Dear National President Senator Brian Kwan, National Officers, Chapter Presidents, Past Presidents, Senators, and Fellow Members,
President’s Message 

Do you make good choices?

We learned to choose since childhood. And we make choices every day.

From what we study, who we meet to what we do for a living. Each choice we make opens a door to the next route for our life journey; and the process repeats throughout our lifetime. Life is a summary of choices we make after all.

Some people regret for choices they have made. Some choose to face them and look for alternatives. There are always choices we could never know if they are right; even until the end of our lives. But all we need to know though is that those choices must be the best ones we could have made at the time of decision and should never feel regret about.

Jayceettes choose to adhere to who we are and continue exemplifying our passion in responding the JCI Mission through our projects and events. We embrace our choices which have taken us on an incredible journey so far.

Membership set sailed from start of the year and reached the highest number of Full Members after 2006. Our latest membership figure was updated as 72 Full Members after the induction of a total of 6 new members at July Fellowship Gathering. Thanks to my dedicated board, seniors and all members for the collaborative effort in engaging more young ladies to the Jayceettes troop. We expect to induct several more and hoping to continue the record-breaking trend in the next two quarters.

To highlight our project breakthroughs, Breastfeeding, Best Feeding Campaign (乳你哺出愛) set another milestone by engaging close to 1,000 public and attracted close to 40 media coverage on event date. We succeeded in bringing together corporates and organisations for the shared mission in raising pubic awareness to breastfeeding community. The brand new project is proud to have inspired one of the renowned local chained catering groups to commit in setting up a breastfeeding-friendly outlet within 2017. Thanks to the dedicate team and we continue to empower the community with a new subsidies scheme for SMEs to apply. For details, please refer to related page on our website: Breastfeeding, Best Feeding – Lactation Facilities Subsidy Scheme 乳你哺出愛 - 母乳餵哺友善工作間資助計劃

More to be reported at this issue of e-Snapshots. Please enjoy and so, how have you been responding to your choices?
18 Jun
Female Elites' Speakers Series 2016 - Workshop 2
2 Jul
Hong Kong Young Social Entrepreneur Contest 2016
Closing cum Award Presentation Ceremony
24 Jul
July Fellowship Gathering: HK Style Soap DIY Workshop
Patrizia Yeung
2016 President
11 Jun
June Fellowship Gathering cum Long Service Appreciation
12 Jun
Celebrated with New Stars upon their completion of 5-Star Training Camp
25 Jun
Attended JCIHK Joint Directors' Meeting I
26 Jun
Conducted Mid-Year Review with Board of Directors
26 Jun
Attended JCI City 35th Anniversary Banquet with fellow Jayceettes
18 Jul
JCI Hong Kong 3rd Joint Board Meeting
22 Jul
Attended the Social Enterprise Summit of Central and Western District of behalf of the chapter as Supporting Organisation
24 Jul
Supported Officer Kitty at Inter-Chapter Badminton Competition
Charming Females in Town
Nowadays, more females are engaged in job or industry that are male-dominated and they are trying their best to excel.

In the coming issues, we are going to talk to a number of outstanding females and listen to their stories on how they work to reach their life goals.

Here, we would like to introduce to you an upcoming exhibition displaying inspiring works taken by all female photographers, that is going to be held at Hong Kong Heritage Museum from 10 August to 26 September 2016.

"What Do You Want For Tomorrow?” attempts to take photography as the starting point, to discuss its related technology and other concepts developed from it. By looking at how images/ digital images are perceived contemporarily, female artists are invited to extend their work from photography to other genre of art form. While shedding lights to their respective artistic discourse, the theme of ‘tomorrow’ is also put into examination. Through the lenses of universal technology, will there be any new representation and ways of seeing of this subject matter?

June Fellowship Gathering cum Long Service Appreciation

Wow! It's so glamorous and fun! How did we travel back together to the 50s?

Over 50 participants including Hong Kong Jayceettes HLP Senator Jennifer Yu, NAEO Maric Cheng, and JCI Taiwan NVP Sam Chen, together with other members of Hong Kong Jayceettes, all dressed in their favourite vintage look to attend the 2016 June Fellowship Gathering cum Long Service Appreciation, "50's Glam", at Kimberley Hotel on 11 June 2016.
The highlights of the night included Long Service Appreciation Award Presentation to recognize Hong Kong Jayceettes members who served more than 3 years, and a beauty sharing session "Right Treatment, Right Skin" by skincare and cosmetics expert as well as the project OC, Christal Leung, CEO of Beaumonde International Ltd. Our members and friends all dressed up to the theme of "50's Glam" to compete for the "Best Dressed Award".

A big applause to the OC team, including 4 "first-timers" - First-time chairman, Director Valen, and PM Polly, PM Christina and PM Christal who threw their first PM project. Their creative ideas and persistent collaboration have made the event a great success. 

July Fellowship Gathering - HK Style Soap DIY Workshop

July Fellowship Gathering was concluded in a fragrant and "delicious" afternoon on 24 July!

Participants chose the desired outlook of their soap and learned the skills from professional tutor. Registration reached FULL HOUSE one week before the event and it was very well-received! Thank you Chairman Vicki Loo and her team for the great effort! Gratitude also to PP Peggy Yen for the guidance and support as project advisor.

Special thanks to our Acting NAEO National Vice President Chris Tam for joining us!

A total of SIX new members inducted that and officially became our full members, they are: Caren Ngai, Christina Ip, Polly Ng, Shirley Kwan, Stef Lau, & Vicki Loo. Welcome to the Jayceettes Family dears!

Breastfeeding,  Best Feeding

JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes Mother's Day Special: Salute to Breastfeeding Mums was held on 8 May at Plaza Hollywood, Diamond Hill. At the ceremony, Dr. Ko Wing-man, BBS, JP, Secretary for Food and Health emphasized that breastfeeding is beneficial to mothers and children physically and psychologically. He appreciated that JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes created a great impact to call upon the community's attention to breastfeeding issues in town.
Speech of Guest of Honor -  Dr Ko Wing-man, BBS, JP, Secretary for Food and Health
Lactation facilities room

More than 5 booths from supporting organizations and sponsors were there to educate the public about breast-feeding. Besides, Project Chairman Cally Wong also announced the survey results. Out of the 1,200 surveys, more than 80% of interviewees found that there is no lactation room in workplace while more than 70% of interviewees found that there are not enough lactation rooms for mothers in shopping malls.

President Patrizia Yeung announced that application for our Lactation Facilities Subsidy Scheme started on 1 June 2016. Target at providing financial support to Hong Kong’s SMEs and NGOs to establish a “Breastfeeding friendly Workplace”, they can provide breastfeeding employees an appropriate and friendly environment for them to express and store breast milk during working hours.

Hong Kong Young Social Entrepreneur Contest 2016

Final Round judging & Award Presentation cum Closing Ceremony on 2 July 2016

The final 5 teams shortlisted had their oral presentation to showcase their SE business proposals to address an array of social issues. Results were announced at the Award Presentation session after judges’ evaluation and the Champion Team would be given internship opportunity at local social enterprises afterward. We are delighted to have invited our Guest of Honour, Ms Florence Hui Hiu-fai (許曉暉), SBS, JP Under Secretary for Home Affairs HKSAR Government and our Star Ambassador, Ms Janis Chan (陳貝兒), to witness this important moment!
Jayceettes Overseas

Be Happy and Content: The first-timer experience in Yingxiu, Sichuan, the epic centre of one of the worst hit areas of 2008 Siuchuan earthquake

Contributed by IPP Naomi Chan

"We rebuilt the buildings and make them look old. In fact, all the buildings turned into rubbles when the earthquake struck 8 years ago," said Tour Guide Xiao Wang, a lawyer, a tour guide and one of the survivors of the Sichuan earthquake. 

From 20 to 25 May 2016, Past President Senator Connia Chu Lo and I went on an inspection tour of Sichuan, Chengdu with around 45 female professionals from all sectors of Hong Kong, such as doctors, lawyers and social workers. The tour was organized by LOCPG (中聯辦) with a view to understanding the latest development of Sichuan, a province heavily hit by one of the country’s worst natural disasters and yet experiencing rapid economic growth with an influx of foreign investment.

We could still feel the pain and impotence when standing on the site of the collapsed school buildings in Yingxiu, preserved as a memorial to the victims. Several social workers and volunteers from the locality toured us around the museum and a local school rebuilt to accommodate students whose schools were destroyed in the disaster.
"We feel grateful and enjoy every moment of life,"said a university student who lives and studies in the area. "My mum wants me to study at a safer place far away from here but I want to study here. Many children have grown up to be social workers and we have a team of volunteers to help taking care of the elderly or whenever people are in need. We love dancing, hiking and simply enjoy what life brings to us."

What touched me the most is how the survivors view life and the ways of making the full of what life offers. The memories of the city in ruins linger but there is also a strong sense of hope and an eagerness to share responsibility among the younger generation. Living in Hong Kong is a blessing and we may just as well consider how we can contribute to the beautiful city we belong to. It may not be a matter of resources, but a matter of attitude.

For our visit of Dujiangyan, the world's oldest hydro-power project (都江堰水利工程) and pandas, stay tuned for the upcoming printed SNAPSHOTS.

A Closer Glimpse to Chinese History and Culture - Beijing Study Trip

Contributed by Lisa Kwong

On 8 to 13 June, our past president Phyllis Chan, prospective member Carissa Yip and I attended a comprehensive training course,“Chinese history and culture (中國歷史文化研修班)”at Chinese Academy of Governance, Beijing. The course was organized by the Coordination Department of Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong SAR (中聯辦協調部).

Through the course, we have learnt a lot about the traditional Chinese culture, the Chinese government structure, China's foreign policy, China's defense, Hong Kong constitutional development and media communication skills. We were taught by the top scholars and the field professionals.

In addition, we were invited to try out the authentic Mongolian cuisine at a Mongolian yurt, to enjoy a Chinese orchestra performance at the National Center for the Performing Arts, to search for ancient architecture together with traditional flavors at Beijing courtyard and side streets, as well as to visit the Agrilandia Italian farm which is established by the member of Beijing women federation.

We really appreciate to know about the secret of a successful business and have the chance to apply what we have learnt in the course to our daily life.

SMC Corner

Blissful Trip with Longtime Friends to Tai Chung

Contributed by Ida Chow, Event Vice Chairman

Travelling to Taichung from 15 to 18 Apr in a big group of 19 ladies was really fun and awesome!

The weather was perfectly good to visit various interesting attractions: 三義木雕博物館,高美濕地 where we enjoyed sea breeze and saw little creatures, met grandpa rainbow at The Rainbow Village, 日月潭 cruise, 溪頭森林遊樂區 and 廣興紙寮 where we made our own paper fan. The yangsheng chicken broth with different kinds of mushrooms at 菇神 was extremely delicious.  Certainly, we could not afford to miss the famous night markets, happy shopping at 宫原眼科 for ice cream, Dawn cakes and traditional snacks. Another highlight of the trip was happy birthday celebration to HLP Senator Jennifer, PPs Alice and Peggy at 温泉飯店.  It was so warm and blessed!

Sharing by SMC Member - Alice Wai
Hi ! I am Alice Wai, who joined Jayceettes at the end of 1999. I was inspired by PP Caroline Keung and Wimi Lam, the two wonderful women. Their experience in building up leadership skills and contributing to the community attracted me to follow their steps. Actually, I learnt the interpersonal skills through these years by participating in different projects in Jayceettes.

I teach Mathematics in a secondary school. When I deliver knowledge and share my experience with my students in class, in return, they help me become a better person. The interaction with my students makes my life more meaningful and happier.

At leisure time, I love Chinese culture very much and spend a lot of time in learning Chinese philosophy. Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism are all talking about the attitude towards life. I learnt the philosophy and internalized it to be my behavior.

When I change the way of looking at the world, my life is also changing. I find inner peace. When we chase for happiness, we work hard to be rich, to be famous, to be successful, to be recognized. Wait! Is it in the right direction to be “happy”? Actually, we are afraid of losing those things we have. The more we panic, the more negative energy we accumulate inside. In the opposite, relaxation creates positive energy which is the original power (浩然之氣) of our life.
Had Fun at Jayceettes' Anniversary Celebration Party!
Attending an event of Chinese cultural gathering 『雅集』with Jayceettes friends Eliza, Betty and Cosina
Meet our New Jayceettes!
Dora Chan

It's certainly a life changing experience in joining JCI HK Jayceettes where I met a group of young passionate ladies who are determined in developing themselves while making positive changes to the society. I have learnt a lot more here than I could have ever imagined before. It was both a challenging and rewarding experience, and it certainly helped me in thinking more deeply about the value of life. Thanks again to Past President Florence and IPP Naomi for bringing me into this big family.

At the end, it is our choices and attitude that show who we truly are, much more than our abilities.
Ellen Chung

I have joined JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes as a prospective member since January 2016 and was inducted in May as a full member. Frankly, it is a new milestone for me to move on and take an extra step to widen my horizon.

In the past months, I have been working with different teams for the monthly fellowship gatherings and other projects. The team has demonstrated a good team spirit and “amazing girl power". The bonding and support have really impressed me!

I am delighted to join the chapter because it is energetic, unique and genuine. It is undoubtedly I have made a significant decision which provides me an opportunity to explore the world apart from my career. Thank you so much, Jayceettes!
Fonnie Yip

I have been looking for opportunities to make contribution to the society and began to learn about JCI through random chats with an old friend who is very much involved in another JCI chapter.

The people I met in Jayceettes are energetic and they hold a strong will in fulfilling the group’s vision and mission. With various backgrounds and personalities, I enjoy interacting with the ladies and look forward to more chances to further share, learn and develop here.
Yasmine Lai
I am truly delighted to become a member of the JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes family.

I inducted as a full member of Jayceettes in April after joining as a prospective member in early February this year. It has been an amazing journey, not only have I met many friendly people, but also it has broadened my horizons and I have developed highly valuable skills in project management. I am particularly impressed by the strong bonding and the female empowerment of this chapter.

I am looking forward to taking on new challenges and opportunities in Jayceettes!

Congratulations and Sending Love to Welcome
our Jayceettes' Newborns!

Jayceettes family is getting bigger! 

May the new bundle of joy bring happiness into the life of three new mums - Vicky Chan, Pinky Chiu and Judy Wong!

Tam Lok Yin

Mother: Pinky  Chiu

Birthday: 12 May 2016

Weight: 6.1lbs

Jarek Tong

Mother: Judy Wong

Birthday: 21 May 2016

Weight: 6.6lbs

Natasha Lok Yi Saunders

Mother: Vicky Chan

Birthday: 19 July 2016

Weight: 7.8 lbs
Upcoming Events
President Academy 2016:
Be Inspired, Lead with Power

To inspire and empower our promising leaders in 2017, we are proud to present to you, one of the most rewarding training program this year - President Academy 2016. This will be the very first NOM project spearheaded by Jayceettes this year. We are honoured to have invited PNP Senator Eric Tang to be our head trainer. 

Date: 30 & 31 July 2016 (Sat & Sun)
Venue: L'hotel Nina et Convention Centre, 8 Yeung Uk Road, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong

Enquiries: Project Chairman Tiffany Lee (9603 5363)

August Fellowship Gathering - Superhero Party

Do you have what it takes to be a Superhero? Are you ready to fight crime and have a super time? Show me your mettle! Don't forget to put on your favourite superhero gear!

Date: 20 August 2016 (Sat)
Time: 2pm - 5pm 
Venue: Secret*
Mission: Secret*

Click here to register.

Enquiries: Project Chairman Davina Wong (9733 5646)/OC Registration Ella Ho (9510 0922)

47th Anniversary - Celebration@SKY100

Stepping into our 47th year, we cordially invite you to celebrate with us at the highest building of the city. Save the date and stay tuned for more details!

Date: 15 October 2016 (Sat)
Time: 12pm (exact time to be announced)
Venue: Sky100 Observation Deck, ICC, TST
Theme: to be announced

Enquiries: Project Chairman Vicky Kwan (64986766)

Other Upcoming Events:

JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes Annual General Meeting cum Sept Fellowship Gathering
24 September 2016
JCI Hong Kong 51st National Convention: 16 - 18 September 2016
JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes 47th Anniversary: 15 October 2016, Lunch at Sky100
JCI World Congress 2016: 30 October 2016 - 4 November 2016, Quebec, Canada
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