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October 9, 2015
Live Webinar
Local Government Strategies for Digital Government Webinar Series
Technology Planning
October 15, 2015 | Noon – 1 p.m. | Presented By:  Dr. Jon Gant
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All governments face growth in demand for services while confronting a strained economy, coupled with the belief that it is appropriate to explore new opportunities where technology innovation is essential. These challenges and opportunities are fueled by heightened expectations from constituents and the business community to interact and conduct business with governmental entities utilizing modern technology and web-based capabilities that enhance information, communication, and transactions in a variety of formats, and enable further transparency in government.  University of Illinois Extension offers this webinar, free of charge, to address:
  • industry standards, open systems, and tools that support a variety of needs and diverse portfolio of systems;
  • insure the integrity of transactions, data and optimum system performance;
  • strategic planning, governance and program management assures inclusion in decision making and implementation of solid products, and effective solution delivery at a fully leverage cost.
This webinar is part of the Illinois Digital Innovation Leadership Program and is funded through the Office of the Provost and College of ACES Illinois Extension and Outreach Initiative.

Partners for Rural America Annual Conference
Partners for Rural America (PRA), the national organization of State Rural Development Councils including Illinois Rural Partners, held its annual conference and business meeting August 16-19, 2015 in Staunton, Virginia. The Council for Rural Virginia hosted the meeting. Council representatives from around the country, including Jerry Townsend of Illinois Rural Partners, addressed community assessments, rural summits and conferences, transfer of wealth and other topics. USDA Deputy Under Secretary Lillian Salerno spoke about USDA initiatives, priorities and collaboration with State Councils to jointly carry out the authorities and spirit of the Farm Bill which includes the mandate for state councils. Members of the Council for Rural Virginia discussed agriculture, technology, advanced manufacturing and cultural assets initiatives and successes. Delegates discussed innovative, collaborative and system based approaches to rural issues. Officers elected for the 2015-2016 year were: Board Chair – Jerry Townsend, Illinois Rural Partners; Vice Chair – Christy Morton, Council for Rural Virginia; Secretary – Charlotte Davis, Rural Maryland Council and Treasurer – Paul Costello, Vermont Council on Rural Development. Illinois Rural Partners is a member supported forum that links individuals, the private sector, the nonprofit community and representatives of the Federal, State and local government with a focus on net working, learning and problem solving.
4th Annual Illinois Bike Summit
October 28, 2015, Champaign

Be sure to join those interested in better bicycling conditions at the 4th annual Illinois Bike Summit! Learn from experts and network with others at this year’s event, organized by the League of Illinois Bicyclists and Champaign County Bikes. Nearly 300 advocates, professionals, and government officials from around the state attended last year’s summit. The Summit will energize you and teach you something new, whether you are a seasoned pro or just someone interested and curious about helping your town be more bike-friendly.

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