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RCC Monthly Newsletter - September 2015


Events of 2015

  • Shoreline Clean up  (September)

  • Clothing Drive  (until September)

  • Potluck Parties  (October)

  • Food Bank  (November - December)

  • RCC Christmas Party  (December)

2015 Summer Barbecue Party



2015 Summer barbecue party was held on a cool Saturday afternoon - a brief break from the beating August weather. Despite the overcast many gathered to enjoy an evening of fun and laughter.  




My Decision

Samuel Guillen Parra, Mexico


I joined Reiyukai when I was 22. Back then, I was stubborn and short-tempered and I often got into arguments for frivolous reasons. One day my brother invited me to his karate class. I really loved the atmosphere there so I started to take lessons. It was interesting to see that before and after each class, everyone would bow in front of the altar; I thought it was part of the martial art ritual. Soon I found out that my sensei was a member of Reiyukai, and he explained to me about their philosophy. He told me that I could practice the philosophy without reconsidering my religious beliefs, so I joined. The life stories of other members always motivated and moved me; I gradually began to get involved in various Reiyukai activities.



One day, I invited my cousin to a Reiyukai gathering. He was quiet throughout the entire gathering. When it ended, he looked quite upset and told me, “This isn't what our grandfather has taught us.” I argued, “But Reiyukai's teaching is about family values. What's wrong with that?” He didn't listen to what I wanted to say. I was startled and didn't know what to do.



When I arrived home, my mother asked how things went. She noticed my awkward behaviour, so she invited me to have a conversation with her. I told the whole story: how my cousin was upset, what he told me, and how I was rattled by his comments. After I let out all my thoughts, she told me, “You should judge whether it is good or bad by yourself. Your father and I can only give you advice but it doesn't appear to us that Reiyukai is an indecent organization. If we are not telling you to quit, why should anyone else?”


So I decided to continue Reiyukai: I recited the sutra, went to gatherings, and actively took part in the membership drive. Slowly, I began to change from a judgmental critic to a more supportive listener, who made effort to solve other people's problems. Through this personal transformation, I met my lovely wife. Nowadays, we recite the sutra together.


These days, I work in my father's meat-processing business with my brother. My mother is currently suffering from diabetes and heart disease; I continue to pray for her while developing my inner-self. I believe that our family bond is getting stronger than ever through cooperation and my personal spiritual development.





Flower Arrangement
Every Monday
10:30-12:00 PM

Every Monday
1:00-2:30 PM

RCC is closed on September 7th, Labour Day.


Upcoming Events


Sept. 6th (Sun.)
Soup Kitchen 
1:00 PM 

Sept. 9th (Wed.)
Gathering @ RCC
1:00 PM

Sept. 13th (Sun.)
Shoreline Clean up @
Spanish Bank West
10:00 AM


Sept. 18th (Fri.)
Gathering @ RCC
1:00 PM 

Sept. 22nd (Tue.)
Committee Meeting @ RCC
6:00 PM





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