

4. How are new leaders being prepared and nurtured in hopes of empowering our Mission Partner to grow and become more self-sufficient?

One example of future leaders being prepared in this ministry is the preparation of a nursing school which seeks to develop Christian nurses that are competent and compassionate and willing to live out their faith in their interactions with patients.

5. Share how you are directly involved in preparing a leader who might succeed you in the future?

We are currently preparing Dr. Hamadou so that he will be capable of directing the new clinic that is scheduled to start construction in the near future. As he moves on, we hope to put leadership of Clinique Olivia in the hands of young Dr. Joel who has been working at the clinic for a couple of years and is an eager learner.

6. Help us to understand how we can continue to be in prayer for you, your family, our Mission Partner and the people of God.

This year is likely to be a year of big changes. Please pray for wisdom, peace and patience as we look forward to the following events:

  • opening of the nursing school, which means finalizing the curriculum, finding qualified teachers and administrators, recruiting the best students and putting it all in action.  
  • building the clinic at Dogon Doutchi. This will involve seeking government authorisation, enclosing the space and building the first clinical block. It’s exciting to see Clinique Olivia expand!
  • probable transitions in leadership of the EERN and CADR. There are initial discussions taking place of potential structural changes between the EERN and CADR. We believe changes could be beneficial for future growth. However those will require some difficult decisions to be made. Pray for good communication and understanding. 
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