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New Station? Tweet!

I tend to check stationView way too many times per day. Ángel too. We are just addicted to the map. Every time a new station comes online in a new country or far flung place like Iceland, the whole office starts to buzzzzz. Watching the citizen scientist network grow is one of the funnest parts of this project. And a HUGE motivating factor.

Lately we have been tinkering around with IFTTT. We have now written a routine that sends a Tweet every time a new station comes online. The tweet includes the country, station name and a link to the station on the stationView map.

And we are working on integrating IFTTT into Raspberry Shake itself. Think, "IF This (there is an earthquake), Then do That (turn on my lights, send an email, Tweet, whatever)". Stay tuned. There is a TON of new software development underway. We will be rolling out new features constantly in the coming months.

Oh! And look at that! A Tweet just came in. There is a new station in Barbados :D
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