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December 19, 2014
Small Farm Webinar Series

Beginning January, 2015
Presented by University of Illinois Extension
The Small Farm Webinar Series is a weekly educational series starting next year for the small farm community and provides practical knowledge on emerging topics which advance local food production in Illinois. This series of online events is aimed at providing small farm producers with a look at how leading practices in production, management, and marketing enable operations to improve profitability and sustainability. Learn more here.

Addressing LGBT Homelessness and Housing Discrimination
Wednesday, January 14, 10:00a-3:00p 

The Gateway Building
200 NE Water St 
Peoria , IL 61602 

Topics include: the experiences of LGBT community members facing housing discrimination; appropriate language and terminology when referring to members of the LGBT community; federal, state and local protections for LGBT individuals in housing; best practices for sheltering LGBT individuals experiencing homelessness; and how to protect yourself from a charge of housing discrimination.
REGISTER here for this FREE training. Breakfast and lunch included.
Our Holiday Lights are Visible from Space
NASA has just released a wonderful bunch of satellite images of American cities, gleaming like nebulae with all their candy-colored LEDs, sparkling icicle nets, and illuminated, blow-up Santa Clauses. Snow cover fudges the signal, so the agency was only able to get images of warmer-weather cities. After analyzing the satellite data of America's lights, NASA scientists determined they brightened early and in places with single-family houses and yards, i.e. the suburbs.
From the Illinois Department of Natural Resources 
“As viewed early on a cloudy Friday (Dec. 5th) morning in the Big Muddy River Swamp area within the Shawnee National Forest here in Southern Illinois... the temperature was around 20 degrees... the swamp was frozen over except for a few little open water pools... I saw something I had never seen while haunting these swamps for over 40 years... a mature pair of Trumpeter Swans... the largest extant species of waterfowl... weighing up to 30 pounds... These birds often mate for life, and both parents will participate in raising the cygnets, but only the female will incubate the eggs. Most pair bonds are formed when swans are 4 to 7 years old, although some pairs do not form until they are nearly 20 years old... after watching these beautiful creatures for an extended amount of time doing their displays, etc... I began to back out of the swamp... and my thoughts were: Some things in Mother Nature’s world can't be experienced with a remote."
Jim Martin
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