Edition #22 - January 2016
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A Word from Summa

Welcome 2016! I hope everyone enjoyed their christmas holidays and had some well-earned time with family. To say I am excited about 2016 for PeopleCheck is an understatement! 
Our "technology" theme continues into this new year. Be prepared for some exciting updates and developments that will improve the background checking experience for all of our clients and candidates.
Over the past 12-18 months PeopleCheck have experienced increases in our clients' requests for employee re-screening. Read our UpClose on this very topic highlighting the importance of this process as a fraud prevention and detection strategy, which is essential in any robust Background Checking Policy. This is highlighted by our news article that outlines what can go wrong when background checking is not part of an employee's role change.

Wishing everyone a prosperous 2016! 

Warm regards,

PeopleCheck UpClose


Re-screening employees should be a hallmark of any robust internal fraud prevention strategy. With recent high-profile "inside job" stories, employers should be considering updating their internal screening procedures to expand their scope from pre-employment screening only, to ongoing internal monitoring through a re-screening policy in order to mitigate risks to staff, customers and other internal and external parties.

This quarter's UpClose highlights the importance of re-screening in maintaining a secure working environment, and how it works to effectively combat fraud, corruption and malicious behaviour in the workplace.

Read full article here
PeopleCheck Porkies

The employment verification double offender!
PeopleCheck's Research & Investigation Group were to undertake Employment Verifications for a candidate employed in the Australian energy industry. This process involved contacting the Human Resources department (or equivalent) of the candidate's former employer to verify factual information including position title, employment dates, reason for leaving etc. However, for two employment verifications, the client obtained more insight in to the candidate than what they bargained for!

For one employer, PeopleCheck received a response from the Deputy Manager of the company claiming that the candidate owed a significant amount of money to them and had become unresponsive to their requests to recover the funds. 

A similar verification from a second employer revealed the candidate had left the company following accusations of potential theft.

It seems the candidate had consistent behaviour and one wonders whether their most recent employer would have benefited from their own screening program to avoid the lost monies?

CheckMate Agenda/News

Victorian Liberals made no checks on alleged embezzler Damian Mantach

The Age - 
22 August 2015

Damien Mantach was forced to resign as Tasmanian Liberal Director in 2008 after it was discovered that he had almost exceeded the $50,000 limit on his corporate credit card.

Soon after this incident, Mantach was employed as a campaign worker by the Victorian Liberal party and even earned a promotion to Party Director. Mantach is now being accused of embezzling $1.5 million from the Victorian Liberal party and is the subject of a police investigation.

It has been revealed that the Victorian Liberals did not run background checks when they hired Damien Mantach and were unaware that he was sacked from his previous position, although a previous Tasmanian Liberal president claimed he told federal Party Director Brian Loughnane of the reasons behind Mantach's departure.

Loughnane has said that he had no reason to think that Mantach was a "crook" at the time he was appointed to the Victorian Liberal division.

Fraud can eventuate from reputable places where people assume strict pre-employment hiring policies particularly in regards to Government bodies where individuals are representing National and State parties. 

PricewaterhouseCoopers Global Economic Crime Survey 2014 stated that the typical Australian fraudster has been with the business for between three and five years and often have opportunity to commit fraud as they know internal controls well. Additionally, KPMG's recent Fraud, Bribery and Corruption Survey (Australia & New Zealand) reported that there was growing evidence of fraud being commited by Senior Executives/Directors, with figures doubling since 2006.

A thorough background checking program that screens employees on a regular basis (every one to two years) on internal promotional or role change can assist in reducing the risk of long-term employees that suddenly cannot resist opportunity.

Read full article here

References: KPMG Fraud, Bribery & Corruption Survey 2012 
PwC Global Economic Crime Survey 2014 
PeopleCheck Profile

Precious Alice Mbara
Precious is a Senior Analyst that specialises in verifications within the Research & Investigation Group. Being the senior member of the verifications team, Precious provides support and guidance to Research & Investigation team members where required.

Precious holds a Bachelor of Business (Hons) in Human Resources (Upper Second Classification) from HELP University in Malaysia.

Outside of PeopleCheck you will find Precious participating in her local church activities including the church women's group. On the side, she also enjoys socialising with friends, cooking, baking and shopping. 

Precious has earned the nickname "Sass" by staff at PeopleCheck due to her sassy and honest personality; she dislikes negativity and prefers to "tell it like it is". Her strong-willed and determined mindset is an asset to the Research & Investgation Group and is one of the reasons why she is so fabulous at conducting verifications!

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