January 20, 2016

Student Leadership Forum 
Earlier this year, four Missouri State students attended and participated in the Student Leadership Forum on Faith and Values hosted by Governor Jay Nixon. The Forum, in it's 29th year, brings together student leaders from Missouri's institutions of higher education to come together and interact with persons in positions of leadership. In addition to hearing addresses on leadership, participants met in small groups with several other students led by facilitators. Patterned after similar events held in other states across the U.S., the forum tries to communicate the importance of servant leadership. Four students represented Missouri State University at this year's forum, including Darrius Young, Victoria York, Marlina Coonrod, and Sydney Gochenauer.

Student Employee Appreciation

Can you imagine running your area without student workers? Student workers are an essential component for smooth operations at the University.
Show your appreciation for your student employee(s) by nominating them for
2016 MSU Student Employee of the Year.
The winner of this prestigious award will represent your department and MSU as they progress to a regional, state, and national level competition where they may win prizes and recognition.
All nominees and nominating departments are recognized at a campus reception. The 2016 winner will receive a gift card and additional prizes. All nominees will also receive gifts of appreciation. Being nominated for MSU Student Employee of the Year is a great addition to a career-building resume.

New this year: All nominees and nominators will be entered into a raffle for generous prizes donated by local employers. 

The deadline for nominations is February 1st, but nominations are being accepted now!  

Residence Life Staff, Champions for Student Success
      Staff members in Residence Life, Housing and Dining Services returned from the winter break excited and re-energized for the upcoming semester. During training, staff members learned of another successful fall semester for our residence hall students. For the past 18 years, residence hall students have out-performed off-campus students in the classroom. 
      Although our residence life students performed very well in the classroom during fall semester, our staff members will continue to provide opportunities for students to enhance their academic skills. Residence hall students on academic probation will be asked to meet with a full-time or graduate residence life staff member to develop a plan for success as part of our academic success program. Additionally, a workshop series will be offered to all residence hall students looking to build skills in the following areas: goal setting, time management/balance, studying in college, managing stress, advocating for self, and financial literacy. Many of these workshops will be presented by partners and colleagues in a variety of office across the University. If you would like more information about the academic success program, please contact the Student Success Initiatives Office at 836-3234.

Red, White, & Born to Fight!
Relay For Life- Faculty/Staff Mini Relay 2016
Friday, April 8th from 12pm-1pm, Allison South Stadium
      A Mini-Relay is an extension of the American Cancer Society's signature event, Relay for Life. Relay For Life is a fun-filled, overnight event that helps educate people about cancer and healthy behaviors and gives them a chance to celebrate survivors, remember loved ones, and fight back against this disease. Participants walk on a track or path and raise funds to support American Cancer Society research, education, advocacy, and service programs. 
      A Mini-Relay is set up in a similar way to the community Relay for Life, but is designed as a shorter, daytime event just for faculty and staff. It is designed to provide schools with an opportunity to bring together faculty and staff members in an active, character-building community service and leadership experience that honors and remembers cancer survivors. Free lunch will be provided for all faculty and staff participants!
Sign up today!
Join the MSU Faculty and Staff Team to participate and direct any questions to 

Tunnel of Oppression

    Residence Life, Housing and Dining Services in partnership with the Residence Hall Association is pleased to present the Tunnel of Oppression. This is the seventh year the program has been at Missouri State. Tunnel of Oppression is an interactive, campus-wide diversity training program in which actors put on scenarios for participants to experience. It will challenge participants' thoughts, perceptions, and inner feelings on issues dealing with oppression and hate. Once the participants arrive, they will be guided through six interactive scenarios. Each active scenario will consist of a real-life script and performed by Missouri State students. This year's scenarios include: Coming to America, Trans* Bathrooms, Slut Shaming, Veteran's PTSD, and In God We Trust. The last room of the series is a processing room staffed by Missouri State counselors. After completing the Tunnel, participants will visit an empowerment room consisting of ways students can get engaged on campus and in their community. The program is intended to make people aware of the harsh reality of hate words, images, stereotypes, and the impact they have on us. Some of these hate words and statistics will be displayed on the walls of the tunnel.

2015-2016 Citizen Scholars

      Since its inception in 2007, the Board of Governors have recognized forty-seven Citizen Scholars who have made noteworthy accomplishments while enrolled at Missouri State University. This award is presented to students who have contributed to the University, advanced the University's public affairs mission, and have been significantly engaged in extra-curricular accomplishments and/or have contributed in a meaningful way through service activities in the community. The Board of Governors's intrpduced the newest members of this select group at their December 11th meeting.  
      The recipients of the 2015-2016 Citizen Scholar Aware are Zane Clark, Brianna Duda, Melanie Morgan, Nadia Pshonyak, Caitlin Kemp-Shukwit, and Piper-Danay Smith.

African-American Heritage Month
      Missouri State University is hosting African-American Heritage Month ranging from events that combine activism, culture, philanthropy, and creative arts. Join us as our campus and Springfield community come together to celebrate African and African-American culture! History month events are open to the public. We hope to see you all there! Contact the Office of Multicultural Programs at (417) 836-5652 or email for more information.

Campus Recreation
New Bearfit Classes are Causing Commotion
      Bearfit classes are a great way to fit in a workout before, after, or in-between classes. Different classes are offered throughout the day  and we are excited to announce two new classes, Pound and Step 'n Box. Pound helps you channel your inner rock star with this modern day fusion of music and movement. Using Ripstix, a lightly weighted exercise drumstick specifically designed to get you ripped, you will drum, lunge, jump, and squat your way through a totally body workout Beat out stress in this exhilarating and fun class! Step 'n Box is a class that combines step choreography with boxing, both on and off the step.
      Buy an Unlimited Bearfit Pass and for the entire semester you can experience all of these classes for only $35! Are you new to the gym, confused with making your own workout plan, or even just bored with your normal routine? Let us help you! All you have to do is pick a class and show up. The classes go by quick and you won't even realize you did a full body workout until you wake up sore the next day. Our Bearfit instructors are also very helpful about giving advice for at-home workouts, music suggestions to keep you going, and stretching routines to keep you flexible. Just ask them anytime and they will be more than willing to help. We promise once you experience our Bearfit classes you will be coming back for more!
Helpful Hint of the Month 
        With Spring Break just around the corner, the gym will be a little more crowded than usual. Our heaviest hours of operation usually happen between 2-7pm throughout the semester. Try coming in the morning or night to avoid heavy crowds.
Upcoming Events 


  •  Registration Deadlines for Intramural Basketball and Futsal// Jan. 20th
  • Outdoor Adventure Busiek State Forest Winter Hike// Jan. 30th
  • Outdoor Adventure Spelunking Trip// Jan. 31st
  • Moonlight Swim every Wednesday from 8-10pm
  • Guys Night and Ladies Night every Tuesday and Thursday at the climbing wall
  • Climbing Wall and office is now open on Sundays from 5-8pm
  • Lead Climbing Nights beginning every Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday
  • Don't forget that the FRC offers Personal Training & Message Therapy

Upcoming Events

TRIO & DRC Open House
January 20,2016
MRC Meet and Greet Reception
January 22, 2016
Holiday Cookie Decorating
February 12, 2016

SAHE Assessment Symposium
February 18, 2016
Graduate Recruitment Weekend
February 19-20, 2016
Dr. Lori Patton- Campus Visit
February 17-20, 2016

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