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RCC Monthly Newsletter - August 2016

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Japan Trip 2016




A Lifetime of Practice



Mr. Kubo said, “The Lotus Sutra is the wisdom of the Buddha given equally and impartially to all living beings in the universe.”


“The practice of ancestor remembrance must not be done for money, otherwise you will never receive its virtuous merits. When you go out to introduce people to the teachings, or guide your members in their practice, you must not depend on other people paying your way. No matter how far you may have to go, you must depend on your own two feet alone. This is the practice of charity; this is the practice of loving-kindness. You were born on this earth because of your positive karma, so you should perform these practices.”


I was the first to practice the teachings of the Reiyukai. I walked far and wide, sleeping out-of-doors along the way. And look how many members there are now compared to when there was only me. Believing in the Spiritual World and leaving a materialistic society behind, I practiced ancestor remembrance.


Why do I have to be so poor? Why do I have to do things that lead people to call me a beggar? I asked the Spiritual World about my responsibilities on earth, and I received the right answer. If I were to undergo hardships, then surely a correct and joyous answer would follow.


Mr. Kubo told me, “You will not be blessed with fortune in the next three or five years. But in the next 20, 30 or even 50 years, blessings will come to you just as surely as the sun rises in the east. So have patience and practice the teachings of the Lotus Sutra.


“Human beings want to make for themselves happy lives. This is how they think, yet even if they succeed on this earth, their lives are still short. But if they are able to enter into a state of happiness thanks to the virtuous merits they receive, through the protection of the Spiritual World and the buddhas, their descendants will be blessed with a good life. They too, thanks to their virtuous merits in the Spiritual World, will be able to reborn on this earth in future lives. So endure even the most trying practices and by your efforts you will be able to scale this peak.”


I want to have a life of plenty, I want to have an enjoyable life; since I am a human, many were the times I thought this way. But whenever these thoughts arose, I remembered what Mr. Kubo had told me before he died, and so I told myself, “I am struggling now with evil spirits. If I were to let them overcome me and quit my practice of the teachings, when I return to the Spiritual World there will be no place for me. I'll go mad and fall into the torrents of hell.”


Mr. Kubo told me, “After I die, there will be times when you will be attacked by evil. Keep up your efforts to overcome it until you reach that shore.”


He had also said, “There will be practices that require you to shed blood and tears, for it is your karma that you do them. You must endure.” I followed these instructions from the Spiritual World to the letter, and continue to do the practices of sange * to this day.


* spiritual repentance.


- From "Sounds of Heaven" p.138-139








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