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Newsletter - November 2015

DTL Data Highlight: Join the Personal Health Train! 

A growing consortium of university medical centers, research organisations and private partners is developing a public private partnership with the aim to develop and run the so-called ‘Personal Health Train (PHT)'. The key concept behind the PHT is to bring research to the data rather than the classical solution of bringing data to the research. The PHT initiative invites partners to jump on the train and make the PHT a reality through... Read more
DTL Technologies highlight: Succesful Enabling Technologies Hotel programme continues

Good news for all our Technology Hotels! We are pleased to announce that the Enabling Technologies Hotels programme will be continued in 2016/2017. Since the previous three rounds proved to be a success ZonMw and NWO (ALW) are providing funds for the continuation. The programme is performed in close collaboration with DTL. “The Scientific Advisory Committee of DTL has advised us to develop and implement a quality seal for... Read more
DTL Learning Highlight: Course on Linked Data and making data FAIR

Do you want to learn about leading-edge data and knowledge integration solutions in bioinformatics? From Nov 30 – Dec 4, Marco Roos and Katy Wolstencroft will, together with other  experts in the field,  teach the 4th edition of the BioSB/ELIXIR-NL course Managing and Integrating Life Science Information.
Following this course will show you techniques for working with these distributed resources, which... Read more 
Looking back on a successful first edition of Empowering Personalised Medicine & Health Research
Over 250 participants attended the conference Empowering Personalized Medicine & Health Research (EPM &HR) on November 4, 2015, to learn more about scientific breakthroughs and technological innovations for personalised medicine and health. Several organisations active in the life sciences (BBMRI-NL, DTL/ELIXIR-NL, EATRIS, Federatie Medisch Specialisten, FHI and FEDERA/COREON) came together in organising this very successful event. A lot of stakeholders attended, all of whom responded very enthusiastically to the initiative.

Visit the conference website for a report and photographic impression of the day.
The conference already created follow up. BBMRI-NL, DTL/ELIXIR-NL, and EATRIS have taken the initiative to start active discussions with all stakeholders on the optimal way to build an effective infrastructure empowering personalized medicine and health research in the Netherlands.


Marco Roos presents webinar on ELIXIR’s Rare disease Pilot

Recently, ELIXIR-NL’s Marco Roos presented an update about the pilot action launched in 2015; Rare disease test case for ELIXIR interoperability backbone.The webinar is part of the ELIXIR webinar series, you can watch Marco's presentation here.
Kick off ELIXIR-EXCELERATE WP5 Interoperability platform

On October 1st 2015, the first meeting of the ELIXIR-EXCELERATE Interoperability platform was held in Amsterdam. A collection of lightning talks, best practice presentations and breakout sessions were the ingredients of... Read more
Kick off ELIXIR-EXCELERATE Crops & forest Use Case

On October 1-2, 2015 the crop and forest plants use case (WP7) of ELIXIR-EXCELERATE held their kick-off meeting in Hinxton. Richard Finkers of Wageningen UR Plant Breeding attended the kick off on behalf of ELIXIR-NL. Finkers’ department has extensive expertise in... Read more
Second get together of private and public partners at Odex4all all hands meeting

On September 28, 2015, 40 representatives of Odex4all’s private and public partners came together to discuss the project’s progress, both from a technical and a... Read more
DTL recieves Cloud computing capacity from SURFsara
In the beginning of November, SURFsara granted computing capacity of its HPC Cloud to DTL. The goal is to use the capacity for the developments and test of the FAIR Data tools that are being developed in the Odex4all project, such as the Triple Annotator, NanoPub Store and FAIR Data Point.

DTL Data programme & ELIXIR-NL
If you have a question about the DTL Data programme and/or ELIXIR-NL, please contact Rob Hooft


DTL and MGC jointly organise technology facilities course
Medical Genetics Centre “South-West Holland” (MGC), DTL Technologies and DTL Learning jointly organise a course on life sciences technologies. From January 18 – 21, 2016, participants will get up to speed with the possibilities of genomics and transcriptomics, proteomics, imaging and metabolomics. The course is aimed at PhD students and young postdocs who want to get acquainted with the possibilities of different technologies and will be organised in Leiden “This course is an excellent opportunity for young scientists to learn more about the different life sciences technologies”, says... Read more

DTL Technologies programme
If you have a question regarding the DTL Technologies programme, or if you'd like your facility to be included in the overview on the DTL website, please contact Merlijn van Rijswijk.

Learning & Outreach

Essential Skills in Data-Intensive Research: Enabling your Life Science Research
On January 25-29, 2016, NLeSC, and its partners SURFsara, DTL and VU will organise the  'Essential Skills in Data-Intensive Research: Enabling your Life Science Researchcourse for PhD students in the life sciences. Students completing this course will have the basic skills and knowledge required to manage large datasets and to ensure the long-term stewardship of their data. And they will understand the basic requirements of sustainable software development, including the use of coding environments. Finally, the course will provide an introduction to e-infrastructure.

If you need more information please contact Celia van Gelder. 
You can also pre-register via this email address, in which case you will be notified once the full programme is online.

DTL Course Directory – present your courses to the DTL community!
You can find an overview of courses in the DTL Course Directory. We can only build the DTL Course Directory with your help, so please take a moment to publish your course(s) using the Course Submission Form. Courses of DTL Partners will also be presented on their particular partner page. 

DTL Learning programme & Outreach
If you have a question about the DTL Learning programme and/or outreach activities, please contact Celia van Gelder.

DTL meetings & events

DTL- SURF Focus meeting: Research workspaces for health care research: local or federated
The next DTL- SURF Focus meeting (December 16, 2015, SURF Utrecht) focusses on best practices in research workspace environments available for researchers in the health care research. Speakers include Harry Pijl, Arnoud van der Maas and Ronald Stolk. Read more

3rd DTL-SURF SIG Meeting: “Compute resources for life science research”
The Special Interest Group “Compute Resources for Life Science Research” (CRLS) was initiated in January 2015 to discuss requirements, use cases and models to scale out compute resources. During the third SIG CRLS meeting (December 16, 2015), a number of compute intensive use cases will be presented and discussed. Speakers include Ies Nijman, Alexandre Bonvin and Keith Cover.  Read more 

Focus meeting on “Current status on FAIR developments".
DTL is organising a focus meeting to present and discuss the current software developments related to FAIR Data. Different groups involved in the FAIR Data Initiative will present their projects and will discuss how to move forward, while adhering to the FAIR Data Principles. Initial goals and candidate dates are being discussed and soon will be available on DTL’s Focus Meeting’s wikipage.

DTL Programmers meetings
To encourage collaboration and communication between scientific programmers active in the Dutch life sciences field, DTL organises regular programmers meetings. Subjects of the lectures and workshops range from new developments in programming languages through practical tips and tricks to direct life science applications.Anyone interested can join the programmers meetings. For more information please contact Rob Hooft.

ECCB 2016 call for abstracts 
You can now submit a proposal for a workshop or a tutorial at ECCB 2016. The workshops and tutorials are planned on September 3 and 4, 2016 in the World Forum in The Hague. Deadline for submission is: January 13, 2016. Read more

ECCB 2016 is currently looking for sponsors and urgently needs your help! If you are interested in contributing to ECCB 2016 or if you know companies, institutes or other parties that may be interested in sponsoring ECCB 2016 please send an email to

Partner news

CWI's Gunnar Klau Visiting Professor at Brown University 
On November 1st 2015, Gunnar Klau (DTL partners CWI and VU) started a nine month sabbatical as Visiting Professor in the Computer Science Department of Brown University in Providence, USA. At Brown, he is working with Ben Raphael and his group on algorithms to... Read more

 AT Computing offers 'Python for scientists' courses
Over the years DTL partner AT computing noticed that the need for Python courses increased rapidly, particularly coming from scientists in a broad variety of domains; astronomy, geophysics, maritime technology, hydrology, biotechnology.  AT computing developed a special “Python for Scientists”-course including... Read more

DTL Partner Micelio’s involvement in Wikidata: the stone soup of scientific data
Since 2005, Wikipedians have made a concerted effort to organise and improve the content of biomedically relevant articles. The NIH funded the Gene Wiki project in 2010 to help continue to stimulate growth and improve content focused on human genes. 
Now in its second iteration, the Gene Wiki project is coordinating with the recently released Wikidata platform as it... Read more

GENALICE’S analysis module impoves diagnosis and treatment of patients with complex DNA diseases
On October 8th 2015, DTL’s partner GENALICE released a press release about a new standard for ultra-fast and highly reliable detection of all DNA changes in large patient cohorts. In a one-hour online event, the complete genomes of... Read more
Your news announced on the DTL website & in the newsletter
If your organisation is one of the DTL Partners, you can announce your news through the DTL website. Please send your news items to Mascha Jansen.

Overview courses & events

  • BioSB Course: Managing and integrating information in the life sciences, 30 November - 4 December, 2015, Utrecht Read more
  • Programming with Python, 1 - 4 December 2015, Erasmus MC Rotterdam Read more
  • Advanced Phyton, 14 - 16 December 2015, gebouw De Pionier, Utrecht Read more
  • Numerical Python, 17 December 2015, Gebouw de Pionier, Utrecht Read more
  • High performance computer course, 4 - 31 January 2016, Amsterdam Read more
  • Microbial physiology and fermentation technology, 11 - 22 January 2016, BSDL, Leiden Read more

  • Benelux Bioinformatics Conference 2015, 7-8 December 2015, Antwerp, Belgium Read more
  • 3rd DTL-SURF SIG meeting: Compute resources for life science research, 16 December 2015, Utrecht Read more
  • DTL-SURF focus meeting: Research workspaces for health care research - local or federated, 16 December 2015, Utrecht Read more
  • ZonMW / NFU-Data4Lifesciences meeting, 18 December 2015, Utrecht/Amersfoort Read more
  • Phenotype foundation annual meeting, 18 January 2016, Utrecht Read more
  • Ape 2016: Academic Publishing in Europe 11, 19 January 2016, Berlin, Germany Read more
  • Symposium: Computational biology: From microbes to human health, 29 January 2016, Leiden, Read more
  • Successful planning of large data generating experiments, 16 March 2016, Leuven, Belgium, Read more
  • Applied bioinformatics in life sciences, 17 March 2016, Leuven, Belgium Read more
  • ECCB 2016 – 15th European Conference on Computational Biology, 3-7 September 2016, The Hague Read more
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