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Assalammualaikum Ladies,

First of all, let me apologise for being in your Inbox on a Saturday! I promise you this email will be short, like me, and sweet, like my mother in law (see above). :P

Anyways, I've been getting a lot of emails from you guys about The Power of Email Class - and can I just say that I AM SUPER PUMPED to start teaching it!! But before we open for registration (we'll launch next Thursday, 29th September, In Sha Allah!), I want to answer a question that I keep getting and to also share with you guys how we saved TSL from bankruptcy because we sold a class through the mailing list! 

Lets start, bismillah.

Q: Aida, Email Marketing sounds super cool and all, but for the life of me, I CANNOT WRITE TO SAVE MY LIFE! ALSO, I HAVE ZERO AUDIENCE. WHO WILL SIGN UP TO MY NEWSLETTER? 

A: My dearest, loveliest Habibah (lover in Arabic). The best thing about writing your own mailing list is that there is NO RULE to how you should write. But I will share with you one tip: to write like how you would talk. 

I love writing my Tuesday Love Letters because I can be, and am, myself. I'm not writing an academic essay nor am I writing in some kind of a professional setting. So there's no pressure there you know? Im either sharing with you my own personal thoughts, or I'm telling you a story that has happened - it's like conversing with a friend, just via email.

All of you text and send Whatsapp messages right? If you do, then you CAN write. Granted, its not 100% similar, but trust me, the best kind of writing is when you write with your own voice. Your readers will know when you are sincere and genuine and telling the truth - so just be YOURSELF. 

The other thing I want to say is that, sending a newsletter can be in whatever format that rocks your boat. Meaning if you dont write, doodle. If you dont draw, record a video. If you cannot shoot a video, take photos. Your choice of medium for your newsletter is what sets you apart. I cannot draw for nuts, and Im not a photographer, so I write. Sometimes I do Vlogs, but writing has been the most comfortable medium for me. 
For example, Molly from sends out illustrations and doodles like the above to her newsletter and she has over 200,000 subscribers, Ma Sha Allah. Through her email list, she has been able to sell books, prints, calendars - you name it. And she only sends doodles. (I also heard she's a millionaire, Ma Sha Allah - so never underestimate doodles AND mailing list!)

Another example is Bayyinah. Their newsletters sometimes take in the form of short Videos either by Nouman Ali Khan himself or by someone else from the team. Bayyinah also recently used their newsletter to launch their new classes and Bayyinah TV. 

So there's really no rule or restriction to what medium you use for your content of your newsletter - the important thing is you have a newsletter, what you do send in that newsletter can be completely open! (One of the best newsletters Im subscribed to is by this lady who sends RECIPES!) 

And about having 0 audience...

We all will start out with nobody on our mailing list! Nobody starts out with thousands signed up. The secret is consistency. The more consistent you are with your newsletters, the better the chance of steadily growing your subscribers. From 0 to 10 Subscribers, to 100 and slowly to reaching your first thousand, In Sha Allah. 

We are covering Consistency and Confidence in our Syllabus for the class because it's so important to talk about having the right mindset when building a mailing list, so In Sha Allah, I will cover this topic more in depth in the course!
In mid 2015, we had to face a difficult truth. That the cost of shipping from Morocco to Singapore was costing us a bomb and it was eating away at most of our profit that we could barely survive and stay afloat. 

We've been steadily growing our mailing list for a year then, and because I have been sending emails out every Tuesday for the past year, I've started to form very good relationships with the ladies in the community. Because of this, I began to realise that I've received quite a number of emails asking how we designed our Visual Quotes that we regularly post on our Facebook Page + Tumblr. When I answered that I do all of them through Photoshop, almost all of them told me that they wanted to pick Photoshop up and that I should start a Photoshop Class. 

The best way to know what kind of products or services to offer next is by always listening to what your community is asking of you, and for us, that was Photoshop. And I wouldn't be able to get that kind of feedback had it not been for the Emails I've been sending. 

As you can see from the image above, we've since launch 3 batches of The Photoshop Class and a total of 168 Sisters from all over the world have taken the class, Alhamdulillah. That means we've gotten $16,296 just from our Photoshop Class alone - and we did this simply by launching it via our newsletter.

You can also see that our subscriber count is at 1718 as of today - a number that I'm super proud to have, Alhamdulillah, but a figure that might not be significant to some. What I'm trying to say is you dont need a subscriber base of 10,000 members to run a profitable business. To me, what's most important is that you serve as best as you can with whatever number you have and In Sha Allah, He will reward you with more than you can expect. :)
I always try to be as transparent as I can with all of you so if there's anything you'd like to ask me with regards to The Power of Email Class - please don't hesitate to ask! I think this is by far one of the most comprehensive, and most "revealing" class I will ever teach, because I will be sharing everything I know about building an email list and having a solid Email List has been the #1 and only way we sell everything at TSL. 

I'll end my email now as Sansan and I are set to go to the fabric souk today! But before I go and before I forget, I will be sending the full syllabus of The Power of Email Class this Monday (26th September) and the class will open for registration on Thursday (29th of September), so if you are keen, please do keep a lookout for that email!

Have a great weekend guys! 

I M P O R T A N T !!!
PS: If you don't want to be kept updated on the Class, you can unsubscribe below (check the footer of the email)! We hate forceful sales tactics, so if you have to unsubscribe because you know The Power of Email Class is not for you, we completely understand!

PPS: Unsubscribing on this email does not mean you will not received our Love Letters and other updates anymore. It just means you will not receive updates on The Power of Email Class <3 

PPPS: If you have any questions about the class, please dont hesitate to ask! I will be more than happy to answer all your queries! 
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