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RCC Monthly Newsletter - May 2015


Events of 2015

  • Clothing Drive  ( until September)

  • Potluck Parties  (June & October)

  • RCC 40th Anniversary  (June)

  • Summer Sports Activities  (June - August)

  • BBQ Party  (August)

  • Shoreline Clean-up  (September)

  • Food Bank  (November - December)

  • RCC Christmas Party  (December)

Soup Kitchen

On April 5th, Mr. Cho and his crew served 144 plates of delicious Easter dinner at Drop-In Living Center. The menu consisted of Meat-sauce spaghetti, Rice Krispies squares, Ciabatta buns, and chocolate Easter eggs. RCC would like to thank Larosa Fine Foods for their generous donation of 9 kg box of spaghetti and 6 giant cans of quality crushed tomato sauce. Also, we would like to give a round of applause to the crew: Mr. Gary Cho, Mr. & Mrs. Snow, Mrs. Miyamoto and little Santiago Miyamoto!



The Way to Our Future

Uthai Sanotam, Thailand


I was born as the second child in a city located in northeast Thailand called Roi Et (apx. 500 km from Bangkok). My parents made a living farming, so we didn't have much income. That is why I've been helping my parents in the field since I was a child. As I grew up, I aspired to become a civil servant so I'll be able to help my patents financially. However, 22 years ago when I was at the age of 14, my father passed away. And immediately after the incident, my mother died when my brother and I were still mourning my father's death; we were in a state of absolute dismay.

It was my uncle and aunt who empathized with our situation and took us in when we were depressed and unable to go to school. They both took great care of us until we graduated from high school, as if we were their children. To this day, I'm very thankful for their love and kindness.

After graduating from high school I was able to enroll in Thailand Railway Industrial College since they offered a scholarship program. I was soon hired by SRT (State Railway of Thailand) after completing my studies. Presently, I work at Srisaket station.



I got married at the age of 24 and lived a happy life with my wife. However, whenever I remember about my parents, I was overwhelmed by past emotions. That's when I began to seek peace in my heart and tried many things. I've made donations to temples and listened to monk's sermons, but none of them worked.


That’s when my mother-in-law introduced me to Reiyukai. I went to gatherings and was told about Reiyukai's teachings and decided to try it out, to gain peace in my heart. I began reciting the sutra with my wife and discussed the teachings with my friends. One day, when I was reciting the sutra, I felt as if my parents were thanking me for the recitation and that they are still supporting me even after their deaths. I was unable to keep my tears from flowing down.



Since then, I felt different and began to slowly change. I used to be short-tempered, but with my recitation I was able to calm myself down and became level-headed and receptive to other people's opinions.


Recently, juvenile delinquency has been a major issue in Thailand. My Reiyukai friends and I have been organizing “youth gatherings” in Srisaket and Phrai Bueng districts since 2 years ago. There was one memorable moment when one of the teen participants told me that by practicing Reiyukai's teachings he felt grateful towards his parents and what they have done for him. I firmly believe that by nurturing these sentiments in today's youths, we can change the society and eventually transform this nation.



Flower Arrangement
Every Monday
10:30-12:00 PM

Every Monday
1:00-2:30 PM



Upcoming Events


May 3rd (Sun.)
Soup Kitchen
1:00 PM

May 9th (Sat.)

Gathering @ RCC
1:00 PM

May 13th (Wed.)
Memorial Service for Past President of Reiyukai, Mrs. Hamaguchi
 @ RCC
1:00 PM

May 18th (Mon.)
Gathering @ RCC
1:00 PM 

May 26th (Tue.)
Committee Meeting @ RCC
6:00 PM



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