Q & A for 2016 from Brian Renes

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2016 Report from Brian Renes


MISSION PARTNER: United Bible Societies

OVERALL GOAL: The reason the  fellowship of Bible Societies exists is to equip churches worldwide to share God’s Word. We believe the Bible is for everyone so we are working towards the day when everyone will have access to the Bible in the language of their choice.

1. Tell us about your Mission Partner and how they believe your mission work has impacted their ministry and the lives of the people they served this past year.

The primary goal of the United Bible Societies is to share the word of God with everyone in a language they understand. Since thousands of people groups do not yet have the Bible in their own language, we assist national Bible Societies with their translation program. We work with teams to help them understand the complexities of translation as well as give them the resources to achieve a high level of quality and consistency.

2. Describe how an engaged congregation’s involvement and prayers enhances this ministry and what are some of the other ways a church can be effective and supportive.

Bible translators are on the “front line” of the spread of the Gospel. They suffer hardships and at times that jeopardizes the ongoing work of reaching the world. They need prayer for encouragement and protection. We don’t want to see translation projects stall. At the same time there is a significant financial cost to supporting teams, giving them both the tools and training that they need. My travel each year is significant but is necessary to ensure teams move forward towards the goal.

Singapore 2016 group

3. Share a story about a life directly impacted and/or transformed by your ministry with our partner.  

For the past six months I have been working closely with a translator that has a lot of potential in the coming years. Every time I see a new message in my inbox I realize that he is growing, learning and making a difference in his country. The country has its problems with fighting, violence and fear. His light shines, his impact is increasing and his purpose is extending to many languages throughout the country.

4. How are new leaders being prepared and nurtured in hopes of empowering our Mission Partner to grow and become more self-sufficient?

Our primary focus is training others. This past year we had training events throughout Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas (see the travel map below). In the process we worked with hundreds of translators. These training events, global in nature, empower translators as well as supporters. A strategy that we have is to invite a person as a guest to one event with the condition that they go back and lead training events in their own area.

Travel map 2016

5. Share how you are directly involved in preparing a leader who might succeed you in the future?

Workshops are one way in which we invest in new supporters. In addition to that I maintain consistent contact via email and skype with key people throughout the world. With many people and projects around the world, it is easy to become disconnected, discouraged and thus, less effective. Good communication that is nurtured helps new workers to both be encouraged as well as equipped.

6. Help us to understand how we can continue to be in prayer for you, your family, our Mission Partner and the people of God.

Praying effectively requires being informed. It would be wonderful if as many as possible signed up to receive our regular email updates. These updates are short but will give you a picture into the life of translators and what is happening in the church around the world. If you or your church would like to receive these updates, please sign up at the addresses listed here:

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your support and partnership.

Your partners in mission,

Brian and Donna Renes

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Brian’s ministry

Brian serves as a computer consultant for Bible translation projects. He teaches national workers how to effectively use the computer in their work of translating the Bible into languages such as Quechua, which is spoken in Peru, and the Kuna language of Panama. Donna ministers to Hispanic children in the Sioux Center, Iowa, area through the teaching of English as a Second Language. Learn more at

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