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April 4, 2014
Our Mission:
Rural Partners is a member-driven forum that links individuals, businesses, organizations and communities with public and private resources to maximize the potential of rural Illinois.

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The Rural Partners Funding Initiative, which will provide $15,000 for projects in 2014, will accept proposals until May 7, 2014.

With this initiative, Rural Partners seeks to support and leverage investments of communities, agencies and organizations to maximize the potential of rural Illinois; develop models of successful development or innovation that could be useful in local communities, or across the state; create incentives for collaborative approaches to issues of importance to rural areas; develop venues for rural issues to gain statewide visibility; and develop efficient processes to address issues of importance to rural communities. For more information, visit
Glow-in-the-dark trees as street lights
Dutch designer teams up with Bioglow for luminescent landscapes

Dutch artist and designer Daan Roosegaarde has quickly become the king of glow-in-the-dark technological innovations.
Last year he made headlines with a photo-luminescent powder that can be painted on pavement. Bye-bye, street lamps—hello, rave-worthy glowing road.
How could Roosegaarde possibly top that? With an idea to replace street lamps with glow-in-the-dark trees, of course.
The Wealthy are Increasingly Isolated

A recent study by the Martin Prosperity Institute shows the segregation of wealthy households across U.S. metros. Dark blue reflects metros where the wealthy are the most isolated; lighter blue where they are very isolated; green where they are moderately segregated from the rest of the population; and yellow shows metros where the wealthy are more mixed in or integrated with other segments of the population. The map shows that the wealthy are more isolated in the Midwest and Sunbelt and relatively less segregated in the more affluent, knowledge-based metros of the East and West Coasts. There is significant wealth segregation in South Florida, where gated communities are common.

Video: Grizzly eats my GoPro

Brad Josephs, who captures video of grizzlies and wolves in Alaska, commented, "Note to self: when filming grizzly bears, never hide your camera in a fish."
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