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RCC Monthly Newsletter - July 2015


Events of 2015

  • Clothing Drive  ( until September)

  • Potluck Parties  (October)

  • Summer Sports Activities  (July, August)

  • BBQ Party  (August)

  • Shoreline Clean-up  (September)

  • Food Bank  (November - December)

  • RCC Christmas Party  (December)

RCC International 40th Anniversary


In the second week of July, we celebrated the 40th anniversary of Reiyukai Canada. The festivities began with the potluck party at the Miyamoto residence on July 13th. The RCC members from both Japan and Canada had a wonderful night of food, wine and great conversation. On the following day Vice-president Hamaguchi and Mr. Suzuki gave a speech at the RCC gathering. The evening was reserved for another festive event at the Marine Drive Golf Course, where everyone ate, sang, danced and hopefully, won a prize to take back home. I'd like to deeply thank all of the people who have joined us in this milestone event, commemorating Reiyukai's 40 years of humanitarian work in Canada.

President of Reiyukai Canada,
Tom Miyamoto


My Children

Sachiyo Harashina, Japan

9 years ago, my eldest son became a victim of a murder; he was shot while he was working overseas. I was devastated and wasn't able to accept the fact that he was dead, even after listening to the police report. “It must be some kind of mistake,” I repeated to myself. I was unable to think clearly and my tears did not stop flowing for days. I tried to immerse myself in work to forget about the incident. The idea of reciting my sutra for my son, never came across my mind. Worse, I started to feel anger towards Reiyukai for what had happened; I completely stopped my sutra recitation and no longer attended the gathering.


My Illness

Humans are egocentric. 7 years after my son's death, I was told by a doctor that I had a tumor in my left femur. I tried everything to save myself, and I even began reciting the sutra, praying to my ancestors for help. But, whenever I went to the hospital they told me, “The tumor is in a bad location,” and “It's going to be a difficult operation.” I was crushed.


One day, I thought about killing myself, as I was thinking about my eldest son and my illness. That's when my second son muttered, “Does his death hurt you that much? Would it have been better if I had died instead?” Those words brought me back to my senses. Looking at his face, I realized that I was still a mother of two children. I thought that I cannot be in this state forever. I had to move on.


As the Mother


“I admit that you're excellent at work, but you've failed as a mother.” Those were the words of my second son, when he and I were chatting about his childhood. After listening to his voice, I came to notice how lonely my boys were even when they showed support for my career.


When I attended the Reiyukai gathering, the branch leader gave me advice. “Why don't you share your story with other people. You might find answers to things that

you may be looking for.” As I shared my story to others, I found out that many had similar problems with their children and especially with their husbands. I told them to show appreciation to your husband and I tried to practice it myself. Gradually, my husband's attitude towards me changed; I realized that all these years I have been only criticizing my husband's negative points. I felt ashamed and repented my actions.


Toward Happiness


Last August, they finally decided to operate on my left leg. It was a long and difficult surgery, but fortunately it turned out well. The tumor had not been malignant, as they originally believed. Later, my boys told me that my husband was really worried about me during the operation. When I heard that I was shedding tears.


Before, I practiced Reiyukai's teachings in pursuit of my happiness: having a successful career, and earning a lot of money was happiness for me. Now, I believe that I exist with the support of families, friends, and the people around me. I truly believe that people cannot be happy by themselves. When you understand the value and the importance of the people in your life, you can appreciate the wonderful gifts they bring into your life.



Flower Arrangement
Every Monday
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Every Monday
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RCC is closed on July 1st, Canada Day.


Upcoming Events


July 5th (Sun.)
Soup Kitchen
1:00 PM

July 9th (Thu.)
Gathering @ RCC
1:00 PM

July 18th (Sat.)
Gathering @ RCC
1:00 PM 


July 28th (Tue.)
Committee Meeting @ RCC
6:00 PM





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