Dear National President Senator Brian Kwan, National Officers, Chapter Presidents, Past Presidents, Senators, and Fellow Members,
President’s Message 

How Madonna are you?
Madonna’s “Rebel Heart” tour has been a heated topic lately. The diva, at her late 50, has always been not only the music icon but also noted for her unconventional, tough and outspoken personality.
Stepping towards my third month of presidency, I am more convinced than ever that the clear goal and dream for a journey are very essential elements to keep one moving forward. Likewise, for a decision made, a direction to pursue, and as well for our lives.
We should never be bounded by our background or be confined by own limitations. When there’s a will, there is a way and here’s what Madonna said, “No matter who you are, no matter what you did, no matter where you've come from, you can always change, become a better version of yourself”. With clear goal and target, together with the courage to make it known, the higher chance it could be achieved.

“A lot of people are afraid to say what they want. That's why they don't get what they want” - Madonna
Like our theme this year suggests, with collective efforts, I believe we will eventually achieve the shared goal as long as we work as a team. Here I am delighted to share how Jayceettes, for the past two months, continued to join hands in bringing about fascinating moments for members.
The 2016 Inauguration was well-attended by close to 100 participants with the presence of more than 20 Past Presidents. The plan for 2016 has been shared and details presented by all areas. The event made it to news and reported by Sing Tao Daily.
Membership & Leadership Development Team has set another milestone by recruiting 10 new prospective members in a week by organizing a few FIRSTs: our first Prospective Membership Orientation with an innovative way as a Social Impact Design Workshop, our first Fast Track Workshop of the year as well as a FIRST-EVER New Members Training & Project Management Workshop well-attended by members within and outside Jayceettes!
A Jayceettes delegation visited our beloved sister chapter JCI Manila by end of January as well for their 2016 Installation. It was a very good occasion to celebrate with Manila brothers also we got to meet with familiar faces and make new friends from around the world.
The festive Chinese New Year did not stop the passion of Public Relations Team either! The brand new promotion video was official launched on the first day of CNY and received very positive feedbacks. View it from here if you haven’t watched it yet. The new PR initiatives are made to expand our reach for more young female elites to the family!
My goal for Jayceettes this year is clear: Membership. I am not afraid to say what I want; yet I’ll definitely need all your support to get it done for Jayceettes!
Events and projects will continue to roll out in the upcoming month. Do stay tuned and mark important dates to show support. Let’s march on and get more steps closer to our yearly goal!
4 Feb
The FIRST New Member Training & Project Management Workshop

Sincere thanks to trainers IPP Naomi Chan & VP Vicki Chan for the very interavtive sessions tailor-made for our Jayceettes members!
Meet our new Prospective Members who joined the New Members Training & Project Management Workshop!
(L1-3) PMs Patricia, Yasmine & Ellen
(R1-2) PMs Lexi & Shirley
Patrizia Yeung
2016 President
16 Jan
JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes 2016 Inaugural Ceremony
Installation of 2016 Board was reported by Sing Tao Daily
18 Jan
Represented the chapter at 1st Joint Board Meeting in 2016
22 Jan
Co-hosted Joint Chapter Happy Hour with participation of close to 20 Jayceettes
28 Jan
Met with current and past TOYP honorees at Ten Outstanding Young Persons Association Annual Dinner (傑出青年協會晚宴)
29 Jan
Prospective Member Orientation I
30 Jan
FIRST Fast Track Workshop
31 Jan
Promoting Hong Kong Jayceettes with more young ladies at Career Expo

2016 Inaugural Ceremony cum January Fellowship Gathering

The 2016 Inaugural Ceremony cum January Fellowship Gathering was held in Regal Hong Kong Hotel on 16 January. More than one hundred guests witnessed the inauguration of President Patrizia and her board members. Congratulations to the inaugural committee for their good work, dedication and enthusiasm. A colourful and impressive kick-off ceremony shimmered in pink lights symbolised the passion of 2016 board, to serve the chapter with feminine power. Special thanks to Past President Mariana Ng for her continuous guidance and support for the inauguration.  

First Prospective Members Orientation: 
Social Impact Project Design Workshop

Our first Prospective Members Orientation (PMO) was successfully held on 29 January and the theme was "Social Impact Project Design Workshop". It was our honor to have Star Trainers Mr Joe Leung, PNP Senator Stanley Ng and NAEO Senator Maric Cheung as our key speakers and facilitators.
For the first time ever, the orientation was hosted in workshop format and attracted over 35 participants. The "Design Thinking Approach" was specifically brought in to engage young people to join the JC movement and motivate them to bring positive change to society. During the orientation, participants not only learnt "what JC is about", but was also empowered to think and act for the benefits of the society.  With such an engaging and interesting workshop, we are glad to announce that we have successfully invited some new friends into our Jayceettes family.
2016 Jayceettes Academy - Fast Track
Congratulations to all participants in the Fast Track held on 30 January 2016. We would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to our distinguished Head Trainer, JCI Impact, PP Carol Yeung and Head Trainer, JCI Achieve, VP Rosanna Wong. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our Mentor, PP Senator Winnie Yeung. The one-day course received good evaluations, was well-attended with a large turnout of 22 participants from 9 chapters.
Unique Jayceettes - Exuding Oriental Beauty
Do you ever find it hard to pick the right dress to attend the local and international JCI inaguration and events? We all hope to make ourselves stand out from the rest, exuding the uniquemess of JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes. We talked to model-turned designer Grace Choi who started her Qipao business and founded, Yi-ming, back in 2011, to give us tips on getting the perfect Qipao to work and play.
Who says Qipao is only for Chinese Lunar New Year? Pick the right one to go to work and impress!
Model-turned designer Grace Choi shows us how a tinch of western style element can turn a Qipao into a hip and attractive outfit.

How to present the historic, traditional asset of Qipao with a modern approach?

The traditional qipao collar, body silhouette and chinese knot buttons are the typical feature on a qipao. We combine these features with modern design creating timeless fashion pieces. 

How do you see the Qipao market in Hong Kong this year? Are more young designers showing interest in making Qipao that can reflect the unique characteristics of the post-80s or post-90s?

The chinoiserie theme has become very popular recently, as we can see more international brands incorporating more oriental style features in their designs, which has also inspired more young designers making their collection with oriental elements in it which is including qipao inspired design with a modern twist to become an modern oriental cocktail dress in order to suit for more different occasions such as daily wear, cocktail parties, wedding or resort holiday.

What is the Qipao fashion trend in 2016?

The dress with qipao collar and a relaxed,  loose fit style and with a zipper at the back instead of the traditional lapel with button. Also more digital prints which gives younger and colourful patterns. 

How does Qipao bring out the beauty of women in different ages/body sizes?

Qipao is as formal conservative piece because they mostly cover the women’s body from neck to leg, however it is the body fitted dress which brings out the sexiness of the women's curves regardless of age or size. However for younger crowd they might like to show more legs by taking the shorter length qipao or a semi see-through fabric such as lace to expose more on their body. 

Can you share with us some tips in getting the best fit Qipao?

- Qipao is a body fitted dress, however it can't be too tight. It is better to fit the qipao and try to sit down to feel it whether it is too tight and not comfortable.

-Better to choose some fabric with some stretch. 

-To avoid showing too much belly, It is best to choose some patterns, lace or lines (vertical) to distract the “unwanted“ shape.

-knee length rather than too long (show more legs rather than cover your full body!) 

-better to choose some qipao dress with some modern features (modern lace, abstract colour pattern etc) which can give a younger feel,  a more traditional look qipao is more likely to be one off wear only. 

Our members always fly around the world to attend overseas events and forums, how do you think we can present ourselves in Qipao to show the oriental beauty and uniqueness?

I hope women can wear a qipao to show our oriental culture but not necessarily as a “Costume”. A fitted qipao with some modern feminine intake material such as fancy lace, or modernised colour print pattern would be more accepted in the overseas functions as well as giving a “chic wow" effect by spreading the oriental culture but not an "over wow" effect by wearing an  “Costume”.  Also, Oriental accessories such as jade necklaces or buttons always creates a bit of extra wow factor. 

Apart from wearing Qipao to attend different important events, we can actually wear Qipao to work? What type of Qipao can we pick?

We can wear something like qipao transformed wear to work instead of total traditional qipao look!

We can have choose some design with oriental element touch such as just a qipao / mao collar shirt / dress, or chinese knot button to replace to normal buttons on your shirts or jacket. Or just a plain colour qipao dress with a cardigan or a formal blazer. 

Get your perfect Qipao NOW!

1. Yi-ming (founded by Grace Choi) -

Yi-ming believes that a brand should not blindly follow fashion trends. Fashion entails viewing historical styles from new and different angles. In this way, style retains the characteristics necessary to be passed down to future generations, blending the past and present into a unique style. 

Yi-ming celebrates the creation of beautiful clothes that appeal to all ages and ethnicities. It offers a stylish, high-quality products as well as inviting the consumer to experience the history and philosophy behind them – a dedication to innovation and exotic imagery. 

2. Olivia Couture -

Address : Shop 3, G/F., Redana Centre, 25 Yiu Wa Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Fascinated by the art of dressmaking in a petite boutique in Paris, young Hong Kong designer Olivia Yip decided to bring this concept to Hong Kong and create her own brand to tailor-made the dresses that fit customers the best. Her pursuit for the elegance and happiness in dressmaking and an distinct Asian flavour in her design makes every dress special for the one who wears it. Olivia Couture has a fine collection of modern Qipao.

3. Lark & Peony -

Lark & Peony is an online Qipao shop created by Junie, an Asian lady Junie who blends her fashion sense to create an incredible boutique. Her design is influenced by Western and Tokyo elements. The modern cheongsam of Lark & Peony uses beautiful quality fabrics mainly from Japan, Australia, USA and Asia. Conceptualized and designed for the modern ladies, the brand is loved by trendy, stylish and contemporary dressers by weaving modernity, comfort and sensibility into every piece.The Modern Cheongsam is suited for work, play and date.

4. Classics Anew -

Address: Unit H407, 4/F, Block B, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen St., Central, Hong Kong

Classics Anew is a Hong kong based fashion label founded by Janko Lam in 2014. Merging her Chinese heritage, interest in traditional Chinese costumes and sustainability, Janko uses different recycled fabrics like cotton and denim with a neutral earthly colour palette to create stylish qipao dresses. She took formal lessons to learn the traditional craftsmanship of cheongsam and combined her new knowledge with modern techniques to promote sustainable fashion through her label, Classic Anew.
Jayceettes Travel: International Affairs

Close Bonding With Our Sister Chapter -
JCI Manila 2016 Inauguration Ceremony

Contributed by IPP Naomi Chan

As the JCI Creed says, the brotherhood of men transcends the sovereignty of nations. From 24 to 27 Jan, thanks to the hospitality of our sister chapter JCI Manila, President Patrizia, Vice President Carmen, Honorary Secretary Krystle, Director Davina and I had an amazing tour of the city. Not only had we visited the churches and museums in Intramuros, the walled city erected 300 years ago during the Spanish colonization, but also invited to attend the induction ceremony of JCI Ortigas and JCI Manila, with JC members from Japan, Malaysia, Korea and many more.

I was particularly encouraged by the astounding support of ‘‘Peace is Possible’’ Campaign, a new JCI international campaign to mobilize young leaders to foster respect, inclusion and justice within and beyond JCI in 2016, during the presentation to 80 delegates from various countries. Indeed, there is nothing more touched than developing friendship and finding that there are many like-minded young leaders working together overseas, which may explain away why JC members always find international affairs so much more meaningful than personal travels. The climax of the visit was the successful turnover between my batch mate 2015 President Steve Balto and incoming President Ramiro Villavicencio under the witness of 600 guests in The EYE of Green Sun Hotel, featuring 360 degrees of digital images of JCI Manila’s past presidents under a starry night. The turnover signified the wonderful conclusion of one unforgettable year and the kick-start of a brilliant year ahead.

What keeps us moving is always succession, with growing compassion, wisdom and sisterhood. I sincerely hope that more of our members can join us in upcoming international visits and you may find new values, perspectives and friendships that you can never imagine. Let’s bond for excellence and don’t miss the upcoming Asia and the Pacific Conference (ASPAC)!

Breastfeeding Best Feeding!

Breastfeeding has become a heated topic  in recent years which more people are starting to concern about the importance of breastfeeding, but there is not much support for mothers to breastfeed in public areas. Seeing the needs, "Breastfeeding Best Feeding" campaign will be launched to promote the benefits of breastfeeding, hoping to eliminate discrimination against breastfeeding in public and hence encourage business sectors to show their care for breastfeeding mothers. 

A series of activities will be rolled out soon in the coming months. Please stay tuned for more information about our pledge signing in our Facebook post!

To support, please contact VP Vicki Chan at
Upcoming Events

FoodEver WasteNever Programme

JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes is participating as Supporting Organisation to this meaningful programme.

Do show your support by completing this form and send to VP Vicki Chan for consolidation

12 March

Opening Ceremony of
Hong Kong Young Social 
Entrepreneur Contest

Date: 12 March 2016 (Saturday)
Time: 2pm - 4pm
Venue: Z209, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Keynote Speaker: Ms Doris Leung, CEO of Diamond Cab & Executive Director of SVhk
梁淑儀女士 - 鑽的(香港)有限公司行政總裁及香港社會創投基金行政總監

Vice President (Business Affairs & Community Development) Rosanna Wong at /6189 1234

19 March 

March Fellowship Gathering cum Fundraising Event:
Chic in 80's Singing Contest 

We are now inviting performers, individual/group are welcomed. Application details will be released next week. Please choose your music, stay tuned and feel free to contact us if any technical assistance needed.

Highlights - 

  • Stars Performances
  • Food and Drinks
  • Sponsor your favorite performance!
  • 10 prizes for outstanding performances

Come join us for a chill Saturday night!

More details are coming soon! 

Project Chairman HT Queenie 9881 5831 / Programme OC Ellen 95004063

21 March 


Prospective Members Orientation

Second round of PMO is scheduled to be held on 21 March. Spread the words and invite your friends to come know more about JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes!

Details will be out soon! 

Membership Affairs Officer Kitty Leung 9027 5251

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