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President’s Message
February 2014

Love • Passion • Action


With only 28 days this month, February was filled with much love and joy as we celebrated Chinese New Year. And once a year, Hong Kong, the city that never sleeps takes a short break to gather and to laugh with family and friends. As love surrounded us in this short month, Jayceettes’ passion was ignited with a common goal to create a memorable 45th anniversary year for members and friends.
Thanks to hard working Chairlady and project committee members. We are happy to officially announce that our chapter's 45th Anniversary Ball will be held on 19 October 2014 at The American Club Hong Kong, Country Club in Tai Tam.
As we embark on the 45th anniversary journey, as you read on, you will find Board of Directors and I have been busy reaching out and making connections externally. We were privileged to attend some great external functions such as Hong Kong Federation of Women 2014 Spring Gala Dinner and an exclusive tea gathering hosted by Hong Kong Women Professional & Entrepreneurs Association. Of course, members also enjoyed a number of trainings and joint JCI chapter events, particularly the JCI Yuen Long Day Tour and Big Bowl Feast.
It is definitely important to highlight the chapter's First Prospective Member Orientation, it was a joyful evening and well-attended by close to 30 new friends.  Last but not least, the February Fellowship Gathering was a true witness of passion into action from our guest speaker Dr Joyce Samoutou-Wong, which she and her husband founded the first and only non-profit eye surgical center in the north of Republic of Congo, Africa.
Besides all the events, the chapter is also taking a bold step this year with SNAPSHOTS publication, which we officially launch this brand new electronic publication. We, Jayceettes, is ready to lead the way to be a more 'green' chapter and cut down on print with more targeted distribution.  
With the eSNAPSHOTS, the chapter's news will be more timely, and you can view it easily on your mobile or your computer, anywhere, anytime. And we estimate that now using this new format, we save around 23,600 trees per year which can help charge over 280,700 smartphone once a day!  So, welcome again to the first issue of eSNAPSHOTS of 2014 and enjoy reading!



Carol Yeung
2014 President
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What’s Next in Jayceettes

First Training Workshop of SNAPSHOTS-connected with over 5 million users in mailchimp
Details: 17:00 to 19:00, Sunday, 9 March at Clubhouse, Hampton Place, near Olympic station

March Fellowship Gathering: Back in Time-Jayceettes in Edo (女青商の江戶亞太物語)
Details: 15:00 to 18:00 (registration at 14:30), Sunday, 23 March, 18/F, The Hong Kong Japanese Club, Paliburg Plaza, Causeway Bay
Contact: Chairman Aubree Wai at /

Kick-off ceremony cum Education Talk of Care & Dare-A Bright New Horizon
Details: 14:00 to 15:30, Saturday, 12 April, Hong Kong Science Park
Contact: Vice President Dodo So at / Director Annie Cheung at

Jayceettes with JCI Hong Kong
Theme Seminar: 台上你最強、在演講中發亮 / Shine on Stage
Details: 14:30 to 17:30 on Saturday, 8 March, JCIHK Office
Contact: Vice President Rosanna Wong at /

On-to ASPAC Party
Details: 19:30, Saturday, 8 March, Noodle House Ippei-An, Energy Plaza, Tsim Sha Tsui
Contact: Vice President Naomi Chan at Director Aubree Wai at

Jayceettes with Community 
Details: 10:00 to 12:15, Saturday, 8 March
Women’s Commission, International Women Day Reception at Central Government Offices
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What's in Jayceettes?

Want to know World President Shine Bhaskaran’s view of impact?
Let’s read our interview with him on 6 January
‘‘Our organization is not specifically for fun, but for impact’’, said Mr. Shine Bhaskaran, JCI 69th World President during the interview with all chapters under JCI Hong Kong on 6 after just a few days after he officially ran for the post. With a slogan ‘‘Unite for Impact’’, World President answered to every enquiries with a clear vision. Projects should be impact-oriented and active citizen framework is not limited to projects, but even on personal level as it talks about how to analyze a problem and find a solution. Let’s see his recommendation for the future years.
In the next ten years, what will be the major issues that JCI facing and what issues that you would most likely want to solve?
For me, the problem that JCI is facing is our members are doing all the things for their environments, so what is finally happening in our organization, we lost our visibility in the cabinet. I felt that in coming years, of course we have to help our members but apart from that, nowadays, after they receive education and get employed, we should focus on their social commitments. If we are only focusing on our organizations, we will really lose visibility in the society. So we should do projects, not many, but some projects that will have impact on the society. 
To echo, Jayceettes will stay committed to be the key drive in the society with a view to turn Passion into Brilliance. 

2014 Inauguration Ceremony, January Fellowship Gathering cum kick-off of the 45th Anniversary (董事局就職,藍寶石會慶,共創新里程)

During the inauguration on 18 January, the new board of directors declared its oath and announced the roadmap and new initiatives with the slogan of ‘‘Passion for Brilliance".  As year 2014 unfolds, JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes will bring together the efforts of all walks of life to raise the awareness of rehabilitated persons, promote social peace and celebrate its 45th anniversary, which will enable the public to better understand its contribution to Hong Kong and the global community.
Jayceettes Spring Luncheon
(萬馬奔騰慶新春, 團拜開年迎馬年)

To celebrate Chinese Spring Festival and embrace the year of the horse, JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes gathered and spent a wonderful time catching-up and discussed on ideas for future events! We wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year ahead!!
Full House at Jayceettes first Prospective Member Orientation in 2014
(香港女青年商會 2014 迎新第一擊完滿成功 )


Our heartfelt thanks to National Executive Vice President Brian Kwan and Past President Winnie Tsang for the inspiring sharing and all new friends who shared their value and aspirations together. A great token of thanks to Membership Affairs team for their great effort! We are gratified by the team spirit from the whole Board and the unfailing support from Past Presidents and our NAEO Senator Zenith Lin! 
Please stay tuned for more events and initiatives to celebrate our 45th Anniversary and we welcome you to bring your friends along to make a positive change in the new year. 
Doctor offers NEW INSIGHT by turning Passion into Action!

On 24 February, our speaker, Dr. Joyce Wong, Founder of charity New Sight, had brought us a meaningful sharing in February Fellowship Gathering, about her experience to help numerous people in Africa restore their eyesight by founding a hospital and serving there with her surgeon husband in remote Gabon. We are also pleased to have invited 2010 TOYP Awardee Dr. Dexter Leung and new friends to join our monthly fellowship gathering. All the participants were touched by her speech and shared her joy and passion for helping people in need.  "If you don't stop, you don't see; if you don't see, you won't be touched", said Dr Joyce Wong.  Stop and see, or you may have missed a chance to impact others!

About New Sight:

New Sight is the first and only eye surgical center in the north of Republic of Congo, Africa.
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Jayceettes with Community

Diamond of Brilliance (鑽的光采)

People say Diamond is girls’ best friend. We would say Diamond can make everyone’s world shine.

On 7 February 2014, Jayceettes board of directors were delighted to have a tea gathering with Mrs. Sandra Mak (麥黃小珍), Vice President of HK Women Professionals & Entrepreneurs Association (HKWPEA) (香港女工商及專業人員聯會) and Ms. Doris Leung (梁淑儀), the first Women CEO to be the Finalist (Asia Pacific) of Cartier Women's Initiative Awards 2013 (卡地亞靈思湧動女性創業家獎).

Doris’s sharing of her success of the "Diamond Cab" (鑽的) - a brand new social venture catering to the needs of wheelchair users for point-to-point transportation had sparkled an active discussion of how impactful for established organizations such as JCI and JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes could be to encourage more young people not only to volunteer, but to take up the more challenging role to lead, in a sustainable and impactful manner.

It may be the time to look around us and ask, what’s holding you or your friend back from impacting the world?

Meeting with Prominent Women Figures: Jayceettes in Hong Kong Federation of Women 2014 Spring Gala Dinner (香港各界婦女聯合協進會春節聯歡晚會)

For 45 years, Jayceettes have networked with various distinguished ladies to make a difference in society.
On 12 February 2014, Jayceettes board extended the Chinese New Year Greetings to our Hon. Patron Elsie Leung (梁愛詩), Chairperson of Hong Kong Federation of Women Professor Peggy Lam (林貝聿嘉), Deputy Minister of Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Hong Kong S.A.R., Ms. Yin Xiaojing (殷曉靜), and many leaders whose contribution have inspired many others for years.
Don’t underestimate the presence you made and let your voice be heard. Welcome to write to us and look forward to seeing you in our next meeting with women leaders.

Jayceettes Made it Special in Career Expo (教育職業博覽) on Valentine’s Day


On such a special day as Valentine’s Day, President Carol, Vice Presidents Patrizia and Rosanna and Officer Linda gave a heartfelt greetings to the crowd in HKTDC Education & Career Expo and introduced our value, mission and events to the public. Going forward, we will greet you in various ways throughout the year that marks our 45th Anniversary, stay tuned! 
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Jayceettes and JCI Hong Kong

A festive day to remember: Jayceettes and new friends supported Yuen Long Day Tour and Big Bowl Feast(盆菜宴)

On 16 February, JCI Yuen Long hosted the Yuen Long Big Bowl Feast and Jayceettes had a great outing in Ha Pak Ni (下白), Yuen Long, an area rich in history, culture and natural beauty. Our big feast was even accompanied with firecrackers and fireworks! We look forward to another joyful gathering with over 15 other chapters soon. 
Senior Member Club China Trip from 22 to 23 February
Back in 2010, Shenzhen is listed as one of the 31 cities for global travelling in 2010. The first 2014 Senior Member Club went on a relaxing trip to this booming city, and visited selective and memorable spots. The night was highlighted by the famous performance of OCT Bay Water Show Theatre (深藍秘境水舞SHOW)-a great get-away from the hustle and bustle in the city with friends. 
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Greetings from New Jayceettes!
Pinky Chiu

‘‘It's truly my pleasure to officially become a full member of Jayceettes.
I would say it's "destiny” that brings me to this family. A friend of mine first recommended me to join JCI and at the time I was considering, I came across JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes.
After taking part in two projects, it seemed to me that I've found my way. Hope that I can grow more through Jayceettes afterwards and looking forward to meeting you all in future events!’’
Pinky had taken up the role of chairman in the February fellowship gathering, a role of management and delegation that she has not tried before. Going forward, she is going to engage in exhibition management. In Jayceettes, she is currently involved in community development project Care & Dare: A Brand New Horizon which will kick off in April and our 45th Anniversary on 19 October.
Interested to create value and turn your passion into action? Please visit our monthly gatherings and public events to know more about our value and mission. Just give us a knock to unlock new opportunities! 
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Happy Birthday to our March Birthday Stars!
Denise Wu
Dodo So
Winnie Yeung
Winnie Maria Ho
Fanny Lam
Winnie Wong
Crystal Wong
Petula Wong
Launy Chan
Shelina Chung
Annie Lui Chang
Patty Fung
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