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RCC Monthly Newsletter - November 2015


Events of 2015

  • Potluck Party - TBA

  • Food Bank  (November - December)

  • RCC Christmas Party  (December)

Soup Kitchen



Previous month's soup kitchen was organized by Mr. & Mrs. Lackmance. Mrs. Tada prepared the sauce for the Shepard's pie while the girls worked at mixing the ingredients for Rice Krispie squares. We would like to thank the volunteers for their heartful community service. 


Thirst for the Wisdom of Bodhisattva

Part 02


Kakutaro had foreseen a reaction to the postwar boom in 1920, and now prices on the stock market were falling, the import and export trade was at a standstill, and Japan's economy seemed to be heading toward recession. The use of the word “democracy” was becoming popular, and the new trendsetters regarded anyone who hadn't read Das Kapital and the biography of Karl Marx as old-fashioned.


The first May Day celebrations were held at Ueno Park with some ten thousand workers in attendance. The employees of Yahata ironworks and the Tokyo streetcar company went on strike, causing a great deal of disruption. Kakutaro was angered by the foolishness of government officials who tried to solve such problems by taking repressive action. Even though the socialists called for equality as a means to achieve happiness, Kakutaro found it hard to believe that there would ever be a time when everybody would be truly happy.


“Because everybody – capitalist, labourer, noblemen, or commoner – possesses a buddha nature,” thought Kakutaro, “all have the potential to be bodhisattvas if they follow the way of life as taught by Buddha. This means that all human beings are equal, and if all Japanese could realise this, the class struggle would soon disappear. If everybody walked the bodhisattva path without egotistical desires and with hearts of loving kindness, the land would soon be a paradise. If everybody strove towards enlightenment, problems such as war and famine would soon disappear from the earth, and the 'Buddhas' World' would be realised.”


As Kakutaro thought about this he burned with excitement. He wanted to spread the idea all over Japan, and to cry out to the whole world, “Happiness is not brought about by politics or ideology; the way to happiness is to develop one's inner self. If each human being corrects their own attitude then the troubles of the world, which causes crises in our society, can be ended.” Kakutaro's stride had lengthened and his heart was beating fast. The dawn air was cool to his flushed cheeks as he walked breathlessly up the hill of Sengokuyama.


From "Life of Kakutaro Kubo" 

Ch.6 Thirst for the wisdom of Bodhisattva





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Oct. 4th (Sun.)
Soup Kitchen 
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