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Issue: August 2014
August 2014

Wesleyan Texas University

Wesleyan students are definitely having fun, while they are learning.
Last week they visited a coffee plantation and learned how coffee is processed. The same day they visited the Poas Volcano and the beautiful grounds of La Paz waterfalls, a must to visit place while you are in Costa Rica. This week the fun continues, monday they visit La Carpintera, a zipline tour.  They had a lot of fun combined with an adrenaline rush.
During the tours and activities our students practice what they had learned in the classroom.  Our program is designed to give the students the ultimate immersion experience during they stay in Costa Rica.

Teens Program

Our group of teens last month had an amazing time with the hands-on program design by Ilisa professionals.
 They visit the Children’s museum, Central market, and the National Theater as well they had the opportunity of going to a movie while they learning. This group had the opportunity to mingle with locals in all those activities, so they can practice their freshly new words in Spanish.
Ilisa has a program designed just for Teens covers Spanish for everyday use; it provides a solid foundation of the language was designed for those teenagers who will be traveling by themselves, with a friend or sibling, etc.

You may think that is only for teens from the U.S. who witch to lean Spanish but in our latest group we had three students from Trinidad and Tobago, because they understand the need to learn Spanish if they want to have a head-start in their education.

Dinosaurios tomaron como hogar el Museo de los Niños

Este 16 de julio, a las 10:00 de la mañana, el Museo de los Niños realizó la apertura oficial de la sala “Mundosaurio”. El nuevo espacio de más de 330 metros cuadrados, se convierte en  una de las salas más grandes con que cuenta  el “Castillo de los Sueños”  y la única exhibición permanente en el país con dinosaurios animatronic de gran tamaño. 

Un Triceratops, un Tiranosaurio Rex y un Estegosaurio tienen desde hoy como hogar el Museo de los Niños. Estos tres dinosaurios animatronic traídos del extranjero y que miden hasta 10 metros de largo, son tan solo parte de las principales atracciones de la nueva sala “Mundosaurio”. El nuevo espacio del “Castillo de los Sueños” mide 333 m² y les permitirá a los niños, jóvenes y adultos conocer generalidades de los dinosaurios, a través de elementos interactivos y tecnológicos.

“Uno de los objetivos del Museo de los Niños es despertar en nuestros visitantes el interés por la ciencia y la tecnología. Una de las maneras de despertar este interés y curiosidad, es utilizando elementos tecnológicos interesantes, con contenidos educativos. Desde hace ya varios años, en el Museo estamos experimentando con el uso de pantallas táctiles, aplicaciones interactivas, dispositivos de realidad virtual, animatronics y otros recursos tecnológicos que hacen más atractivas nuestras salas”, expresó Cristina Briceño, Jefa del Departamento de Museografía.

Este amplio espacio, será permanentemente la casa de tres dinosaurios animatronics de gran tamaño, que mueven la cabeza, la cola, los ojos e inclusive rugen. Estos gigantes tecnológicos recrean a un dinosaurio Triceratops, un Estegosaurio y un Tiranosaurio Rex Además, se cuenta con un esqueleto de un Apatosaurio de 10 metros largo por 4.2 metros de alto, que sin duda será una de las atracciones favoritas por los chicos y chicas. 

Nuestros estudiantes en el Teen Progam tuvieron la oportunidad de visitar este museo la semana pasada fue una experiencia maravillosa.


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Other Activities in Ilisa  


Dance Classes:


Our dance instructor Sylvia is ¨Candela Pura,¨ with her fun and energetic personality she encourages everybody to participate.
Our students love her class and she loves our students.

Visit to the Cental Market:

The visit to the local market is a very rich experience. This is opportunity to mingle with locals and see the typical Tico foods and fruits of the season. 
One of a kind life experience to our students; they also have the opportunity to buy arts and crafts made by locals.


Canopy Tour:

Last Monday our students participated in one of the most exacting experiences, in Costa Rica. They visit La Carpintera Canopy and they enjoy the trilling ziplines and rapeling. 

¨I never thought I could learned this much Spanish in one month. I have a lot to learn still, but I´m encouraged by my progress.

The structure and process of teaching here is great approach to Spanish learning!¨

Shaylyn Todd



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