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                                  April 2015


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  • WPI College
  • North Shore Community College
  • Volcano Turrialba errupted
  • Dia de Juan Santamaria
  • Summer Programs

Northshore Community College 

At the beginning of March we had an awesome group from Northshore Community College working on a
social volunteer projects and exploring the local Costa Rican culture, they got to travel to different parts of this country with us and went, for example, to an amazing beach trip. They also enjoyed our weekly activities as well as weekend tours such as zip-lining and National parks wandering. We really enjoyed having them here and hope, that they got the best experience from not only working, but learning and enjoying their free time as well. We will be happy if you ever decide to come back and join us again.


WPI College 
In March we hosted a group of students from Worcester Polytechnic University. They were studying with us while working on some awesome environmental projects. They enjoyed soccer matches, museum and concert visits after their language training. Pleasure to have you here, guys!

      Summer Program

Have you thought about your SUMMER plans yet? How about travelling, exploring new cultures and also gaining some educational experience at the same time? ILISA offers you the best choices for your language practice and travel desires at once. Our registration for this Summer has already started!! Check this for registrations!

Dia de Juan Santamaria

On Saturday, April 11 Costa Rica celebrated its first and most-loved national hero, Juan Santamaría. His name adorns the international airport in his native Alajuela, and schoolchildren across the country learn his story. Who was he and what he's done?

In the Battle of Rivas, Nicaragua, on April 11, 1856, the humble drummer boy set fire to a garrison lodging mercenary troops who sought to take control of Central America for the United States. His selfless act of bravery changed the course of the war and saved Costa Rica from becoming a slave depot.

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Volcano Turrialba erupted

On Thursday, March 12, 2015, the Costa Rican volcano Turrialba erupted multiple times, emitting ash and toxic fumes into the surrounding area. The eruption resulted in the emission of ash over a 40-kilometer (20 miles) region, and though no lava was erupted into the surrounding area, super-heated rocks and debris were ejected from the volcano. 
Turrialba Volcano is a 3,340-meter (10,958 feet) high stratavolcano with three craters on its summit and numerous steam vents and sulfur pits. Turrialba is adjacent to Irazu Volcano, together they are the two of Costa Rica’s largest. There are 14 total volcanoes in Costa Rica, six of which have been active within the last 75 years. 

Volcanos in Costa Rica can not only be a potential danger, but also they are a natural beauty and a treasure that this beautiful country can offer to its visitors to explore. We organize many tours and excursions for our students so they can experience these magical wonders themselves. Feel free to ask our staff! 

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