President’s Message


June 2014

Sapphire Passion
Can't believe I am writing my sixth president message to you all, and this half year mark is definitely not easy to capture in a few hundred words.
In June, Jayceettes' passionate journey started with international affairs (IA) as we visited our sisterhood pact JCI Yokohama and joined JCI ASPAC Yamagata. IA has always been my favorite area of all because of the interaction with different cultures and people. We were so grateful for JCI Yokohama's kind hospitality, and to participate in the Yokohama Port Festival was an unforgettable experience.
My third time to join ASPAC and this time, and once again, it was thrilling to attend the different meetings, trainings and parties. We are also proud to have our Prospective Member Flora Zhang to participate as part of the JCI Hong Kong team in the debating championship. More importantly, we got to meet with our other sister and friendship pacts to share our latest happenings and invite them to the 45th Anniversary.
Sapphire is the symbol and stone for the 45th anniversary. It is also known to represent truth and loyalty, as well as devotion and faithfulness, which we showcased in June at Long-Year Service Appreciation cum June Fellowship Gathering. A very high-energy evening to sincerely thank all members for their long service over the past 45 years. Truly, many events would not have happened without the strong foundation from our past presidents, senators and senior members. We also have to give a round of applause to the new prospective/new members (also known as "45th newbies") that decide to join us to take their passionate journey together. Last but not the least, we are most pleased to have our friendship pact JCI Entrepreneur Metropolitan (Penang. Malaysia) to join us for this special event and had a fruitful dialogue session the following day to discuss future collaboration.

Enjoy reading this Sapphire blue edition of eSnapshots and let us get very ready for our 45th Anniversary in October! 
Carol Yeung
2014 President
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 What's Next in Jayceettes?


Jayceettes & Community: Let's go Green!

Quick Facts of 1,600 pandas 千六熊貓遊香港‧創意X保育展
Who is the creator and what is the exhibition about?  

Created by Paulo Grangeon, a famous French sculptor who was invited by World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF, 世界自然基金會) to remind the importance of wildlife conservation. All proceeds will be donated to WWF Hong Kong for conservation and education work.
 Why 1,600?

There are only 1,600 Pandas in the wild
Why some pandas look different in the photos?

They are special paper marche (Papier-mache 碎紙片) versions created for Hong Kong tour. There are four one-of-a-kind versions.
How can I support this initiative?

The 3 week panda exhibition will last from 25 June to 17 July, every day 10am to 8pm at PMQ (元創坊) for free. Visitors can visit through the stand-by queue to enter or pre-register online for a specific date. Click here for more details. 
How does Jayceettes greet the Pandas?

For the past 6 months, Jayceettes has adopted various go green policies. From SNAPSHOTS going online to paperless board meetings and project meetings, we aspire to raise awareness of environmental protection. Do write to us if you have any suggestions for us to go more eco-friendly!

What's in Jayceettes?

Long-Year Service Appreciation cum June Fellowship Gathering-Shining Stars on 28 June

With MemberSHIP as one of the keynotes of our endeavors this year, we had an awesome and touching gathering with members who have joined us and contributed for years. The event was all the more special with the presence of President Choo Chee Wai and his delegates from JCI E-metro, our friendship pact, who shared the friendship and joy with us.

We hereby once again recognize the precious Shinning Stars of Jayceettes that attended the fellowship gathering and hope that you like the gifts presented. We will further contact other members who have contributed to the chapter. We hope to see you all soon in our upcoming events and the 45th Anniversary! 
From 30 to 40 years

Jennifer Yu
Florence Wong
Nora Cheng
Connia Chu Lo
Over 20 years

Anita Kwan
Joanne Li
Winnie Wong
Alice Liu              
Phyllis Chan
Alvina Lam 
Over 10 years

Jacqueline Kung
Brenda Lam
Eva Ng
Alfreda Yu
Mariana Ng
Eva Lum
Jeritza Wong 
Over 3 years

Anny Kwan
Tracy Lau
Dilys Lam
Vivien Wan
Winnie Tsang
Wendy So
Pauline Lau
Vivian Yeung
Carol Yeung
Judy Wong
Susanna Lam 

Jayceettes on ExtrA Mile


Why We Travel- When you get in touch with the people, you begin to like the place, the spirit and the initiatives thereof.

Check out what Jayceettes discovered in a 3-day trip to Yokohama from 1 to 3 June!
President Carol and four Jayceettes paid an official visit to JCI Yokohama, our sister chapter for 39 years, and was warmly received by President Koichi Saitoh and his members. Once arrived, it proved to be a voyage with delicious cuisines and friendly people. The 33rd port festival jointly held by JCI Yokohama and the local government authority was definitely unforgettable.

The visit of a childcare centre opened by a member of JCI Yokohama, set the example of how JCI initiatives work seamlessly along with government policies and economic development. The childcare centre, together with other nursery schools advocated by Yokohama, allow working mothers to drop off their infants and children and land a job, thus help boost the country’s economy, as proposed by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. 

Jayceettes and Asia Pacific

In Case You Missed It or Miss it-Recent Coverage of JCI Asia Pacific Conference, Yamagata (ASPAC, 山形亞太大會) from 4 to 7 June 
Even in a technophilic world, the multi-cultural experience that can be gained from ASPAC, the first large-scale event held in three years after the earthquake and tsunami struck northeastern Japan, is beyond words.

The conference itself exhibited the unyielding spirit of the locals, and the effort of various local organization members of JCI in rebuilding the world's confidence of the region. President Carol and four delegates started off the journey with a visit of the historical sites of the prefecture and prospective member Flora Zhang entered the final in the JCI World Debating Championship. It also marked a special occasion when we reunited with our sister chapters and friendship pacts- JCI Manila, JCI Kaohsiung, JCI Yokohama and JCI Toyota- in meetings and Hong Kong Night. 
Reception of JCI Entrepreneur Metropolitan (JCI E-metro)
JCI Entrepreneur Metropolitan (JCI E-Metro) from Penang, Malaysia, which we have signed friendship pact since 2005, had paid a 2-day visit to us from 28 to 29 June.
Thanks to our reception team chaired by Carmen Mak and supported by Vicky Kwan and Ella Ho, President Choo Chee Wai, Secretary General Sze Chyi, Honorary Treasurer Florence Choy, Past President Yvon Choo, Past President Pennie Choo and other delegates went on a cultural tour of Cheung Chau and had a taste of the local cuisines at Dai Pai Dong with almost 20 members.
The reception made yet another milestone through a dialogue exchange between board members of both chapters at JCI Office. Membership incentives, project problem solving skills and future collaboration were discussed for better understanding and joint development. 
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Meet Our New Jayceettes!

We are pleased to announce that four new members, including  (from left to right) Rachel Ng, Vicki Chan, Queenie Ng and Vicky Kwan were inducted  in June Fellowship Gathering on 28 June! Let's learn more about them in future events and wish our new members every success!  
Queenie Ng

My name is Queenie and I currently work in the operations department in a Japanese investment bank. I have a wide range of interests and hobbies. I enjoy travelling, cooking, drinking, trying out for new restaurants, mediation study, psychology study, exploring and learning something new. This is a great way for me to relax. 
I have studied French and Italian cuisines, wine and cocktail courses and there's many more to come. I am so glad to be a part of Jayceettes. This is a place that gathers ambitious and enthusiastic young people in our communities together. We can meet new people and learn new skills through the charitable events for our self-development. Ever since I've joined, I have enjoyed being Jayceettes.
Queenie has participated in May fellowship gathering and is looking forward to new challenges and opportunities in this chapter.
Rachel Ng
I am Rachel, a government officer. Working in a relatively stable yet hierarchical and monotonous environment, I am always eager to break away from her comfort zone to try more meaningful activities. I find Jayceettes’s wide variety of projects a perfect match for such and I highly appreciate the underlying values. Enthusiastic to learn and improve, I love to meet new friends from all walks of life in the JC family for new ideas.
As a prospective member, Rachel had been the organizing committee member of JCI Achieve, April Fellowship Gathering, and even the Master of Ceremony of June Fellowship Gathering. In the future, Rachel is particularly interested in the area of leadership because she aspires to become a good leader one day to inspire junior fellows just as how her leaders had guided her.
Vicky Kwan

My name is Vicky and I am currently an executive officer in Early Psychosis Foundation. I love cycling and going forward, I aim to explore more about personal development and community programmes.
Vicky is a sincere and smart newbie to the family. Working in an NGO after graduation, she joined Jayceettes in January 2014 and made her way to become full member. She has actively participated in February, March Fellowship Gathering, June Reception of JCI E-metro and even took up her first Chairmanship for JCI Achieve Workshop. 
Vicki Chan
Hi! I am Vicki and I am a marketing assistant in a jewelry company. I love singing, reading and jogging. Having joined Jayceettes, I hope to improve my communication skills in English and learn more from different people.
As the organizing committee member responsible for program in April fellowship gathering and logistics & materials in June fellowship gathering, Vicki has showcased her dedication and enthusiasm in the chapter. Don’t hesitate to meet our sweet new member in the coming future. 
Jayceettes Lookbook


How will you Reinvent Blue for Summer

Who said blue is for winter wardrobes? In 2014, with Sapphire blue as the theme color of our 45th anniversary, let's greet the heat wave with cool and elegant blue. Check it out for funny ways to wear blue in summer! 
Some other combinations that may make you look cool at work

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Snapshots are not only going green, but blue for 45th Anniversary on 19 October! Hope you enjoy this issue, especially the Look Book which I think will be an interesting twist for the birthday of our chapter. A token of thanks for Past President Winnie Tsang and Vice President Rosanna for the combination. 

Indeed, it is always a great time together when brainstorming and blasting out creative ideas within 1 to 1.5 hours (effective meetings indeed!). Finally, happy birthday to our advisor Past President Mariana and thanks for all the wonderful moments captured by our members

A Snapshot of SNAPSHOTS Team (Carmen Mak, Sunny Chan, Emily Wu & Naomi Chan)
  Happy Birthday to
our July Birthday Stars!
Anny Kwan
Candy Yu
Cosina Chan
Candy Leung
Catherine Leung
Doris Leung
Linda Choi

Kitty Leung
Phyllis Chan
Joyce Li
Vicky Chan
Vivian Yeung
Vicki Chan
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