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RCC Monthly Newsletter - December 2015

Events of 2015

  • Food Bank  (November - December)

  • RCC Christmas Party  (December)

Soup Kitchen



RCC is grateful to have more youths volunteering in our monthly soup kitchen! We'd like to thank Lisa for organizing the November soup kitchen and making that difference in our community. We are also proud to announce that our spirit of giving is not just limited for the winter season. We wish everyone a happy holiday with their families and friends!




Changing is Applying

Alan Corial, France


I was introduced to Reiyukai when I was a university student in the faculty of science. Since their teaching was about self-improvement, I decided to join the organization.


In the beginning, I was heavily involved in Reiyukai's activities: I hosted monthly gatherings and interacted with other members. As my responsibilities grew at my work place, my work started to take up my time; I began to prioritize my career over my family and our relationship began to deteriorate. It started to take a toll even on the friendship I had with other Reiyukai members.


One day, I was told that my son got involved in drugs. I had a long chat with him, trying to find a solution to his problems. I even took up my sutra recitation in order to sincerely reflect on the things I have been lacking.


When I participated in France's Mini Mirokusan training with one of my coworkers, I shared my son's problem with him. Coincidentally, he had a similar issue with his son and many of the

Mirokusan participants also faced difficult situations with their children. At the time when I was reciting the sutra, I realized the fact that I didn't provide the attention and love that my son was yearning for. After my career became a priority, I forgot to love and show my appreciation to my family who have been supporting me for all this time. I repented my mistake . I also noticed how I had taken a similar attitude toward my my coworkers and others around me.


Once I had put my thoughts into action, the communication between my son improved. He told me that he had issues with his friends and he began to open up; he felt ostracized at school and felt that he was left out even at home. I apologized to my son for the lack of attention and love. In exchange, he promised that he would try to improve himself and his situation. I was content, being able to communicate with my son and understand the importance of connecting with my children.


Reiyukai's teaching is about self-improvement and helping others to change themselves. As my family and I were able to change, I truly believe that everyone can do the same by applying their thoughts into action.





Flower Arrangement
Every Monday
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Every Monday
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RCC is closed on October 12th, Thanksgiving Day.


Upcoming Events


Oct. 4th (Sun.)
Soup Kitchen 
1:00 PM 

Oct. 9th (Fri.)
Gathering @ RCC
1:00 PM

Oct. 18th (Sun.)
Gathering @ RCC
1:00 PM 

Oct. 26th (Mon.)
Committee Meeting @ RCC
6:00 PM





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