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Newsletter - September 2015

Third Enabling Technologies hotel call open until 13 October 2015

ZonMw, NWO Earth and Life Sciences (ALW) and DTL have opened the 3rd call for projects within the programme Enabling Technologies Hotels. The call closes October 13th 2015, so there is only two weeks left to apply for funding to access DTL-associated... Read more
Registration open for Empowering Personalized Medicine & Health Research

On Wednesday 4 November, BBMRI-NL, DTL/ELIXIR-NL, EATRIS, FMS, NFU & FHI jointly organize the Empowering Personalized Medicine & Health Research in Theater de Flint, Amersfoort. Please make sure to register! Read more
Barend Mons appointed chair of EC's Expert Group on 'European Open Science Cloud'

Professor Barend Mons has been appointed Chair of the Commission High Level Expert Group “European Open Science Cloud”, initiated by the European Commission, DG Research and Innovation... Read more


DTL News

DTL attractive for SME industry partners
The DTL partnership continues to grow rapidly, as more and more organisations realise they share similar challenges in employing high-end technologies and dealing with their life science research data. In the last couple of months, six life science and technology SME’s joined DTL: AT Computing, iOS-Press, eNPicom, Phortos Consultants, Micelio and EdgeLeap, together adding a wide range of expertise to the table.
DTL’s director Ruben Kok finds it encouraging to see this group of companies join in. “With a strong focus in their area of expertise, products and services, these companies all have a dedication ‘to make things work'." This fits the scope of DTL to work at a highly practical level within its programmes. AT Computing Technical Account manager Maurice Verheesen is enthusiastic about DTL as a platform: “In the past, we have been working with a broad spectrum of research institutes, mostly in educating researchers on various open source technology issues. Thanks to DTL we have been on tour to (re-)connect with companies and institutions in the life sciences. Through the various conversations we received new insights on the use and position of ICT in this research market”. Read more

If you consider joining DTL as a partner, please get in touch with Ruben Kok.

DTL PAC welcomes Prof. Marten Smidt as Uva PAC Member
Marten Smidt, professor of Molecular Neuroscience, was recently appointed director of University of Amsterdam’s Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences (SILS). He is responsible for leading the Molecular Neuroscience research team at SILS, and closely involved with education at the Faculty of Science in his capacity as programme director of the Neurobiology cluster. Marten Smidt will succeed Prof. Willem Stiekema as a member of the Partner Advisory Committee (PAC) for the University of Amsterdam. DTL would like to thank Willem Stiekema for his involvement in the PAC, and his continuous support for DTL.

DTL participates in NFU Data4lifesciences programme
Earlier this year, the university medical centres (UMCs) opted for a joint approach to set up a high-quality research data infrastructure; Data4lifesciences. Under the coordination of the Netherlands Federation of University Medical Centres (NFU), DTL collaborates with national programmes such as CTMM-TraiT, BBMRI-NL, Parelsnoer, AcZie, Mondriaan and SURF to work towards implementation of a shared research data infrastructure for biomedical research... Read more 

DTL Health Care Data team extended with two people
The DTL Health Care Data Team keeps an eye on the interactions between the many data intensive health care projects in the Netherlands. Recently two people have joined the team; Péter Horvatovich (RUG) and Stefan Klein (Erasmus MC)... Read more


Kickoff EXCELERATE Training platform & first Training workshop

On Sept 14-15 2015 ELIXIR Slovenia hosted the kickoff meeting of the Training Platform of ELIXIR-EXCELERATE, directly followed by the first EXCELERATE Training workshop (15-17 September 2015), jointly organised by ELIXIR and GOBLET. ELIXIR-NL co-leads the Training platform. Read more

Please contact Celia van Gelder (Training Coordinator of ELIXIR-NL and co-lead of the ELXIR  Training Platform) if you want more information about ELIXIR-NL Training activities and if you want to participate in ELIXIR-NL Training.
ELIXIR webinar on BYOD's and FAIR data stewardship

On 19 August 2015 Luiz Olavo Bonino (DTL’s Expert group leader FAIR data stewardship) presented an webinar about the Bring Your Own Data concept and FAIR Data stewardship. The webinar is part of the ELIXIR webinar seriesRead more

Please contact Luiz Bonino if you want more information about FAIR Data and BYOD's.
"ISA as a FAIR research object" event

From July 20 until July 22 four representatives of ELIXIR-NL attended a meeting on "ISA as a FAIR research object", organised by ELIXIR-UK. One of the strengths of ISA is that it allows the combination of different studies, using different assays, in one analysis, thus helping researchers to follow FAIR data principles.
The Netherlands has a long-standing experience in capturing study data in the life sciences and... Read more
Report Data Carpentry Hackathon & Workshop

On 22nd-25th June, ELIXIR-NL Training organised and hosted both a Data Carpentry hackaton and a workshop at the University Medical Center Utrecht (UMCU). The events were co-organised by UMC Utrecht, Netherlands eScience center (NLeSC) and ELIXIR-NL. Both events are a part of a ELIXIR Pilot project aiming to... Read more

Open PHACTS wins Linked Open Data award
Recently, Open PHACTS, the knowledge management project of IMI, was awarded first prize in the Linked Open Data Award category of the European Linked Data Contest (ELDC). Open PHACTS is an international 30 member consortium, with the VU, University of Maastricht, LUMC, and the former NBIC as Dutch contributors. DTL’s industrial partners The Hyve, Phortos Consultants and Micelio are amongst the 50+ associated partners of the project. The Open PHACTS project shows the value of semantic interoperability of research data, and of public-private collaboration in realising a collective pre-competitive environment enabling in house knowledge discovery for all involved. The project essentially paved the way for the Data FAIRport initiative, a movement promoting FAIR data stewardship. Read more


PhenoMeNal project to build an e-infrastructure for clinical metabolomics data
On September 9th 2015 the Horizon2020 e-Infrastructure project was launched, a project to create an e-infrastructure to analyse metabolomic data from clinical and population studies. The project is led by EMBL-EBI, involving 13 international partners, including DTL partner Leiden University. PhenoMeNal is funded with €8 million from the EU’s Horizon2020 programme to bring state-of-the art methods for understanding the molecular drivers of health, healthy ageing and disease into the clinic.

A large number of European citizens are expected to have their genomes sequenced and added to their medical records over the next decade, but to truly comprehend... Read more

Training & Outreach

DTL-BioSB collaboration
DTL and the BioSB research school are preparing a MoU to underline their collaboration in training & education of data experts. Together, DTL and BioSB will guarantee a comprehensive, high quality training programme related to bioinformatics and systems biology in the Netherlands. The BioSB portfolio can be found here and upcoming courses can be found in the BioSB event calendar.

DTL Course Directory – present your courses to the DTL community!
You can find an overview of courses in the DTL Course Directory. We can only build the DTL Course Directory with your help, so please take a moment to publish your course(s) using the Course Submission Form. Courses of DTL Partners will also be presented on their particular partner page. 
ELIXIR-NL Training
ELIXIR-NL has training as one of its focal areas. Please find more information about the ELIXIR Training activities in the ELIXIR paragraph above.

DTL meetings & events

DTL Focus meeting: Data management in biological collections
The next DTL Focus meeting (September 29, 2015, SURF Utrecht) intends to identify the overlap in data management issues encountered for all biological collections (e.g. human blood, plant seeds, animal sperm, fungal culture and museum specimens). The data should become Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR). Read more

DTL-SURF Focus meeting: Good Research Practice / e-Lab journal
On Wednesday September 9, 2015 DTL-SURF organised a successful Focus meeting about the e-Lab journal. It focused mainly on the ways in which the electronic lab journal can contribute to transparency in research. Presentations will be made available soon via the SURFacademy website. Read more (in Dutch)

DTL- Life Sciences & eHealth track in 3rd National eScience Symposium
The 3rd National eScience Symposium (October 8, 2015 Amsterdam Arena)
will showcase world-class data-driven and compute-intensive research. DTL's Life Sciences & eHealth track is one of five scientific tracks and will include presentations of Amos Bairoch, Yves van der Peer and Andre Dekker. Read more

DTL Programmers meetings
To encourage collaboration and communication between scientific programmers active in the Dutch life sciences field, DTL organises regular programmers meetings. Subjects of the lectures and workshops range from new developments in programming languages through practical tips and tricks to direct life science applications.Anyone interested can join the programmers meetings. For more information please contact Rob Hooft.

ECCB 2016 presents itself
During the ISMB/ECCB conference in Dublin this July, ECCB 2016, the European Conference on Computational Biology (ECCB) was officially announced. It will take place in The Hague from 3 to 7 September.  The conference organisers presented themselves at one of the booths in the busy coffee area of the conference. Chair Jaap Heringa also took limelight and announced the first keynote speaker of the conference, Prof Hans Clevers. Read more

ECCB 2016 is currently looking for sponsors and urgently needs your help! If you know companies, institutes or other parties that may be interested in sponsoring ECCB 2016 please send an email to


Berend Snel will deliver inaugural lecture, preceded by symposium

On October 9 2015, Berend Snel of Utrecht University will deliver his inaugural lecture as professor Bioinformatics at Utrecht University. On the occasion of the inauguration, a symposium is organised with the title “Hidden stories in... Read more


Wiro Niessen appointed Simon Stevin Meester 2015

Professor Wiro Niessen of DTL Partners TU Delft and Erasmus MC has been appointed Simon Stevin Meester 2015. He receives this important distinction from technology foundation STW for... Read more
Open Dag at CWI, SURFSara and eScience center

On 3 October 2015, the organisations at Amsterdam Science Park will hold their annual Open Dag. At this event, SURFsara, the Netherlands eScience Center and CWI will open their doors to the public. The Open Dag takes place during the Science weekend.
Affordable large-scale DNA variation studies for NGS researchers

Last week DTL Partner GENALICE announced the global launch date of Population Calling, a new analysis module. In a LIVE webinar event scheduled on October 8, the company will reveal the unique capabilities to... Read more
Urgent plea for effective big biology software development

Several authors from DTL partners UMC Utrecht (Pjotr Prins, Edwin Cuppen) and UMCG (Ritsert Jansen), together with a.o. Phil Bourne (NIH) wrote an urgent plea in Nature Biotechnology for effective big biology software development. The authors stress... Read more
Blogs: A DTL partner's view on things...

Several DTL partners regularly write interesting blogs. Inge Schats of AT Computing for instance, and GENALICE’s Hans Karten. SURF recently posted a blog on the new HPC Cloud. Please let us know if we can add your blog to your partner page.
Your news announced on the DTL website & in the newsletter
If your organisation is one of the DTL Partners, you can announce your news through the DTL website. Please send your news items to Mascha Jansen.

Overview courses & events

  • Next generation sequencing (NGS) data analysis, 28 - 30 September 2015, UMC Groningen Read more
  • Structural bioinformatics courses at EMBL-EBI, 12 - 16 October 2015, Hinxton Read more
  • The Python programming language, 12 -14 October, 2015, Gebouw De Pionier, Utrecht Read more
  • Linux for scientists, 19 - 20 October 2015, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam Read more
  • BioSB Course: Practical course in biomolecular modelling, 19 - 23 October 2015, VU Amsterdam Read more
  • BioSB Course: Matlab, 20 October 2015, Wageningen Read more
  • Impress Genomics and Bioinformatics Workshop 2015, 27- 30 October 2015, Leiden University Read more
  • BioSB Course: Protein structures: production, prowess, power, promises and problems, 9 - 13 November 2015, Nijmegen Read more
  • Flowcytometrie, van kalibratie tot applicatie, 10, 17 and 24 November 2015, Erasmus MC Read more
  • De programmeertaal C++, 12 - 17 November 2015, Gebouw De Pionier, Utrecht Read more
  • BioSB Course: Life sciences with industry 2015, 16 - 20 November 2015, Lorentz Center, Leiden Read more
  • BioSB Course: Discovering systems biology principles, 23 - 27 November 2015, Amsterdam Read more
  • BioSB Course: Managing and integrating information in the life sciences, 30 November - 4 December, 2015, Utrecht Read more
  • Programming with Python, 1 - 4 December 2015, Erasmus MC Rotterdam Read more
  • Advanced Phyton, 14 - 16 December 2015, gebouw De Pionier, Utrecht Read more
  • Numerical Python, 17 December 2015, Gebouw de Pionier, Utrecht Read more
  • Metabolomics for microbial systems biology, 2016, Delft Read more
  • Evolutionary Genomics, 2016, Utrecht Read more
  • Microbial physiology and fermentation technology, 11 - 22 January 2016, BSDL, Leiden Read more
  • Genomics in industrial biotechnology, 2016, Delft Read more

  • Cancer, evolution and complexity, 27 September 2015, Como, Italy Read more
  • DTL focus meeting: Data management in biological collections, 29 September 2015, Utrecht Read more
  • Conference of analytical chemistry and life sciences, 7 October 2015, Utrecht Read more
  • 3rd National eScience Symposium Acceleration Scientific Discovery, 8 October 2015, Amsterdam Read more
  • 2nd Transatlantic Conference on Personalized Medicine, 8-9 October 2015, Rotterdam Read more
  • Symposium on the occasion of the inauguration of Berend Snel, 9 October 2015, Utrecht Read more
  • Connecting development and late life health - epigenetic mechanisms and beyond, 12 October 2015, Leiden Read more
  • NETTAB 2015 & integrative bioinformatics 2015, 14 October, Bari, Italy Read more
  • Transmart annual meeting 2015, 19 October 2015, Amsterdam Read more
  • Conference: Connecting data for research, 19 October 2015, Amsterdam Read more
  • Big data in healthcare, challenges, innovations, and implementation, 28 October 2015, Munsbach, Luxembourg Read more
  • Fall symposium of the KNVM microbial biotechnology section, 2 November 2015, Delft Read more
  • Empowering personalized medicine & health research; Connecting Researchers, Patients and Enabling Technologies, 4 November 2015, Amersfoort Read more
  • BioMedBridges symposium: Open bridges for life science data, 17-18 November 2015, Hinxton, UK Read more
  • ICSB 2015, 23 November 2015, Singapore Read more
  • Benelux Bioinformatics Conference 2015, 7-8 December 2015, Antwerp, Belgium Read more
  • Applied bioinformatics in life sciences, 17 March 2016, Leuven, Belgium Read more
  • ECCB 2016 – 15th European Conference on Computational Biology, 3-7 September 2016, The Hague Read more
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