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Assalammualaikum Ladies,

I'm at the airport now waiting to fly home to Morocco, and I have 90 minutes of free wi-fi of which I hope I will be able to send my love letter to you within that time period, In Sha Allah. 

Yesterday, my good friend Safiyah, (who is also my lovely co-host of The Woman Up Podcast or as some of you refer to as "the Emma Watson voice copy" lol) asked me, as we were getting ready to sleep, "how do you feel, Aida Baida? Since it's the last night of your trip?"

I said, "I'm ready to go home, Saf. I mean, I love every bit of my trip, but I'm excited to go home too."

She said, "that's the best kind of feeling, isn't it, Aidz?"

I smiled and nodded. I remember thinking, I am loved. So, so loved. And it is the best kind of feeling. 

This whole trip, funnily enough, has taught me about love. And I want to write it all down, because if I don't, I fear I will forget it all. And that will be a terrible shame. So here it is, a short list of what love is, from where I stand, collected over the past 10 days I've been here in the UK:

  • Love is that moment when you were about to pull away from a hug, but they reel you in closer, tighter
  • Love is praying secretly for your safety and for your travels, despite being the one that will be left behind
  • Love is facetiming each other to pray together, despite being miles apart
  • Love is asking "how was your day", every day, because you genuinely care
  • Love is sharing how was your day, especially the mundane, boring (and even slightly gross) stuff, like how you ate your favourite Marks & Spencer's Chocolate Digestives Biscuits and how that helped loosen your bowels lol
  • Love is picking you up at the airport / train station despite having to drive 1.5 hr / walk for 30 minutes in the cold
  • Love is insisting that your yasai yaki soba should have more mushrooms and veggies, so they ask the waitress to bring a new plate for you
  • Love is when there is no pretence, just authenticity and ease
  • Love is hearing their voice and knowing it's your favourite sound
  • Love is making room to hear one's explanations, and not judging
  • Love is asking for forgiveness 
  • Love is forgiving, and not keeping record of wrongs
  • Love is making time, being there, listening
  • Love is is smiling at them when they are sleeping
  • Love is teamwork, you work tube maps, she works directions
  • Love is addressing challenges, together, and not avoiding it
  • Love is holding hands, even if you've been married for 30 over years
  • Love is arguing, but not attacking
  • Love is saying it, and showing it, at every chance you get
  • Love is laughing at your inside jokes that no one else will ever understand
  • Love is losing sleep because they are not home yet
  • Love is not watching a new episode of a show because you want to watch it together
  • Love is sharing the covers
  • Love is a kiss on the forehead
  • Love is coming home
Ahhhhh, love. I marvel at how much we can do for the people we love, and the capacity that we have to love, again and again, despite being hurt. 

But you know what gave me goosebumps? Is that the love we have for one another, no matter how much, can't even compare to the love He has for us. 

And, that, will always be the best kind of love. :)

We'll be launching our DDD Notebook this Thursday at 8PM SG time, In Sha Allah! One of my fav things to do is go through the #tsldddnotebook hashtag and see how you girls have been using it! If you've always wanted a copy, set your reminder for Thursday night, In Sha Allah!
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