The Boathouse + Moby Dicks - NEWSLETTER | Summer 2015
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Team Member Profile

Name: Hannah Coomber
Position: Florist
Age: 30
Height: 175cm
Marital Status: Attached
Eye Colour: Blue
Favourite Person in the Boathouse: Is this a test? Phil the Plumber because, thanks to him, there are now crazy big taps popping up all over the place!
Dream job: Doing it!
Hobbies: Drawing, painting, eating/drinking...
Least known talent: I don't have one - I must work on that!
Animal you would be: Kookaburra - they are always laughing!
Do you wear socks?: Yes, when I have to. Sweaty feet are gross!
Which movie star most resembles you?:  I have been told I look like Uma Thurman...I hold out hope one day they will say Scarlett Johansson
Why?: I used to be very blonde (I still am metaphorically)
1 thing you’ll do before you die:
 Get a dog!