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                              June 2015


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  • San Jose - the 6th most visited city in Latin America!
  • Trips and Tours 
  • Time for Graduations! 
  • Sign up for the Summer!
  • Fresco de Limon recipe

San Jose - the 6th most visited city in Latin America!

Regarding to the Costa Rica News, a recent study done by MasterCard revealed that San Jose, Costa Rica will be the 6th most visited city in Latin America in 2015. The study predicts that in 2015, travelers made 383 million international trips among 132 cities in the index, and spent $360 billion USD during their visits, representing a massive demand for goods and services. The Annual Index  of Global Destination Cities and MasterCard GDCI classifies 132 cities in the world in terms of number of visitors and the international border spending by these same visitors during the year. So, in conclusion, ILISA is proud to be located in San Jose. Why not to visit such a popular spot and learn Spanish at the same time?
Trips and Tours
 As the summer (Invierno para los "Ticos") started, ILISA got a place to be if you want to have some fun studying Spanish and discovering Costa Rica at the same time. The school is busy and full of amazing students and we are simply loving it! The benefit of having you, guys, over here is that we can teach you Spanish and you can teach us something about your cultures in reverse. 
During the weekends we have done many trips so far, including visits to the Coffee plantations, Volcanos (a must to see at least one when in Costa Rica), Rainforests, Adventure tours, Beaches and even more. All of these were and are super fun and we hope the students are enjoying exploring the country as much as we do.

Fresco de Limon recipe
Cooking Time: 5 min

Yield4 servings 
Level: Easy

6 cups water
1/2 cup fresh squeezed lime juice
1/4 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice
5 cubes ice
Sugar to taste


Pour water, lime and lemon juice in a pitch. Add sugar to taste. Stir the mix. Add ice cubes. Serve cold.

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Time for Graduations!
As we are having a lot of students at ILISA, it brings the awesome occasions of Graduations as well. That way we get to thank you for studying with us and give you certificates and little gifts to remember us by.

  Sign up for the Summer!

Our Summer program is still open for new applicants, so hurry up if you are thinking about studying Spanish this summer. As it is June already, the applications deadline is slighty closing up. ILISA gives you the best choices for your language practice and travel desires at once. So don't think twice about this lifetime opportunity!! Have a look at this for registrations! You don't want to miss out!
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