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Analysis: Is Attorney General Ken Paxton Feeling Lucky?

Attorney General Ken Paxton can raise money for a legal defense fund if he wants to, but he won’t have the state’s protection if he does.

This is problematic for the state’s top lawyer, who faces criminal charges in this first year of what is supposed to be a four-year term and needs some expensive legal talent to get him out of that jam.

Paxton can’t seem to catch a break.

He was indicted late last summer on charges of securities fraud and failing to register as an investment adviser representative before acting as one. His lawyers are trying — unsuccessfully, so far — to get the charges dropped.

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Analysis: Iowa Clears GOP Skies, Darkens Democratic Outlook
The Iowa caucuses started to winnow things down. Texas has a chance, along with the other March 1 primary states, to decide who the major-party nominees will be. That’s relatively rare.

Analysis: The Death of Taxes on Illegal Drugs in Texas
Until the most recent legislative session, the state had a tax on illegal drugs, adding tax evasion to the list of things that could put buyers and sellers into jail. Those drugs remain illegal, but the transactions are now tax-free.

Analysis: Hard Advice for Texas Democrats From One of Their Own
A new book, written by a veteran of the last days when Texas Democrats were winning statewide elections, takes a hard look at what hasn't been working for the last 20 years, and what might get the party's candidates out of their long, long slump.

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