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Issue: September 2015

September 2015

Time for our Winter Programs

Summer is over again and that's why we are already thinking about the next vacations. What could be better than enjoying 3 weeks in sunny Costa Rica during the winter?

At ILISA we can offer you programs that are a perfect combination of language training and vacationing time. With our Winter programs, you have the chance to study Spanish 4 hours per day from Monday until Friday and join our cultural activities in the afternoons after your morning classes. You can also choose from a variety of excursions that we arrange over the weekends. Trips to active volcanos, beaches, rainforests and coffee plantations are only a few possibilites from many more. We also offer homestay program for providing you with more effective way of how to improve your Spanish skills. Most importantly, our families don't speak English, so the results are guaranteed.  

For more information, please feel free to contact our schools, either via our website or via email to  

Independence day

Independence day is a national Costa Rican holiday when everybody celebrates the day of the 15th of September as the day when Costa Rica separated from Spain in 1821. Patriotic costaricans traditionally gather to sing the national anthem and light the traditonal candle lanterns. In the city of Cartago the president receives a torch carried from Guatemala as a symbol of Independence throughout the Central America. The festivities inlude marching bands, historical costumes and the  school children usually wear traditional dresses and march through the streets singing, playing instruments and carrying flags. At 6:15pm all costaricans nationwide stop their activities to sing the national anthem.
Government offices and most business are closed for the holiday as well as some of the main roads to make space for the marching parades.

Educational trips and Service learning

At ILISA we don't only organize Spanish Study Abroad trips, but we can also arrange educational and service learning programs for University groups. What exactly is a service learning? Service learning is an educational experience in which students are involved in organized community service and classroom sessions to deeper both their theoretical and practical knowledge of certain topics or issues. In simple words, this kind of a program gives students the opportunity to practice their theoretical skills and apply them in real life working with specific communities or in specific environments.

This summer, we had a big success organizing service learning and educational experience for groups from the University of South Florida, Middlesex Community College and Weber State University. They assisted the teachers at local Middle and High schools, helped with the turtle protection projects and visited ones of the major companies in Costa Rica, where they had the chance to meet with their leaders. 

We are also able to combine both, Spanish training and service learning projects, to give you the best possible benefit of volunteering and studying abroad.

We will be happy to provide you with more information. Please contact us via our email address for more details.

Receta del mes: Arroz con leche


Arroz con leche

The key to great Arroz con leche is the cinnamon. It's the specific taste that infuses and inspires the dish and gives it the characteristic Costa Rican vibes. 


1 cup sweetened condensed milk
1 cup evaporated milk
6 cups milk
1 cup uncooked rice
1/2 cup water

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

Raisins, 1 teaspoon fresh nutmeg

Directions: Bring uncooked rice, water, nutmeg, 4 cups of milk, vanilla extract, evaporated milk to boil over a medium saucepan over high heat stirring occasionally to avoid scorching. Let boil for 5 minutes. Add condensed milk, and simmer over low heat. Stir in two cups of milk in small portions. Stir until the mixture thickens. Add raisins and cook for another 10 minutes more. Serve chilled or at room temperature.  


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Other activities at ILISA  

Visiting the Gold Museum


We like to show the local culture and the city surroundings to our students, that's why we visit at least one of the famous museums per week. Last month we visited the National museum, the Jade museum and the Gold museum which is one of the student's favorites. 

La Hora feliz

We like to teach and study Spanish at ILISA, but we also like to be "Feliz"! For this reason we like to organize Happy hours and take our students to local bars and restaurants, so we get to know each other more. Everyone is welcome to join us. First drinks on the house! 



Every Wednesday we have a Latin dance class at our auditorium. Our amazing and energetic teacher Silvia comes to show and teach us some latin dance moves. She is Cuban, so you better prepare for some latin american energy and sweating. 




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