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This is the new Dutch Farm Experience newsletter, which will inform you about the background and latest innovations in Dutch agricultural sector, especially dairy farming. We hope Dutch Farm Experience is of interest to you - and can effectively support you in developing appropriate dairy systems that build on lessons learnt throughout the world.

My name is Katrien van’t Hooft, Dutch veterinarian with many years of experiences in diary farming worldwide. I hope this monthly newsletter is of use to you. It contains the latest news on dairy innovations, activities and info materials. Your suggestions and comments are welcome! Please mail to:
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Organic farming = growing business

Organic farming is a rapidly growing sector – as Dutch consumers are increasingly seeking alternatives for food produced in large-scale farms with high use of chemicals.
In fact, consumption of organic food is one of the fastest growing sectors within the current stagnated economy; it has been growing with double figures over the past years.
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Care farm impresses Egyptian visitors

On 25th of November 2013, a group of nine representatives of the Egyptian Farmer Field School Centre of Excellence visited two farms near the Hague: the organic cheese farm Vierhuizen and care-farm Boerderijn. One conclusion: “We are especially impressed with the care farm!
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Outline of future dairy farming

Today Dutch dairy farming is going through significant change. A dynamic process which holds many important lessons for dairy initiatives outside the Netherlands.
Dutch Farm Experience has developed an outline for future dairy farming - based on 11 lessons learnt. Read more

Exchange project will start

Oxfam Novib has approved the exchange project on the use of medicinal plants in dairy farming, between the Netherlands and India. The aim is to reduce antibiotic use and improve animal health. Dutch farmers and veterinarians will travel to Bangalore in April.
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20 of February 2014
Presentation on trends with animal breeding in the Netherlands dutch during exchange event of HIVOS-Oxfam Novib Knowledge Programme Our Food System: Trends in Livestock Development

22 of February 2014
Visit of international participants of Voedsel Anders conference in Wageningen to organic dairy farm Veld en Beek

5-13 of April 2014
Exchange visit of dutch farmers and veterinarians to I-AIM and TANUVAS in India

5 Interesting videos!

1. Arjan Swinkels - young Dutch dairy farmer who has changed from cattle to buffaloes - video (Future Farmers in the Spotlight)

2. Krispijn van der Dries - 28 year old Dutch Biodynamic farmer and entrepreneur - video (Future Farmers in the Spotlight)

3. The Economics of Cow Ownership - Udder People's Money - video (The Economist)

4. Seeds of Discontent - how well meaning Sweidish and Dutch investmenst in Mozambique have led to land Grabbing - video-trailer    (Trans National Institute TNI)

5. Polyface Farming in the US  - Joel and Daniel Salatin show their community-supported, local, environmentally friendly agriculture system - video   (USA Today)
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