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Newsletter - May 2016

Vision on Open Science
DTL supports open science, i.e., scientific knowledge should be reusable, modifiable and redistributable. Open science constitutes a revolutionary change in how researchers work, collaborate, share ideas, disseminate and reuse results. A new animation movie explains how this transition is happening and how DTL and its partners view open science. Read more.

Dear reader,

The DTL alliance is already approaching 40 partners. We warmly welcome Twente University, DDL Diagnostics and Data Computing, who recently joined our partnership. It is great that so many organisations share the vision that effective life science research requires high-quality experimental design, measuring and data handling. Recent studies indicate that about half of the published life science research cannot be reproduced. In addition, less than 20% of the data are well-stewarded in high quality trusted repositories. “Houston, we have a problem here!”
The growing number of DTL partners seek the solution in sharing and linking their technology expertise, facilities, datasets, methodology, software and training. No single organisation has all of this available in the house. But together, the DTL partners have a very rich collection of research resources. These broaden the palette of possibilities to perform cross-disciplinary life science research at the highest quality level. Indeed, the DTL-associated expertise groups that open up their labs as research hotels are great assets in DTL. Congratulations to the 28 scientific project teams who have recently been awarded grants through ZonMw and NWO-ALW to get access to DTL hotels!
While building this strongly networked infrastructure in the Netherlands, serious steps are also taken at the European level, through the ESFRI infrastructures. For instance, ELIXIR, the pan-European infrastructure for life science information, will welcome its 20th member country this spring. As an exemplar infrastructure highlighted even at the G7 Summit in June 2015, ELIXIR now has a very strong basis to work from. It is not unexpected therefore, that ELIXIR has earned the status of ‘landmark infrastructure’. Time for our country to help mobilise funds that provide the Dutch ELIXIR node with the capacity to help construct this key European infrastructure.
Ruben Kok, Director of DTL

Please contact Ruben Kok  if you want information on how to become a DTL partner

FAIR data stewardship

FAIR guiding principles formally published
On March 15 2016, the FAIR guiding principles for scientific data management and stewardship were formally published in the Nature Publishing Group journal Scientific Data. DTL scientists have played a key role in the development of the FAIR principles. They address the problem of the lack of widely shared, clearly articulated and broadly applicable best practices around the publication of scientific data. Read more.

European Commission embraces the FAIR principles
On 19 April, the European Commission unveiled its plans to make all data derived from EU-funded research projects findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR). The Commission estimates that €2 billion in Horizon 2020 funding will be allocated to its so-called ‘European Cloud initiative’. And this is just the beginning. Read more.

DTL works on data stewardship support
Data stewardship, the long-term and sustainable care for research data, is a hot topic. Funders and research institutes increasingly demand adequate data stewardship plans. Obtaining data stewardship expertise is therefore very important, and several organisations have picked up the gauntlet. DTL focuses on its role as a facilitator, bringing together data stewardship experts, and actively promoting sharing of solutions. Read more.

Please contact Rob Hooft if you have a question about the DTL Data programme or ELIXIR-NL.

Results Hotel call

28 projects receive 'enabling technologies hotels' funding
In the 3rd round of the ZonMw Enabling Technologies Hotels programme, 28 out of 54 Hotel projects have been granted. A total amount of EUR 780.000 was awarded. DTL has invoked this funding programme together with ZonMw to make high-end technologies and the connected expertise and infrastructure more accessible . Read more.

Please contact Merlijn van Rijswijk if you have a question about the DTL Technologies programme or if you would like your facility to be included in the overview on the DTL website.


DTL Learning connects to domain applied science (HBO)
On 24 March 2016, DTL Learning organised a parallel session on Big Data in Research and Education at the annual Domain Applied Science (DAS) conference. The DAS is the national association of all HBO departments that issue a Bachelor of Science degree in the Applied Sciences. "We are now exploring further possibilities for collaboration", says DTL Learning programme leader Celia van Gelder. Read more.

Aligning Software and Data carpentry in the Netherlands
DTL/ELIXIR-NL and its partner the Netherlands escience Center (NLeSC) are currently aligning the Dutch Software Carpentry (SWC) and Data Carpentry (DC) initiatives. SWC and DC are world-renowned organisations that teach researchers the computing skills they need to get more done in less time and with less pain. Read more.

DTL Course Directory – present your courses to the DTL community!
You can find an overview of courses in the DTL Course Directory. We can only build the DTL Course Directory with your help, so please take a moment to publish your course(s) using the Course Submission Form. Courses of DTL Partners will also be presented on their partner page.

Please contact Celia van Gelder if you have a question about the DTL Learning programme or outreach activities.

DTL Community

Successful DTL focus meeting on new sequencing technology
On 8 March 2016, more than sixty professionals involved in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) gathered in Utrecht for a DTL focus meeting. “This was the first official event organised by the newly established DTL NGS interest group and it was quite a success”, reports the interest group’s chair Leon Mei. Read more.

DTL interest group on next generation sequencing
DTL's Next Generation Sequencing interest group brings together researchers and bioinformaticians that work with NGS data. The main aim of the NGS interest group is to share best practices and foster future collaborations. If you’re interested in joining the NGS interest group, read more.

Looking back to a vibrant BioSB 2016
On 19 and 20 April, more than 300 people working in bioinformatics or systems biology gathered in Lunteren for the annual Dutch Bioinformatics & Systems Biology conference. “The atmosphere was very nice”, says Alvise Trevisan from DTL partner ENPICOM. “Even as a first time visitor, I could immediately see the collaborative spirit.” Read more.

DTL programmers meetings
To encourage collaboration and communication between scientific programmers active in the Dutch life sciences field, DTL organises regular programmers meetings. Subjects of the lectures and workshops range from new developments in programming languages through practical tips and tricks to direct life science applications.Anyone interested can join the programmers meetings. Please contact Rob Hooft for more information.

Please contact Femke Francissen if you have a question about the DTL community.

Upcoming courses, meetings and events

Save the date: webinar ‘How to create a good research data management plan’
On Thursday 23 June, DTL and Elsevier will jointly organise the webinar ‘How to create a good research data management plan’. ELIXIR-NL's Rob Hooft will explain the 'What, Why, When and How' of data management plans and there is a question & answer session. Read more.

DTL Focus meeting 25 May: Current status of FAIR developments
In the Netherlands, several groups are involved in developing FAIR Data technologies. This Focus meeting aims at gathering these groups to share the latest developments, to discuss how to align the existing and future efforts, and to guarantee that we have interoperable solutions complying with the FAIR Data Principles. Read more.

ECCB 2016: Applications track and poster call still open
On 3-7 September 2016 DTL, the BioSB research school and ELIXIR will jointly organise the fifteenth edition of the European Conference on Computational Biology (ECCB2016) in the Hague. You can still submit an abstract for the Applications track (deadline 16 May) or the poster session (deadline 3 June). The aim of the Application track is to give a voice to those who work outside of academia. Read more.

BioSB course 'Algorithms for biological networks': still some seats available.
The course is aimed at PhD students with a background in bioinformatics, computer science or a related field; a working knowledge of basic statistics and linear algebra is assumed. Read more.

A complete list of upcoming courses and events is available on the DTL website.

Partner news

DTL partner ENPICOM has acquired a license from VU University to use ConBind, a computational biology method that can be used for the identification of novel genetic markers for trait selection. Read more.

The Netherlands eScience Center (NLeSC) has opened two calls that are of interest to DTL members: a call for Accelerating Scientific Discovery and a call for Disruptive Technologies. Read more.

The Dutch Data Prize rewards researchers who have made a special effort to generate accessible research data. The prize is an initiative of Research Data Netherlands, a coalition in which DTL partner SURF participates. Please nominate eligible researchers before 1 July 2016. Read more.

DTL partner the Netherlands eScience Center will be hosting the Mozilla Science Lab Global Sprint at Amsterdam Science Park. The Sprint will be held on 2 & 3 June at around 30 locations around the world. Read more.

On 21 April, DTL partners SURF and Utrecht University organised the first SURF Research Boot Camp. The meeting was very successful. Read more.

If your organisation is a DTL Partner, you can announce your news and job vacancies on the DTL website. Please send your news items to Linda van den Berg and jobs to Femke Francissen.
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