President’s Message
April 2014

A Passionate Tune
Growing up, I never been the so-called popular girl at school nor been the one called out from a large crowd. However, I had always envy professional stage performers and its ability to showcase their talents under glamorous spotlight.

At this stage and time, I may not have the right rhyme or rhythm to be a professional singer or dancer. But I did find the right passionate tune four years ago as I joined JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes as prospective member in April 2010.

Over the years, the life in Jayceettes was like being in an orchestra, the diversity (our members) producing timeless classics (our projects). I express my greatest thanks to every Jayceettes, particularly all project teams for an incredible month. And congratulations to six prospective members in completing their PM projects this month, and more to complete in May. And I also say thanks to local Rotary Clubs for donating to Nothing But Coffee campaign and giving me opportunity to present the Chapter.  

An allegro, a fast and lively, month of April from the official kick-off of 2014 Care and Dare to the 'de-stress' PMO 2 to the thrilling list of May events - let me keep my message short, enjoy and read on!
Carol Yeung
2014 President
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 What's Next in Jayceettes?

Nothing But Nets 2014
蚊帳捐贈計劃 2014

This year, JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes take a bold step to support JCI Hong Kong's 2014 Nothing But Nets by hosting a fundraising campaign called "Nothing But Coffee".
國際青年商會於2008年與聯合國基金會共同創辦了「JCI Nothing But Nets 蚊帳捐贈計劃」, 透過在社區展開一連串教育宣傳和募捐活動, 以實際行動對抗瘧疾。今年則由香港女青年商會承辦, 舉辦一項名為 "Nothing But Coffee" 之籌款活動。

You just need to donate HK$100, not only providing Mosquito Nets to children in Africa, but also saving countless lives and igniting their hopes,and enjoy a Cup of Coffee*!

您只要捐出港幣$100元,不但為非洲兒童提供防蚊蚊帳,拯救無數生命和燃點他們的希望,您更可享用愛心咖啡一杯*。義賣所籌得之款項將捐給聯合國基金會,用作購買蚊帳以保護非洲兒童及其家庭免受瘧疾感染, 並且教導非洲家庭如何正確使用蚊帳。

You can access to the online donation form at And if you wish to purchase in bulk amounts (more than 30 pieces) or corporate packages, please contact OC team for details and arrangements. 

Official website - JCI Nothing But Nets

Enquiry: Promotion OC Tiffany Lee at
Fundraising cum May Fellowship Gathering

Have you ever designed your own Kongming Lanterns (孔明燈), want to know running a farm as a business and plant your own plant? On 18 May, you will be able to raise fund for Jayceettes and make your dreams come true. Stay tuned to our series of promotion for Dream a Little Green and on our facebook!

Event details:
Date: 18 May 2014 (Sunday afternoon)
Venue: Go Green Organic Farm
(3 minutes walk from West Rail Station, Kam Sheung Road Exit A)

Enquiry: Honorary Treasurer Winnie Ho at 6697 2278 or
How Far Would You Go for
ExtrA Mile ExtrA Smile :)

JCI Asia Pacific Conference

Date : Wednesday, 4 June to Saturday, 7 June
Location : Yamagata, Japan

Registration fee: HK$3,000 (Registration fee + Onto-Yamagata Delegate Kits fee) .

Enquiry: External Affairs Vice President Naomi Chan & Director Aubree Wai by email: /


 What's New in Tech?

USEFUL APPs for Jayceettes...

With so many apps available nowadays, it can be nearly impossible to separate the useful apps from the gimmicky ones. In this corner, we present to you some useful apps recommended by the Publication Team to experience!

CamScanner (掃瞄全能王)Converting photo to PDF with your smartphone!! 

CamScanner is a document-scanning app for those who want to scan and share documents instantly, with smart cropping and auto enhancing to ensure the texts and graphics are clear, vivid and readable!!

愛料理 icook - Learn to cook the Taiwan cuisine!
You miss the lovely Taiwanese cuisine and cannot squeeze time for a short trip yet? Download icook which has more than 39,000 recipes to choose and learn from. It has a variety of dish categories for you to explore and each dish page provides you with the ingredients needed and also the step by step cooking process.
PARKnSHOP Wine (隨身的餐酒專家)Find the perfect wine instantly!

Getting to know wine is an ongoing and pleasure-filled process that begs for a curious palate. This local APP features an easy-to-use interface, which users can select their country of choice and then search for wine options based on personal preference. Let’s get ready for your next party!

Groopic (奇妙的合照工具)- Get the missing photographer back to the photo!!

With amazing technique, Groopic solves this everyday-problem by including the photographer in every group photo.  No more asking for help from a stranger or setting up a tripod!!


 What's in Jayceettes?

Care & Dare - A Bright New Horizon Campaign
Kick-off Ceremony cum Education Seminar
(「踏出一步 邁向新生里程」啟動禮暨教育講座)
Our first LOVE action of Care & Dare - A Bright New Horizon Campaign Kick-off ceremony cum Education Seminar was successfully launched at Hong Kong Science Park on 12 April
We were delighted that the kick off ceremony was officiated by Mr Woo Ying-Ming, Assistant Commissioner of Hong Kong Correctional Services Department, HKSAR, Dr Darwin ChenSBS, Vice President of UNESCO Hong Kong Association, Miss Teresa Poon, Acting National President of JCI Hong Kong, Campaign Ambassador Miss Kate Tsui and Miss Carol Yeung, President of JCI HK Jayceettes. By counting from 1 to 3, the officiating guests unveiled the logo on the White T-Shirt, drawing analogy of the colorful logo to a colorful life, with love, respect and creativity. 
The kick-off ceremony was followed by a very informative and meaningful Education Seminar. We were glad to invited Ms Li Wing-ling, Clinic Psychologist from PSY Gym Lo Wu Correctional Institution and  Mr Lee Sek-wing, Principal Officer of Correctional Services Department to introduced the work of Hong Kong Correctional Services Department and Lo Wu Correctional Institute. We also had Mr Ben Kuen, 2008 Ten Outstanding Young Persons Awardee to give us a personal sharing on his experience to support rehabilitation and path to success.

The seminar received positive feedback and comments from the public. It helped enhance awareness of supporting rehabilitation and let the public know more about ex-offenders’ life. Stay tuned to our future events. 
De-stress Diet: Slimmer & Calmer (迎新第二擊─吃得輕營 吃出好心情)
2014 Prospective Members Orientation 2

Second Prospective Members Orientation on 17 April was a remarkable success. The orientation was well-attended by close to 30 new friends and more than 40 participants in total. Our heartfelt thanks to Star Dietitian Ms. Joanne Chan for sharing useful tips on de-stress diets which could definitely help us choosing the right food for a healthy life. Credits also go to OC team Chairman Linda Choi, members Flora Zhang, Erica Chau and Karen Zhang. Thanks also to the Board, as well as unfailing support from our Past Presidents and fellow Jayceettes!
We would like to express our special thanks to the two supporting organisations, namely Aigangpiao (愛港漂) and Gangpiaoquan (港漂圈), which brought us more than 20 new friends from the mainland and popularized JCI and Jayceettes among mainland students studying or mainland graduates working in Hong Kong. We look forward to meeting more new friends in upcoming events!
JCI Hong Kong Senior Member Club Easter Tour in Wuhan (武漢逍遙遊) 

On 18 April to 21 April, JCI Hong Kong Senior Member Club went on a relaxing trip to Wuhan, a city of interesting stories in history, during which cultural spots were explored, such as the renowned Yellow Crane Tower (黃鶴樓). The members had a great time in watching horse racing and celebrated birthday with our Honorary Life President Jennifer Yu. Happy Birthday to our Past World President!

Joint Chapter April Fellowship Gathering on 25 April
JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes X JCI Dragon

Be Polished, Be Published

As the first chapter project in 2014, April Joint Fellowship Gathering was successfully held with more than 65 participants sharing the idea of personal branding and interview skills.
Three high caliber speakers from different fields had also shared their valuable tips and insights regarding personal branding, such as usage of LinkedIn, in-house recruitment and self coaching through presentations and discussion. 

We wish the participants enjoy the event as much as the organizing committee and we look forward to closer bonding with different chapters. 

 Jayceettes and JCI Hong Kong

JCI World Public Speaking Championship 2014 (Hong Kong Selection Contest)

May JCI be your stage of passion

A great applause to our member Sunny Chan for a great performance in the Finals of the Open Class JCI Hong Kong Public Speaking Contest on 19 April 2014! We are glad to have 2014 Vice President for External Affairs Pat Te Seng from JCI Manila, our sister chapter, to cheer with us. With all the other contestants, we see how one shines with one's voice! Congratulation to Sunny again!


Jayceettes Photo Corner
   Happy Birthday to our May Birthday Stars!
Polly Chan
Renneih Tse
Naomi Chan
Lisa Kwong

Erica Chau
Pinky Chiu
Carmen Mak
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