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This year, with many of our team still working off-site and apart from each other, the Beautiful women of Beautiful Gate South Africa 'came together'.to share what being a woman means to each of us. Together apart for Women's Month.
August 2020
Dear Friend of Beautiful Gate
During Women’s Month, I have been asked to share my story for a number of different platforms. I was asked who my role model is. The obvious answer would be for me to say that women like Helen Suzman and Winnie Mandikizela Mandela were my role models. Women who fought for South Africa to be what it is today. Yet, I can’t say that at the time I was thinking about role models. I was just living life. Life was just about survival.
But as I think of it today, my answer is my mother. She might not have had the same beliefs as me, but she was my role model in the sense that she was a strong woman. She ran her own business and even when my parents divorced, she was always very strong. I didn’t spend much time with her but when I look back, I see how she was so comfortable in her own skin. It’s only now that she’s passed away that I realise how she was able to stand for what she believed in, but was also able to acknowledge things that were good in other people,  what others around her believed in.
I look back at my mom and see how she always looked after the family, ran her business, how she took people in, took care of them, took them to school and all those kinds of things… I look at myself, as a pastor and what we are doing at Beautiful Gate, and recognise that I resonate with her, even though we did not share the same faith.
As the years go by, it feels more and more difficult to accept and join in the festivities in August, known as Women’s Month in South Africa. It is hard to celebrate when the narrative for women has not changed. Women continue to be abused and are seen as less than human in the society we live in. Many think it is OK for a mother to be paid less for her work, or to still live in a shack. During women’s month, we have been supporting mothers and children who have taken shelter in the community hall after they were left with nothing but the clothes on their backs when their homes were flooded. 
So this women’s month, we celebrate what women in the past have done for our country, we celebrate our role models in our organisation and our families, and we will work hard to continue to change the destiny of our women, our mothers, daughters, sisters and granddaughters.
Aluta Continua (the struggle continues)

Blessings, Minah


Leadership meetings have moved online during Coronavirus!
Top L-R: Zukiswa Ndawule, Louise Nadin, Alice Moyo
Bottom L-R: Minah Koela, Nomawonga Khohliso, Theresa le Roux
Did you know that the day to day work of Beautiful Gate South Africa is led by a team of six women? The team is led by Minah Koela, the Executive Director, and is made up of Theresa le Roux as Chief Operating Officer, Alice Moyo the Learner Education Support Programme Manager, Dr Louise Nadin the Child Heath Programme Manager, Nomawonga Khohliso the Family Strengthening Programme Manager and Zukiswa Ndawule the HR Administrator.
All of these women are using their gifts and talents, inviting Christ into their work as they practice empathy and work with their teams to fulfil our mission in the community. 
More than three quarters of our team of staff and volunteers are women, many of them working in the field lending support to children and families in our community. During the past months of Coronavirus, women have often had to carry a greater burden, caring for children who are out of school, while fulfilling the duties expected from their work. It is at times like these that we need to remember to take care of ourselves, so that we can take care of others, which is why were a creating a place of support on our site for women (and men) in our teams and our programmes. Women in leadership sends a powerful statement to children in our community, showing them that women can wear different hats, leading at work, and being wives and mothers.
The men and women of Beautiful Gate SA's Leadership Forum -
together in the days before Coronavirus


Beautiful Gate has stood on the frontlines as a support to children and families hardest hit by the Coronavirus pandemic. After more than five months since the initial hard lockdown, and now with the gradual reopening of various aspects of life in South Africa, children and families will continue to face the impact over the months and years to come. For some, it has meant a loss of income, others have lost family members to the virus, children have lost days of schooling and for many there is uncertainty.about what the future holds.

Being on the frontline has meant witnessing these impacts, both on the beneficiaries in our programmes as well as members of our staff and volunteer team, and this is how the idea for Minah's birthday fundraiser was born.
Minah needs you to help us care for those who are selflessly caring for others as we plan to transform one of our cottages into ‘Eluxolweni’ - a sanctuary that offers healing for our staff working on the frontlines. As we care for our carers, they will be able to care for others, and the cottage will also be used as a place of counselling, prayer and rest for children and families in our programmes. child and youth care workers that make up this organisation. Please join her in the journey as she tries to pour into the many cups that pour into our society.

As Minah celebrates her birthday this Saturday, 5th September, please make a donation today, via Givengain, Snapscan or Paypal. Email for bank details if you would like to make a direct deposit. We have specific donation pathways for the UK, Netherlands, US and Canada, please visit our website for more information. 
About Women’s Day in South Africa
The 9th of August commemorates the day more than 20 000 women marched to the Union Buildings in South Africa’s capital city of Pretoria in 1956. Freedom stalwarts like Lilian Ngoyi, Helen Joseph, Albertina Sisulu and Sophia De Bruyn led ordinary women, of all races, in a march to protest the apartheid government’s proposed law that required African women to carry permits issued by the local authorities. These pieces of paper would have to explain why an African woman was where she was and any African woman who could not prove her status via permit was liable to arrest and even deportation.  On the morning of August 9, 1956, these women presented signed petitions and stood in silence, to let their concerns be known as they united for change.



The global Coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic will have far-reaching health, social, economic and even educational effects in the months and years to come. Here in South Africa, many businesses are suffering due to the national lockdown. It is at times like these that we rely on our consistent, monthly donors to help us weather the storm. If you are not yet a monthly donor, please consider joining our Hope Club.

Hope is our Super Power! What's yours?

The Hope Club is a community of people who have pledged to invest in the hope that our community has. Become part of a family of givers, a league of heroes who are committed to bringing change and transformation in our community. Become a monthly giver, and receive a monthly Super Story in return.
If you're ready JOIN THE HOPE CLUB, click the link below! If you need more information, email us at:
Make a once-off or ongoing donation to support our work with children and families in Crossroads and Philippi. One of the easiest ways to give is online via Givengain. Alternatively, please email us for information on the best way to give from your country.
We have worked hard to create multiple ways for you to support us in your own country. This maximises the benefit of your giving to us and to you!  Please visit our website for more information.

If you are already giving via a particular channel you don't need to change unless you want to. Email us on if you need any help or advice. If your country flag is not shown, you can still donate online in most major currencies.

Thank you for partnering with us for children and families!
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