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President’s Message 

From Good Words to Good Works?

March has been a month of mixed feelings: on one hand celebrated Women’s Day and the Easters, social problems constantly popped up on papers on the other, from serial child suicides to terrorist attacks. When we say “service to humanity is the best work of life”, how far did we go in our own capacity?
As the fight to win the 2016 U.S. presidential election heats up, presidential candidates have been showcasing their political positions, preaching about their plans at caucuses and many more possible occasions. Attention drawn to the only female candidate; and if elected, the first lady President of the U.S.; Hillary Clinton.

Setting aside controversies, she has been female leadership icon advocating female equalities and human rights. Being an influential leader, the ability to speak with infectious is one important quality; yet being practical and putting plans into action are more.
"It's time that we move from good words to good works, from sound bites to sound solutions." – Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton is a woman of action; so are Jayceettes!
Flagship projects planned for the year started to roll out from this month. Let’s see how Jayceettes have put our words into works. I hope you enjoy reading this issue of e-Snapshots.

Together, let’s continue to be proactive and Just Act! We need you to involve in building a stronger chapter!
22 March
Jayceettes attending JCIHK 1st Senate Dinner to congratulate two newly presented senators PP Kathy Woo and SM Candy Yu
Patrizia Yeung
2016 President
March - May
Jayceettes enjoying YOGA Class after work - HEALTHY life! 
8 March
International Women's Day Reception hosted by the Women's Commission. 
13 March
Congratulations to PP Alice Liu at the 20th Anniversary of Rotary Bayview Sunshine Celebration Dinner. Being the Chairperson of the Club, PP Alice sang a few songs to welcome the guests.

Opening Ceremony of Hong Kong Young Social Entrepreneur Contest

It is the second year that JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes hosted the Hong Kong Young Social Entrepreneur Contest with co-organizer Education Bureau and strategic partner UNESCO Hong Kong Association, targeting at secondary school students to solve social issues with an entrepreneurial perspective. This year, we incorporated the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a core theme to introduce the importance of global sustainability to the youngsters.

The Opening Ceremony was held on 12 March 2016 with almost 300 participants in attendance and close to 60 applications received. JCI Hong Kong National United Nations Affairs Director Ms. Jessica Lee, present among many notable guests, delivered a sharing on the Sustainable Development Goals to give the students a head start on the material and much inspiration to tackle global issues.

Other highlights in the event included a Keynote Speech by Ms. Doris Leung, CEO of Diamond Cab, a local social enterprise "taxi service" catering to the needs of wheelchair users. Returning Supporting Organization Intercultural Education (ICE) also made a presence, with their Founder Mr. Freddy Law delivering a fun and dynamic workshop on the business elements that make up a successful and sustainable social enterprise.

Join us and stay tuned in our journey to empower these youngsters to create positive change and welcome to come witness our closing ceremony on 2 July 2016! 

Breastfeeding Best Feeding!




"Breastfeeding Best Feeding" has officially kicked off the PR campaign on Facebook and received overwhelming responses on the promotion video and pledge calling for more attention and awareness of the general public on the discrimination against breastfeeding in public and solicit support for breastfeeding mothers in Hong Kong. 609 pledges have been signed so far and way to go to reach our target of 10,000 pledges. Please go sign the pledge now if you haven't signed yet and remember to share the pledge and promotion video on your Facebook so that we get more friends aware of this project. We will also conduct survey on coming Sundays 20 March 2016 at Tsim Sha Tsui & 27 March 2016 at Kowloon Bay. Please stay tuned on our latest moves.


Another exciting news is the confirmation of Plaza Hollywood as our venue sponsor and Ms Nicola Cheung (張新悅小姐) as our ambassador who will attend our Mother's event on 8 May 2016 (afternoon). Mark your calendar and come to support us with your friends! There will be the announcement of the survey results and the number of pledge acquired. Sharing sessions by professionals and our ambassador and performances are definitely too good to be missed!


Please kindly sign our pledge to show your support in breastfeeding:


For more information, please visit our facebook page:

March Fellowship Gathering cum Fundraising- CHIC in 80’s Singing Contest

The March Fellowship Gathering cum Fundraising- CHIC in 80's Singing Contest, held on 19 March 2016 was a success! We got tremendous support from our beloved Jayceettes and friends with their great performances and unconditional sponsorship! It was a joyful evening and all the talented Jayceettes performers strived for their best in singing and dancing in order to win the various awards, namely, Best Performance, Best Dress Code and Best Team Work.

The OC team headed by Honorary Treasurer, Queenie Ng, would like to express their heartfelt gratitude to all donors for their kind and generous support to the chapter, including Senior Member Club (SMC), Jayceettes and new members. A round of applause to the performers, organizing committee members who made this epic show happened! Besides, we are delighted to welcome Dora Chan to become our new full member joining Jayceettes family. Congratulations!

Congratulations again to the winners of the night. They are...

Best Performance
姐妹劇場 (Senior Member Club)
National Assigned Executive Officer Maric Cheng and President Patrizia Yeung
Presidential Advisor Anny Kwan

Best Dress Code
Jayceettes Baby

Best Teamwork
Senior Member Club
Immediate Past President Naomi Chan and President Patrizia Yeung
Healthy Jayceettes - Say Bye to Food Allergy
Do you find dealing with food allergies daunting? The effects of a reaction range from minor skin problem to potentially deadly. There is no cure, so it is important for anyone with a food allergy to avoid elements that may trigger a negative reaction.

So how best to protect yourself from food allergy? These tips can help you live an allergen-free life.
1. Dine Out Smartly


It's wise to let the waiters or waitresses aware of your food allergy before you order in a restaurant. Specify all the ingredients that you are allergic to and request the chef that all dishes, utensils, and preparation surfaces be free from traces of that food. You can bring with you a card or note to be presented to the restaurant if you are allegic to several types of food to save your time for long explanation. Read menus carefully and clarify the doubts before deciding what to eat and drink.

2. Have Your Own Utensils


Following an allergen-free diet may need a little more efforts in the household to be sure to avoid cross-contamination. Always prepare two sets of cooking and eating utensils, one exclusively for the allergic person. If you are allergic to peanuts, make sure the knife you use is not used on a peanut butter toast. If you share dishes and utensils with your family, make sure they are thoroughly washed in hot, soapy water between uses.

3. Read Food Labels Carefully

Today, food labels include important allergy information such as whether any additives contain milk protein or byproducts of wheat, or whether a food was produced in a facility that processes nuts. Be alert and read every label, every time even if you have purchased the same item many times before because manufacturers may frequently change the food ingredients and an allergen may be part of a new formulation.

4. Carry Your Medication

If your doctor has prescribed emergency medication for you, always take it with you in case an unexpected reaction happens on you and you can have an instant relief. Prescription medicines can help to control the allergy symptoms for more severe reactions such as shortness of breath, repetitive coughing,weak pulse and more. Ask for your doctor's advice when the allergy symptoms change over time.
Upcoming Events

UNESCO HK: Peace and Sustainable Development International Youth Festival

UN70 Peace and Sustainable Development Youth Programme celebrates the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the United Nations. The Programme strives to deepen the understanding of UNESCO’s core mission, global peace and sustainable development, among local and overseas youths.
On 9 April 2016, as a supporting organisation, our chapter will set up a booth to raise public interest in Social Innovation in Hong Kong Science Park, helpers and participants are welcome!
April Fellowship Gathering

Date: 19 April 2016 (Tuesday)
Time: 1900-2200

Join us to understand the benefits of breastfeeding while reducing public's bias towards breastfeeding mothers and to encourage counterparts to provide more breastfeeding-friendly enviornment for breastfeeding mothers so that the children can grow up heathily.

Register at

For enquiry, please contact Vicky Kwan, Internal Relations Director at
Promotion Video #1
Stay Tuned for Senior Member's Column Next Month!

This column is a CORNER dedicated to our senior members who have maintained close relationship with the chapter. Seeing that the number of senior members keeps growing year after year, here is a chance for them to keep their peers informed of their latest moves despite busy scehdule.
We shall invite our senior members who joined JCI Jayceettes in different years to share their experience, no matter it's their personal life or career endeavor, to all members in particular to our new members. Suggestions are welcome.
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