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Lawrence Cheng Photography
I trust everyone survived Snowzilla 2016. It took 3 days of work for us to dig out our driveway. Even now, there still are large mounds of snow in my neighborhood. As a one-time Bostonian, I'm used to dirty snow piles hanging around until April, but c'mon, this is DC!

test shoot with Sarah M.

Even though it seemed that way, winter did not come all at once that weekend. Recall that we had some truly frigid days in December; that was certainly the case the morning that I did a test shoot with Sarah M., above. The air temperature was in the 20's; add in the wind chill, and it was bitingly cold. Nevertheless, Sarah was a true pro as we shot around Old Town, Alexandria.

You may not know this, but photographers practice all the time. In my case, these test shoots help me do the following:
  • Interact with a wide variety of people.
  • Experiment with different tools and techniques.
  • Expand beyond my usual genre and style.
  • Test my creativity and my ability to make something from nothing.
My typical corporate shoots might not look anything like these photos, but you can be sure that the lessons learned are being applied every single time.

I was a very late adopter of Instagram, mainly due to my concern about piracy, but I've since resigned my fate to the Internet gods. The good news is that I'm now an active participant, and I post new images at least a couple of times a week. Come follow me @lchengphotodc!


Photographs are a necessary part of most marketing and communication products, and in many cases, stock photos are sufficient. The danger, though, in using stock photos is presented by their very nature - because they're intended to be universal, they can make your message come across as generic and unpolished. Even worse are the stock photos that are, well, a bit off. Follow this link to read "The Telegraph's" humorous take on bizarre travel photos. (I mean, really, what were they thinking?)
Definitely not one of my photos!
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