Monthly newsletter for Spanish Students at ILISA. Issue: April 2014
April 2014
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Still thinking about what you would like to do this summer? Do you want to learn Spanish or improve your skills? Then join our Summer Program

There are three different possibilities to start this program and during your stay here you will not only learn the language, but you will be able to learn about the culture and take trips around the country! You will stay with a Tico family as a part of our homestay program, allowing you to apply what you learned in class during breakfast and dinner conversations. 
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Semana Santa 

Semana Santa is the most important holiday for the Ticos in Costa Rica. This is because of the religious character of the Costa Rican population. When translated into English, Semana Santa means Holy Week and it is meant to remember the last week of Jezus Christ on earth. During this week most Ticos have the whole week off and celebrate Semana Santa at the beach with their families, a lot of food and alcohol. On Thursday and Friday in Semana Santa it is illegal to sell and serve alcohol, however, there are always places where alcohol is sold illegally. Also, the tradition is not to eat meat in this week, however not all people live by this tradition anymore.There are many religious processions and services during this week in many different cities, it is an important tradition to the Ticos and therefore many people go and witness it. 

The national hero of Costa Rica

Juan Santamaria is considered to be the national hero of Costa Rica, because he died trying to save Costa Rica from getting conquered by the US on April 11 1856. He tried to burn down the hostel where some people from the US army where sleeping but got shot, fortunately he did succeed in burning down the hostel. This act of heroism ended up being the start of the victory of Costa Rica. Today there are many things reminding people of Juan Santamaria every day, the airport of San Jose for example is called International Airport Juan Santamaria and there is a statue of him in his hometown Alajuela. 

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   Festival Internacional de las Artes  

FIA (Festival Internacional de las Artes) was set up in 1989 and since then there have been 13 international and 9 national editions organized! The festival is held in different locations in San Jose, mainly in la Sabana, a park next to the national stadium. This year the festival will be held from April 3rd until April 13th. All activities at the international festival are free; you have the possibility to buy different kinds of art, clothes and other interesting things. 



‘’I loved class, every day I looked forward to improving my spanish. There is no better way to learn a language than immersion. I was fortunate enough to have 1-on-1 almost every day for three months and I got to form personal relationships with everyone at the school, my teachers, the staff.. I highly recommend this to anyone who really wants to learn Spanish.’’
Austyn Owens


WPI College and their program

The Worcester Polytechnic Insitute from USA (WPI) spent two weeks taking afternoon classes with us at ILISA in March and enjoyed various activities during their stay.  During their classes they broadened their Spanish vocabulary of engineering terms. They were here as a part of their program, in which they also have to do a project with several companies. The students of WPI College went on a city tour, took dance classes, played soccer and even visited the National Theatre for a concert! 

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