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We don’t seek a lot of public attention. 

This seems strange to many because we are, after all, a marketing company. Our goal is to promote others and the message they are trying to communicate… to the audience they are seeking. What that often means is we forego the accolades that others may receive because we don’t divert energy towards pursuing the recognition. For the record, we don’t think there is anything wrong with pursuing recognition, it’s just not our MO. 


Why mention this? 

Sometimes it’s a bummer to be overlooked for awards and acknowledgements when the service we provide meets and often exceeds the standards. Yes, not pursuing these recognitions might seem counter-intuitive, but our clients know our high standards and their personal referrals are highly complimentary. Being recognized organically is much more rewarding to us.


Then this happened. 

I was scrolling google search results to see where our company was listed… specifically in the Columbia market. This market is saturated with plenty of great web design companies. That’s when I saw the link “19 Best Web Companies | Columbia MO”. In all honesty, we don’t pursue inclusion in articles like this (you know, that whole organic thing). So… you can imagine my surprise when I saw our name in the list:

“The founder of this company has been delivering great results for various satisfied customers since 2008.”  

well, you can check it out.


I couldn’t help but dig deeper. 

After reviewing the list I had questions. Who is Expertise? How did they get our information? It was obviously researched information because: 1) We didn’t give it to them and 2) The details are accurate. So I read the about page. Wow… the way this company gathers information makes us proud to be on this list. Check it out:


This recognition motivates us. 

Your message matters. You have a story to tell… a product that benefits… a service that meets needs. And we are committed to helping you get your story, your product, your service to the people who need it most. 


Thanks for letting CS Design be a part of your team!



Chris Sisk - Founder
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