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Dutch Farm Experience Newsletter March 2014

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This is the Dutch Farm Experience newsletter informing you about the background and innovations in Dutch agricultural sector. This issue will provide you the latest news on activities in Dutch dairy farming, including how to find a place for volunteer work on an organic farm!

We have also gathered some interesting videos on livestock farming from various parts of the world for you. Comments and suggestions are of course welcome at

Volunteer work on organic farm?

Dutch Farm Experience regularly receives requests from individuals who are seeking temporary (volunteer) work on a farm in the Netherlands. This can indeed be an interesting experience. Read more

Dutch-India dairy training event 

The topic of this exchange meeting is "Healthy milk production, free of antibiotics and other chemicals, through an integrated cattle management approach and the use of medicinal plants."  Read more

Popular dual purpose breeds

Breeding in dairy farming in the Netherlands is standing at a crossroads. This is an especially  interesting situation for other countries to learn from and decide on their own dairy development strategy.
Read more

Niche markets are growing fast

A recent study predicts dramatic changes in the relation between Dutch farmers and the supermarket chains in the near future. The market for specialty products is rapidly growing and will actually become the main trend. Read more


20 March 2014
Presentation on Dutch-India exchange on use of medicinal plants at working group Animals and Herbs, at RIKILT Wageningen University

7-12 of April 2014
Exchange visit of Dutch farmers and veterinarians to I-AIM and TANUVAS in India

14-15 of April 2014
International meeting on training for sustainable dairy farming, in Bangalore India

6 Interesting videos!

1. Moritz Schafer – young German farmer who changed from conventional to organic dairy, producing all animal feed on-farm - video (Future Farmers in the Spotlight)

2. Three young women are running an organic vegetable farm on basis of crowd funding - video (Future Farmers in the Spotlight)

3. Feeding the soil or Feeding the Cow - where and how can conservation agriculture work in Africa? - video English and French 26.min (African Conservation Tillage Network)

4. Two short videos on livestock development  Back to the start - video  -  the Scarecrow - video (Chipotle)

5. Pasture-fed dairy: the Tombeth farms in the US - video (Chipotle)
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