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February 14, 2014
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Rural Partners is a member-driven forum that links individuals, businesses, organizations and communities with public and private resources to maximize the potential of rural Illinois.

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◊ March. 5-6, 2014: 25th Annual Rural Community and Economic Development Conference, Peoria, IL Register here:

◊ March 6, 2014: 16th Annual Illinois Leadership Conference, Peoria Illinois


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New date, new location, new collaboration!
The 16th Annual Illinois Leadership Conference
March 6, 2014, 8:30 am – 1:30 p.m.
Marriott Pere Marquette
Peoria, Illinois
This year’s Illinois Leadership Conference will be held in collaboration with the 25th Annual Rural Community Economic Development Conference, allowing participants to attend both conferences at a reduced price! On March 6, you can attend Illinois Leadership Conference breakout sessions on civil dialogue and public engagement, disaster preparedness, and leadership in rural communities. The conference will end with a keynote luncheon talk, Community Reinvention: Leadership to Shape the Future, by Dan Kahl, Kansas State University. The cost to attend the one-day Illinois Leadership Conference is $75.00, which covers all materials, refreshment breaks and lunch on March 6. You can attend both the Leadership Conference and Rural Community Economic Development Conference for the reduced price of $180 – a savings of $55 off the Early Bird Rate!
Register now!
For more information contact Anne H. Silvis at
10 projections for the global population in 2050
From the Pew Research Center

From the Pew Research Center, here are 10 major findings regarding the future of the world’s population in 2050: the global population is getting older; the world is graying faster than the U.S.; the majority of people living in Japan, South Korea and Germany are expected to be older than 50; most countries are projected to see the share of their population that is 65 and older surpass the share that is younger than 15; working-age people may have to support more dependents; the global population is expected to increase by 38%; the U.S. population will grow to 401 million by 2050; Africa’s population will increase the most; India will replace China as the most populous country; and Japan, Russia and Germany will lose population.
Freezing rain is rain that falls through a shallow layer of cold temperatures at or below 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit) near the surface. When this rain becomes supercooled, it can freeze on contact with roads, bridges, trees, powerlines, and vehicles. When freezing rain accumulates, it can add weight on trees which can result in power outages and damage to homes. Freezing rain is typically the weather that creates the most car accidents, injuries, and deaths in winter storms. Many people can drive in the rain and snow, but when the roads become icy, it is almost impossible to drive. Just a quarter of an inch of ice can add 500 pounds of weight on trees which can easily bring them down. Some of the most severe ice storms can shut down large cities, result in thousands of power outages, and the most violent ones can also become billion dollar disasters (rare).
Mountain lions, wolves and black bears in Illinois?

Marc Miller, Director of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, comments on the return of mountain lions, wolves, and black bears to Illinois.
The recent occurrence of a mountain lion in Whiteside County has generated much public discussion about the future of this species in Illinois. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources welcomes that discussion, and believes it’s equally important to talk about the possible return of other apex predators such as the gray wolf and the American black bear. While we believe this and other recent confirmed mountain lion sightings are isolated occurrences for now, we have been actively preparing for the time when mountain lions, wolves and black bears may once again establish populations in the state. We have funded scientific research where suitable habitat models have been developed for these species, and have also researched attitudes and opinions of Illinoisans regarding these large carnivores.
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