July 2020 — Enjoy!
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Dear Friend,

It's summer! Amidst all the rest of it, make sure to take a break and relax sometimes, regroup, see what happens when you're not on autopilot. Sit for a short meditation break. Go for a walk on a different street or trail than usual. Cook yourself something new.

We think that one of the best things you can do for yourself this summer is to join one of our retreats or courses. In an intentional and welcoming environment focused on learning mindfulness, you'll have a chance to slow down, practice, and share with others. Not only is it an amazing experience, you take the depth and richness with you. But of course, we're biased.

Hope to see you this summer! (Time to register!!)

—The iBme Team
What I love most about iBme retreats is the sensitive, authentic, inclusive, and compassionate teaching. This is something you can feel tangibly. —Valerie S.
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Interactive, Online Retreats
Take a little "you time" — and "we time" — in the midst of it all. Recalibrate, release stress, and find greater ease and enjoyment within and with others from all spectrums of life. Learn and practice mindfulness tools that offer both immediate benefits and long-term results. #perfectforsummer

All Ages Mindfulness Retreat, July 17–19

Designed for East Coast time zone (all welcome). Friday, July 17 @ 6:30pm EDT – Sunday, July 19, 3:00pm EDT. Offered online through Zoom.

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Thank you for being the community I didn’t know I needed. I feel accepted, heard,
seen, and found insight. 
—All Ages Spring Retreat participant

Teen & Young Adult Retreat, July 27–31

Designed for West Coast time zone (all welcome). Monday, July 27 @ ~5:00pm PDT – Friday, July 19, ~1:00pm PDT. Offered online through Zoom.

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As someone who has aged out of teen retreats, it is so special
to be able to be part of these online retreats.
 —Shoshanah S.

Teens & Young Adults of Color Retreat, July 28–31

Designed for any young person who identifies as a person of color and could use a safe, welcoming community to be 100% themselves as well as the life-enhancing support of a few mindfulness skills. Offered online through Zoom.

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From our blog: Read "All Our Identities: Creating Space for Teens of Color," based on a conversation with Jylani Brown
Life is tough, and it's so easy to become tough and put up walls, it's
a radical act of bravery to be open and kind. I love y'all and
this community that has made it possible to be soft.
 —Sequoia S.
NEW this year, iBme's 4-week contemplative courses create a community of inquiry, learning, and practice around a specific topic. Live, interactive, and online, these gatherings look for wisdom, truth, and joy in the very nature of our life's experience, individually and as an inclusive community.

Starts Sunday, August 2 Starts Monday, August 10 AND Started June 30 — JOIN ANY TIME (July 14 and 21)
[The first two] workshops have been magnificently held by our iBme facilitators. The young people are sharing very real and personal stories. Not only are they leaning in to what’s arising in their own minds, bodies, and souls, but they are envisioning a new paradigm for liberation and justice, and making suggestions for new ways of being during this time of pandemic and social uprising. —Jylani Brown, iBme facilitator
Before this experience, I didn’t feel like I had a community with meditation. It was
mainly a solo practice. I’m so grateful to have found this community and be
connected with others in this way.
 —Prerana D.
NEW! From our blog

Mindfulness Teaching and Teens: What's the Secret Sauce?

iBme is one of only a few organizations that specialize in connecting teens with mindfulness through highly immersive programs. These excerpts from our Teen Retreat Teacher’s Manual shine light on our underlying values and beliefs — the ingredients for our signature approach.
Curious? Read on ...
Looking for a fun way to connect with your kids this summer?
Born out of a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Inner Kids Collaborative is a wonderful pay-what-you-can online platform that offers mindfulness classes for children, tweens, and teens as well as for parents, caregivers, and educators via Zoom.

See all resources and classes at
Want to teach mindfulness to college-age adults?
This live, interactive training can get you started teaching mindfulness to college-age adults — Koru's specialty — this fall (online or in-person). Draw from your own practice as the foundation for helping young people build resilience through the tools of mindfulness, so they can navigate their personal lives and social realities with more ease and less stress.

July 22–25, 2020 online Learn more/Sign up here
This was an amazing training, I was so surprised the level of connection that I achieved even through the online format.
—Grace M., Georgia Tech, June 2020 Training
iBme welcomes and celebrates human diversity in all forms regardless of race, color, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, ability, personal appearance, or religious/spiritual affiliation.
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